Quilt Shop: Christmas Goose, Las Vegas, Nevada

Okay, so there are plenty of quilt shops in the area to choose from. I happened to read a Facebook post about this one. Christmas Good Quilt Shop also has a web presence right here.

The Facebook post said that no visit to Las Vegas was complete without a visit to this shop. Okay...I'm game. Outside, they were flying this banner:

Walking through the front door, it looks like this:

I'm always a little nervous when I take that shot with people watching. Some folks get a little weird when they see me taking pictures...like maybe I have some nefarious purpose in mind...selling my photos to the Russians in exchange for state secrets, maybe. The women working here didn't even seem to notice I was taking pictures. It reminds me of a favorite story: one time we asked if we had to keep our alcohol purchases in a bag or something as we left a grocery store. "You can do *anything* in Las Vegas!" was the response. That cracked us up. I guess what works for beer also works for quilt shops.

This isn't a huge store, but it's big enough to have plenty of fabric. I made my way around the store in a clock-wise direction. To my left was this little Christmas tree decorated with mini quilt blocks. These were about two inches across. The one at the bottom of the image has a button gingerbread man that was very cute.

To the left of the tree was this handy bag for stowing quilting stuff when one is traveling or heading to a class. I already have a bag like this, and so I didn't buy it. Mine is a little different, but with lots of pockets for everything I'll need. I like that license plate fabric they've used.

Moving on, the left wall was lined with fabric that extended around the corner. They had some pretty quilts hanging on the walls.

For whatever reason, they were also selling bottles of vanilla here. I'm nearly out in the RV, and I meant to go back and get a bottle before leaving the store. Then, it totally slipped my mind until I took the pictures off the camera. Shoot.

Toward the back of the store, they had their Halloween and Christmas fabric on sale.

To the right of that display were some pretty batiks.

Behind me were some neutrals. I took a look at these, but didn't see anything I wanted. I'm always on the lookout for fabric that could be an embroidery background. These were all a little too busy for that.

From there I just wove in and out looking at what was available. They had a lot of vintage prints.

On the back wall, there was a nice selection of patterns and books. I always check for any local designers here, but nothing stood out.

How do you like the upholstery on this chair? There were two of these sitting side by side.

On one of the chairs was a stack of these blocks. They were in packages of two with different words related to sewing on them. It took me a minute to see that these were machine stitched...maybe machine embroidery? I'm not sure. 

I wasn't sure what one would do with them other than sew them into a quilt. As I'm writing this, it occurs to me they might have been intended as pillow covers, sitting on the chairs like that.

There was another room in the back where they had more flannel than I think I've ever seen in a single store.

There was some more sale fabric, and maybe some patterns. I didn't notice the bin below.

Back in the main part of the store they had a collection of wool.

There were smaller cuts of wool around the corner.

To the right of that was a nice rack of thread. All the color gives me chills. I love thread as much as I love fabric.

Turning around, there was a nice supply of Valdani floss. I'm seeing more of this in my travels. Perhaps Valdani will become easier to come by. I have at least one pattern to make that calls for Valdani.

To the right of the thread was a doorway leading into a large classroom. There was a big group inside, and so I didn't stick my head in. It was a roomy and bright space though with lots of pretty quilts hanging on the walls.

They also had a nice supply of Cosmo embroidery floss. This is another that's sometimes hard to find since most stores carry DMC. I don't have a preference, but if I had to say something about floss, I might say that Cosmo colors are more shimmery than their DMC counterparts.

To the right of the floss my restraint failed me. I love remnants, and these were marked down 30%. I looked at everything and pulled out several to take home.

First, this is the regional print I chose for the shop hop quilt. I had them cut a fat quarter of this. 

The rest were all from the remnant display. I just liked these. Polka dots...of course. There was 7/8 of a yard of this.

There were 2-1/2 yards of this one. No idea what I'll use it for, but it seemed like it could make a good quilt back.

And then this one...there was 1-1/3 yards. I just liked it.

So, I enjoyed this shop. The women working there were cheerful and friendly. They were helpful without hovering. I'd definitely recommend visiting if you find yourself in Las Vegas. But the fun was only just getting started when I left the store. We were headed to the chocolate factory. I posted about that earlier, and you can find my post right here.

Chocolates and a Quilt Shop

Could there be a better day than one that includes a chocolate factory and a quilt shop??? Maybe if we'd won the lottery. I've heard that your chances of winning the lottery are greatly increased if you actually play. I might have to try that sometime. 

After all that talk yesterday about possibly hiking or biking, we ended up driving to the places we wanted to go. It's important not to get out ahead of yourself, you know. Before we left, I spent some time on the fifth of the blackwork baskets, filling my hoop.

Smitty was my stitching cat. He looks happy to have been awakened for this picture, doesn't he?

It seemed we were both too lazy for anything physical, and so I suggested we visit the quilt shop and also head to Ethel M's chocolate factory...something that was recommended to us by one of the friends we visited last week. Heading out, it doesn't take long after leaving Boulder City for Las Vegas to come into view. We could see snow on the mountains in the distance.

In keeping with my commitment to photograph anything remotely related to cats, I was disappointed not to be able to capture the whole sign on this very exclusive veterinary hospital.

I had the whole sign, including the cat climbing over the top, except this "no parking" post got in the way. Rats!

It's just down the road from the quilt shop. Five minutes more, and we were there. I'll tell you about the quilt shop in a separate post.

After my fabric shopping trip, we got some lunch at Jimmie Johns, and then headed over to Ethel M Chocolates. You can read more about it at that link. As it turns out the "M" in Ethel M stands for "Mars," the candy company. Ethel M is owned by Mars, Incorporated and was named after the mother of Forrest Mars, Sr. As we drove into the guest parking lot, I caught an image of the sign.

The grounds also include a botanical cactus garden, and there was a map posted to the left of the sign.

Visitors are encouraged to take pictures and share them with friends and on social media. So, okay...I'll just start here with this chocolate sample they handed me on the way in. I had my choice of milk or dark. I chose milk. Mike chose dark. We ate those right away...mmm, mmm, mmm. 

From there, one walks past a glass wall for a self-guided tour of the area where chocolate is made. Apparently, private tasting tours can be scheduled ahead of time. I'm not sure what the status of the tours are with COVID precautions. I couldn't get very good pictures here because there were a lot of reflections on the glass. You can get the gist of it, I think.

The signs at the tops of the images will give you some idea what you're seeing.

There wasn't much going on inside while we were there.

Toward the end, there were signs telling the contents of some of their chocolates.

And these stretched on for a distance. They were just buttering us up for when we entered the gift shop.

And oh my...I could have gone hog wild in here...emphasis on the "hog."

So much yummy stuff to behold.

Here's a listing of all the choices. So tempting.

We could have bought a box of chocolates, but we decided to be sensible. We knew we'd hate ourselves if we did that, and so we each settled for a treat from this case. In the upper right-hand corner were some of the biggest chocolate-covered strawberries I've ever seen. They were about the size of tennis balls (no exaggeration). 

We ended up with just these two items to eat with our afternoon shot of espresso, also available in the gift shop. I chose a cannoli...my first cannoli ever. Mike chose a brownie. And what can I say? Diet = Blown.

While we waited for our espresso, I snapped this image of the little brochure beside the cash register.

There were so many temptations. I'd like to come back here again sometime when I'm not trying to lose weight. They're chocolates can also be purchased via their website.

We sat outside to eat our goodies and gaze on their botanical cactus garden.

We took a little walk around. It was fun and interesting.

All the cacti were wrapped in Christmas lights. I can imagine this is pretty at night.

Here's something...the shoestring acacia tree. I've seen these before, but didn't know their names.

Looking up overhead, it looks like a tree that's lost its leaves, but those long stringy things you see are the actual "leaves" of the tree.

There was also some garden art...these were lit with strings of Christmas lights too. Those are blooming brittlebush on either sides of the blue peacock.

This cactus was the only one we noticed blooming.

After that, we made a quick trip to the grocery store, and then headed back to the RV. We were tired after so much excitement.

Today I told Mike I'd ride bikes with him if he wants to. There are some great...and not scary...biking trails in the area, and he has pointed them out to me for my approval. I'm not yet willing to ride by the side of the road, even when there is a bike lane, and so all trails have to be wide, paved, and off the road. There is plenty of that here. If there's time during the day, I'll get back to my sewing.

I'll tell you about the quilt shop in a separate post, so stand by. It'll be just a bit while I make myself useful in other ways.