A Day for Slow Stitching

It seems as if we're fully settled now, with not a lot to do. We took a very lazy day yesterday, although we did make a quick trip into town. Our goals centered around kitty poo...we needed kitty litter and small garbage bags in which to store our collection of kitty poo for deposit in the appropriate receptacle. There. You could have gone a whole year without knowing that, couldn't you? But you should know that poo is very important in the lives of many, and kitties are no exception.

You would be wise to accept this pawstulate without question.

One might say that the sound of scratching in the litter box is mewsic to our pointy ears.

So aside from that, we did a little walking around. My first goal was to get out and photograph the color red, incorporating lines when I could. These are my images for this challenge.

This first one is the logo on Mike's truck.

You might recognize this next one as the American flag.

A photinia with lines of brick mortar behind.

No lines here, but we can't resist every blooming thing.

Some more umbrellas...red ones, this time.

This red truck sits at the gate to the RV park.

This is the security gate.

Same gate...closer up.

Chairs around a fire pit.

Same chairs from the back.

Another closely cropped umbrella shot.

This RV park is connected with a winery and a restaurant. This was the sign at the tasting room door. the tasting room is open, but I doubt we'll imbibe this time. Hard to drink wine without removing one's mask.

I kind of like these awnings in a row.

These are the tail lights on a motorhome.

This one is my favorite of the reds, and the one I posted for the challenge on Instagram.

You can't see it in this image, but the umbrella over the hummingbird feeder was yellow striped.

Redwood patios and a couple of red umbrellas.

This next one was Smitty and Sadie's favorite.

Here are a couple of blues I missed on my last outing.

This sign posted in front of another RV made me laugh.

So, except for the photography challenge, I spent a good part of the day on my slow stitching. Now I've finished the tree.

I've moved my hoop to encompass the last of it, and I expect I might finish the stitching today.

This morning's sunrise held promise, but the cloud cover was a little too thick for it to become the sunrise I hoped it would be. Still, these are dramatic skies. It might be more overcast today, but I can see blue sky too.

There was quite a wind storm last night. Nothing was broken or blown away, and it stopped around bed time, so we got a good night's sleep. This might be our fourth stay in Pahrump, and we're starting to recognize the weather patterns. The wind storms come up frequently, but they don't usually last long. I can recall last year Mike figured out a system for quieting the wind luffing the slide topper on our bedroom slide.

We'd seen this homemade contraption in a long-ago trip to Port Aransas, on the Texas gulf coast, where it seems the wind blows constantly. So Mike picked up some supplies and built this...I-don't-know-what-to-call-it...thing, with some PVC pipe, two PVC elbows and some rope. He attached elbows to either side of the pipe, and then ran some rope through it. Now, it can be deployed to hold down the canvas slide topper so that it won't beat against the top of the slide in the wind. Nifty, huh? So far, we haven't deployed it, but we stand ready if necessary.

So I'm hoping to get my slow stitching piece finished today, and I'm excited to get started on the next one. We've decided to do our grocery shopping today, and so there's plenty to do. My sewing fingers are getting itchy. I doubt I'll get the sewing machine out today, but tomorrow might be nice. It would be a good activity while I'm watching the inauguration of Joe Biden. And, let me just say, the inauguration is not a minute too soon for this camper. We're looking forward to turning the page and reading a different book.


Barbara said...

The breath of life is in the sunlight and the hand of life is in the wind. ~ Kahlil Gibran, The Prophet

MissPat said...

After all the blue in yesterday's photos, I'm surprised you found as much red as you did. You did really well in combining the lines with the red.

Julierose said...

Your stitching is coming along really well. We are thrilled that the Inauguration is tomorrow...a new leaf for sure...
I have been working steadily on my last butterfly--doing the black outlining right now..I need to decide on a color for the wings...
Happy to hear you are staying safe hugs, Julierose

gpc said...

I am working on my Inauguration menu. I'm thinking cheese puffs in the morning, to get rid of the orange. My lovely cast iron crispy cheesy pizza for lunch because it makes me feel indulgent and this is a day to celebrate. And wine all day long. I doubt I will be able to stand by the stove to make dinner, and I doubt I will care by then. Fingers crossed for a peaceful day.

Jean Etheridge said...

I so enjoy your posts, and today, well, there can never be enough red! Totally on board with your anticipation about tomorrow!

Dorothy said...

Here's to turning the page and reading a different book. And I love the comment by gpc. Here's hoping they all stay safe while being sworn in. :-)

piecefulwendy said...

Those photos of red and blue are fun to see. It's amazing what you can find when you look for it, right? I've forgotten how to do that. Hope you got your sewing in!

Susan said...

I'm ready for a new book too! I saw lines in the leaves of the third picture:-)

QuiltGranma said...

That must have been a nice, interesting walk finding those reds and lines! enjoy your day!

Magpie's Mumblings said...

You're obviously having a blast with your photos. I especially like the photo of the sunrise. And I laughed over the 'Cram-a-Lot Inn' sign too - conjures up all sorts of mental images!

CA Bobbie said...

I loved GPC's comment- maybe the wine all day should have been suggested about 3 years ago!! lways happy with your pics and words. Thanks for sharing with us.

kc said...

Wow, that's a lot of red, a lot of lines. And, yes, they wind always blows in Port A. And it's always a headwind! I think it may have stopped one time, a few years back....when Harvey passed by...here's to happy healing!