First Day of Fall Finishes

Awesome alliteration. Good morning, my friends!

There was a lot of excitement at the Three Cats Ranch yesterday. 

Smitty, I think Mom has a finished quilt for us to inspect!

Oh, yawn, Sadie. There's no honor in quilt inspection these days. Humans are staying inside all the time, and so quilts are finished every day.

Well, I don't care what you say, Smitty. I like this quilt, and I'm keeping it.

Okay, Sadie...well, what's so great about this quilt?

Well, Smitty, these are "bag ladies." And what kinds of "bags" do you think they're carrying. I think they're carrying bags of treats. I want to be a bag lady's cat.

Hm. Well that's certainly something to ponder, Sadie. To be or not to be a bag lady's cat. That is the question.

Look at this one, Smitty. She's catching fish! I want to be *this* bag lady's cat.

As much fun as this conversation was, it was time to sew the binding on the bag ladies. One more time around this quilt, and it'll be a finish.

Earlier in the morning yesterday, I'd stitched the latest barn to very near a finish. It was tempting to finish it off, but I was kind of tired of stitching when I reached this point. You can barely see the one bale of hay that still needs stitching on the right.

This morning, I finished it off. This is the 12th of twelve blocks, called Kentucky Chain.

Here are all 12 barns together.

Now, I'll be setting these blocks aside for just a bit. I'll get them sewn into a quilt within the next month or two. The snowflakes are ahead of the barns.

The only other sewing I did yesterday was to make two of the four "flower" blocks for Jenny's Flower Garden.

I need two more like this, and then three "blanks" to finish off this row. There might be time to get them finished today.

We're heading off to the grocery store this morning. Rain is headed our way, and there's a 100% chance of rain tomorrow. That means I'm going to get out and harvest some more corn. We'll be eating some of it, but I want to take the kernels off the cobs on some of them and for freezing. I probably won't do that today because I want the rest of the day to be nothing but sewing. 

Enjoy this first day of fall. The weather will be turning cold and wet soon enough.


Vroomans' Quilts said...

How that little bit of color in the barns just pops the quilt. I don't think Sadie wants to be a bag cat - just attracted to those fish.

gpc said...

Love the ladies, (agree with Sadie's choice of which bag to choose!) and love the barns, Going to be another beauty. Your corn harvest makes my mouth water. We have had scant decent corn here this year. They pick it too early for our local farmers' market and any self respecting corn lover knows you need to go straight from stalk to the pot of boiling water. Yum, nothing better.

"Bee" said...

I love the bag ladies quilt!!
I love the looks on Smitty and Sadie as they talk.....you capture their conversations well.

You get so much done!!!!
....and such a variety of craftsmanship!!
You are great!!

piecefulwendy said...

Smitty is clearly still miffed about the woofie in that quilt. Glad you have rain coming, too. I cannot wait to see how you finish the snowflakes. It's one of my favorites of your embroidery projects.

SJSM said...

Yep, this time period has you completing a lot of quilts. That pile is getting smaller. Soon there will be less cushioning for the kitties on the "to be quilted" pile. Then you will here the complaining that it isn’t soft enough, it feels like rocks. Just your own version of the Princess and the Pea.

Magpie's Mumblings said...

You have good taste Sadie! The bag ladies are wonderful. But I have to say that my heart lies with those amazing barns. Not that I (ahem) LIKE barns or anything of the sort!

MissPat said...

I think I'm glad you're getting a whole day of rain as long as it doesn't lead to flooding and mud slides. You have so many active projects going on. I need to get mine organized and work toward some finishes.

Jenny said...

Cat conversations, so funny! Your barns look wonderful, what a great job you have done with all that stitching. Now I'm wondering how you will be putting them together? I'll just wait and see.

Kate said...

The barns all look great. That's going to be another fun quilt to watch come together.