Moving On

This morning I'll need to type fast. I'm dealing with painfully slow internet, but also a wimpy battery on my laptop, or so it seems. It won't hold a charge for any length of time. After running several experiments, we've determined there must be something wrong with its battery. Even after being fully charged and turned off, my next switch to on shows only about half the battery life remaining. And so without generator power, my minutes are numbered...which I'm now wasting tell you so.  It's an old laptop, and so that isn't surprising. My own personal battery won't hold much of a charge these days either. 

Anyway...I went to the considerable use of battery time uploading some pictures one at a time. We went up to the Furnace Creek Inn for cocktails last night. I've since learned that the restaurant has been purchased by Xantera, which seems to be the company running all privately-owned operations in many of the national parks. The name of the Inn is now The Oasis at Death Valley. It seems to be the same place, but it might also explain the price increase that ruined our appetites for dinner there. Sill, cocktails are nice. First, I knew you quilters would appreciate this beautiful floor in the lounge.

Below, you can see the pretty tiles leading up the steps to the doorway.

Inside, I had this pretty cocktail...a Prickly Pear Margarita...and this was so good, we ended up purchasing a bottle of the margarita mix.

Instead of dinner, we had a charcuterie board and some red pepper hummus with pita bread. It was plenty for a meal, and about the price of one entree.

And then we got dessert to go. I so wish I'd thought to take a picture of the menu item describing this dessert. I'll be relying on my faulty memory to tell you what it was. To start with, it had some snotty French name I can't remember nor pronounce, but it was layers of puff pastry with coconut mousse and papaya  mousse in little dibs and dobs in between (technical food terms, so try to keep up). And then those little jellies were made from prickly pear. It was delicious, but a little hard to eat. We couldn't cut through the top layer of puff pastry without crushing what came beneath. We ended up picking up the layers of puff pastry like cookies and eating them that way. Our taste buds and stomachs didn't know the difference. 

I spent some time on my slow stitching earlier in the day. I've realized I can often use the top-stitching or else some element in the fabric as a guide for stitch length and placement. When I had the body of the bird below stitched, I didn't really want to stitch so tightly in the circle for the head, and so I gave him a cross-stitch eye.

And that just made me go all kinds of slow-stitching wild and crazy, because I noticed in the circles in the next block, there was an element of the fabric design that looked like a tiny cross-stitch. And so I went ahead there too.

And I liked that, so I kept going, filling in as much as I could before I needed to move my hoop.

I'd say this is where I left it, but then I'd be lying, because I did move my hoop and stitch until the next portion was nearly finished too.

I'm going to work on this a couple more times, and then I'll switch off to the snowflake.

Today we're moving along to a Nevada State park, known as Big Bend of the Colorado State Recreation Area. Camping there will include hook-ups, but it's first come first served, and so we are aware of a KOA in the area if we need it. We'll be in the tippy-tippy southern point of Nevada, and this will be a new destination for us.

Now, if I can squeeze just a few more minutes out of my battery, I'll show you last night's sunset. Oh, but first...this image of Smitty taking a walk on the top step of the RV. He doesn't like these wide open spaces, and this place was infested with Mans and Woofies. We dislike both. I told him an ample cat needed to sit up straight to look his best for his picture, but he didn't listen. He was on red alert.

And, phew! Plenty of battery left for proof-reading and posting. Here's a shot of last night's pretty sunset.

So that's all I have for you today. Three attaboys for me, sitting here and uploading these pictures. We'll be moving on to greener pastures, and greener cell phone reception, we hope. There's a lot to catch up on. Now it's time to turn on the generator and have a cup of coffee.

13 comments from clever and witty friends:

QuiltShopGal said...

What a wonderful dinner and beautiful sunset to finish off your stay. Sorry about the woofies in the area. Maybe the next step will be a better one for Smitty to get outside for a walk.

Denise :) said...

When I saw the picture of the tile, it brought back memories! http://daneesey.blogspot.com/2010/05/inspiration.html LOL! I love your rather primitive bird--he's quite fun! Smitty looks so BIG in that picture!! :)

Julierose said...

The tiles reminded me of our trip to Italy --all those tiled Roman floors etc--so pretty.
Your dinner sounded super--I like the idea of that chacuterie a lot..
looks yummy..and a nice, light meal, too.
Sorry about your battery--I know how it feels ROTFLOL My actual olde body battery runs down daily...hahaha
Anyway that little embroidery looks like a Western bird--perfect for your location...nice stitching on it...hugs, from cold CT Julierose

Karen said...

Smitty, your don't need to set up straight... We appreciate your man- catness just as you are.
Gorgeous sunset too.I
Spell check is fumbling all over itse!f today. Grrrr!

Jenny said...

I know what it's like trying to write a blog while the battery on my old lap top ticks down to nothing while off power. Can be rather frustrating trying to get it done in time.

kc said...

Ooooh, good job getting all that out whilst on limited power! Smitty looks quite regal, up on his step throne. That dessert sounds quite yummyeven tho a bit fiddly. We enjoyed prickly pear lemonade up in Sedona, at the Chapel in the Rocks. It was yummy too, very refreshing on a hot summer day. I thought it an unusual flavor and I was prepared to purchase some syrup at our next gift shop stop, but the powers that be decided it wasn't good enough to warrant the price.

The Stew is coming along nicely, but I a eager to see the next snowflake.. just saying. :)

Carol- Beads and Birds said...

Don't waste battery to reply. Just letting you know I'm still along the trip with you. Love those tiles!!
xx, Carol

piecefulwendy said...

My laptop is aging too, so my browser is out of date and I can't update it because it may slow this old thing down too much. I need to take it in, but that would require a bit of organization ahead of time and I'm not always so good at that. That is where my procrastination kicks in. That margarita looks tasty as does the dessert.

Charlotte M. said...

Hi Barbara! That dessert is called Mille Feuille, and it is French. I believe it means A Thousand Layers, referring to the layers in the puff pastry dough. They are usually filled with cream, or pastry cream and fruits. A cousin to the Napoleon. And there is your baking lesson for today. :)

neesa said...

I'll be your dessert was milles feuilles. The only reason I know it and can even pronounce it is because I'm crazy about the Great British Baking Show and they are forever making those poor contestants create these things. Never tried to eat one. Looks and sounds quite yummy.

CA Bobbie said...

The tiles look like a quilt inspiration-must look thru stash....if I could just sew as many as I dream about ! Great sunset,pic of Smitty and the quilting. You go girl ! BTW what is "ROTFLO"?

QuiltGranma said...

Rolling On The Floor Laughing Outloud! Love your sense of humor Barbara, and being able to hitch a ride with you on your adventures.

Lyndsey said...

The tiles are a great quilt inspiration. You dinner looked delicious and the dessert is definitely one not to miss. What a handsome cat Smitty is.