Dreaded Dresdens Done

Awesome alliteration. Just be glad I kept it clean because there are plenty of "D" words I could have used. The final four were finished off yesterday.

That took up most of the day's sewing, interrupted only by my trek to the farm to pick up our CSA share.

Smitty and Sadie were invaluable in the sewing room yesterday. They had a discussion...

and decided it would be Sadie's day to provide most of the assistance. Smitty limited his role to snoopervisory status yesterday.

My first task was to sew the top and bottom rows of dresses to the center panel. Sadie thought this quilt could benefit from some ruching.

That's an excellent purrposal!

We're still considering how that could be accomplished while still fitting the rest of the blocks around the outside.

The Dresdens are stacked up alongside the stars now. They'll be the outermost "border" around the edge of the quilt.

Sadie wanted to make sure I had the propurr number of star blocks to finish off the quilt.

Wait...did I count that one over there?

Also, she helped me get my inner border strips aligned.

And so I think we're set! Our purrdiction is for a finished quilt by this afternoon.

Yesterday morning I looked out the window to see a beam of sunshine on our maple tree like a spotlight.

We're into our fall anything-goes weather. We can get sunshine, rain, lighting, thunder, and hail all in a single day...even a single hour's time.

Sadie sits on my lap in the mornings while I read my email. When I get up to make breakfast, I bundle her up in the quilt. When I returned this morning, only her tail could be seen.

Now it's time to get at my slow-stitching. Just possibly, I'll finish up the third of three "I Believe in Snowmen" blocks this morning. I really must do at least one housekeeping chore today, but otherwise, it's going to be an NBS kind of day. I want that quilt top in the finished pile.

10 comments from clever and witty friends:

Julierose said...

And now they have become "Darling Dresdens"--all the more so as they are "Done Dresdens"..lol
hugs, Julierose

Jan said...

I have 20 DASTERDLY dresdens sitting here, all done except for those darn center circles. Been sitting here for 2 years. Any advice?

Frog Quilter said...

Beautiful Dresden blocks. The rest of your post provided many chuckles. Thanks, it always a pleasure to read your blog.

Quilting Babcia said...

Always good to hear that Sadie is purrfecting her quilting skills. Smitty must be thinking of early retirement, letting Sadie do all the work while he waits for his little nip.

Tilly said...

Love your quilt, so pretty and the Dresden plate block looks fine.
Thanks to the asistance of the kitties.
Have a nice day!

Carol- Beads and Birds said...

I like the Dresden Plate Blocks and the stars together. Your kitties sure do give a lot of help in the stitching room. My dogs just stay on the floor for me to trip over, lol. Except for Harley. If left alone and he gets mad he likes to chew stuff up. Devil Dog. Wow, your maple tree is pretty. I have a sugar maple in front of the house. I'm hoping I gave it enough water this summer to help it be the beautiful red it can be in the fall.
xx, Carol

piecefulwendy said...

With Sadie's awesome help, I know you accomplished your goal. Our forecast is saying snow this weekend -- already! We are not ready, and not wanting, snow. It's too soon and I'd like a little more fall weather, thank you. Anyway, I love the dress quilt -- so bright and cheery!

Lyndsey said...

I'm so pleased the dreaded Dresdens are done. It's a good job you had help to keep them in order.

Kate said...

Congrats on finishing off the Dresden blocks. They turned out beautifully. I was going to ask in my comment on the previous post, do the kitties ever have run in with the pins in the block? I noted the tail on the pinned blocks, all it would take is a quick swish in the wrong direction. I can't seem to have a pinned seam without impaling at least one finger in the process of pinning and sewing.

quiltzyx said...

The Snoopervisor & Stitching Assistant did a great job for you, keeping things in order & all. Way to go kitties!

The Maple tree is gorgeous in the sunbeam - wow! We're still in the 80s & 90s down here. And very low humidity too.