My Quilts in Progress

Mulligan Stew
from the book, Hobo Quilts, by Debra G. Henninger
started 4/15/13
needs hand-quilting and binding


Chicken Buffet
started 2/27/15
pattern by Linda Huber & Bonnie Collins
needs quilting and binding
51 x 66 inches

And On that Farm
an art quilt designed by McKenna Ryan
started 9/29/16
all sections completed
needs borders, top-stitching, quilting, and binding

Bag Ladies of the Fat Quarter Club Stitch-along
patterns by Chickadee Hollow Designs
hand embroidery started 1/1/17
needs quilting and binding

Tuxedo's Tales
pattern by Bonnie Sullivan
started 1/23/17
needs quilting and binding
41 x 52 inches

Pattern by Meg Hawkey, Crabapple Hill Studios
hand embroidery started 9/9/17
needs quilting and binding

Snow Globes
Pattern by Meg Hawkey, Crabapple Hill Studios
hand embroidery started 11/8/17
needs quilting and binding

Friendship's Garden
pattern by Robin Kingsley, Bird Brain Designs
hand embroidery started 3/9/18
all blocks completed

Shop Hop
a memory quilt of quilt shops I've visited
started 4/4/18
78 x 78 inches
needs quilting and binding


Pumpkin Pie
from a class with Meg Hawkey 
of Crabapple Hill Studios
hand embroidery started 8/10/18
needs quilting and binding
17 x 24 inches


Appalachian Memories
pattern by Beth Dix of Primrose Lane
hand embroidery started 10/18/18
8 of 12 blocks complete


Tiny Tuesday Sampler
started 1/6/19
All blocks completed


Charm Stars
pattern from the book Quick and Easy Scrap Quilts
started 1/6/19
16 of 20 blocks complete

Paintbox Pizzazz
Pinwheel Pizzazz pattern from The Big Book of One Block Quilts
started 1/7/19
40 of 48 blocks complete


Garden Sunshine BOM
started 1/16/19
12 months completed

Dancing Chickens and Flying Pigs
fusible applique and hand embroidery
started 3/13/19
5 of 12 blocks completed

Jenny's Flower Garden
original quilt made by Elaine M. Neilson of Seward, Nebraska,
and included in the book: Big Book of Scrap Quilts
1 of 7 block rows completed
started 4/15/19

Hearts A-Plenty
an embroidered heart for each month of the year
design from Nancy Huggins of
 "The Basket Case Needlework Therapy"
started 4/16/19
24 x 34
Needs quilting and binding

Pansy Mosaic
started 4/21/19
needs quilting, and binding

an embroidery sampler from Crabapple Hill Studios
started 4/28/19
to be combined with another sampler into a small runner

I Believe in Snowmen
pattern from Bunny Hill Designs
56-64 inches when finished
started 6/1/19
9 of 16 embroidered blocks completed

Pieces of the Past
9 plates, 16 crazy quilt blocks, 2 large panels
started 10/26/19
1 of 9 plates completed


12 Trees for Christmas
combined with the Tiny Tree sew-along blocks
to make one quilt project
started 10/31/19
needs quilting and binding


started 12/24/19
1 of 12 snowflakes completed


What Will be Next?