Sock Monkey Business

It was a dark day yesterday...lots of rain and dense cloud cover. It was a perfect day to stay in and sew. My first task was to check the size on the first Tiny Tuesday block. A couple of you have asked me about Tiny Tuesday, and so I've linked to the Tiny Tuesday posts back there. You can find it on the Soscrappy blog, and it's a part of the Rainbow Scrap Challenge for 2019. Click on the tab that says RSC19 Sampler. I mentioned yesterday that I thought I'd trimmed it too small. As it turns out, it was right where it was supposed to be, and so I added on the square setting.

I'll be using that white on off-white star fabric throughout. It's a fabric that's been in my stash for a very long time, and I'm determined to work from my stash as much as possible this year.

After that, I got to work on the second block. This one was supposed to be applique, but I decided to make mine an inset circle. It was good practice using the method I learned a few years ago. You can read my blog post about it at that link I've given you. Every time I try this, I have to refer back to it to remind myself how to do it. The second block is set in a diagonal setting.

So that didn't take long, and I was ready to get busy quilting the Going Bananas quilt. Sadie really likes this one. Monkey is one of her favorite foods.

There was a partially used spool of a slightly variegated red on my spool rack, and so I used that.

It's a YLI machine quilting thread. Here's the color name if you're interested.

In the bobbin I had a Bottom Line white thread. And then I got to work sewing a straight line diagonal grid on the interior blocks. I stitched in the ditch on both sides of the inner border.

Smitty is thinking of becoming a vegetarian. He doesn't care for monkey, but he does like bananas.

When I left it yesterday afternoon, it was trimmed for a machine binding.

Today I'll fold and press the backing over, stitch the binding down, and then I'll probably run one more line of straight line stitching in the outer border. This quilt is for donation to Quilts for Kids, and they request quilting in both borders. I think my quilting is good enough as it is, and the machine stitched binding will hold the batting in place. Still, just to be safe, another row of stitching can't hurt.

Also on tap for today is grocery shopping. Fortunately, my list is fairly short. And here's the deal: We're switching cell phone providers after decades with AT&T. AT&T is forcing us into a more expensive plan, and so we're moving to a new carrier. We've heard that national coverage is better with the new carrier, and so it's better for traveling. We've talked about making this move for years, and so our thanks go to AT&T for kicking us in the behinds about it. And all of that to say that Mike has to take my cell phone today in order to make this change happen without losing our current numbers or needing to buy new phones.

The only reason this is important is because I made up my grocery list yesterday, and I use an app on my phone. Oh. My. Gosh. Now, because I live an unconscionably difficult life, I must put my list on PAPER!!! Can you even begin to imagine the indignity? All I can say is that my fellow shoppers better run for cover because it's going to be a dangerous outing for everyone involved.

Also, since I won't have my phone, what am I supposed to do if I get in an accident? What if I slip and fall on the way out the door and break my ankle? What if I get a flat tire? What am I supposed to do then? Huh? And don't even talk to me about pay phones. Do they even exist any more? And how do you even use one these days? When I was younger, during the 14th Century, there were pay phones on every corner. And not only that, but they cost a dime to make a call. That's right...one thin dime. I used to have a special card in my wallet where I could fit a dime, so I was never out on a date with...you know...the Resident Engineer without having a dime to call home and have someone come pick me up. Mad money, you know. Well. Honestly, I don't know how I'm going to get through the day without my phone.

Don't worry about me though. I've done worse before. I have cats. Don't even get me started.

Before I finish off, I wanted to direct your attention to the link I've placed near the top of my right side bar. There are a number of patterns in my sewing room that I've already made and won't make again. I'm selling them for half the price paid originally. Take a look there and let me know if you're interested in anything you see. Keep in mind that these are used patterns, and so they aren't perfect. They are, however, in good condition and so you'll have everything you need.

10 comments from clever and witty friends:

Julierose said...

Neat circle method--I've never seen that one before...

I can remember (not so long ago either---or was it??lol) when you never even had a phone to carry around...anywhere...and we survived...Altho' today I don't leave home without mine, I used to have a feeling of freedom at being "out of touch" and unreachable...funny, huh? And now, scaredy cat moi--I panic if I don't have it with me at all times, too...
hugs, Julierose

Karen - Quilts...etc. said...

LOL - I hear you about the phones - if I get even a half mile down the road and realize I left my phone at home I turn around and go get it!! why? we have become slaves to our phones LOL and yes I don't even know where the closest phone booth is - I used to know so that if I had a flat tire, other car trouble - my land line didn't work etc I knew where it was - I don't even remember when I used one last - you probably have to put a credit card in it now and someone will have fixed it to hack you!!
Love your scrappy block

Shonnie said...

I also keep my grocery list on my phone. I was braving the store one day when a couple old biddies {older than me, anyway ;-)} started loudly discussing "how sad it is that "people" can't even manage to go without texting at the grocery store. I was the only "people" present, so they meant me, LOL! Funny!

Nancy said...

I had an accident while I was in front of my house in 2009. The dog broke my leg. After that I never went anywhere without my phone. So I still carry a phone every where but we no longer have a dog. My husband still misses having one but since I was the one having to take his dog out because he had not done it I am very firm about not having another dog.
I am also looking at changing providers from AT&T. The price is just getting outrageous. Do you have IOS or android? Will you have the same type of phone after the switch? What has held me back so far is laziness on doing the research to find a new plan.

Vroomans' Quilts said...

I'm with Smitty, I'll take the bananas over the monkeys. I only take my phone when going somewhere in the car for emergency. I'm not even a huge fan of the 'home' phone either especially with all the dang telemarket, politicians, robocalls, etc....

piecefulwendy said...

But what if you're at the grocery store, can't find something, and you need to order it from Amazon?!?! We just upgraded our phones too. I'm amazed at how dependent I am on the dumb thing. Sheesh.

kc said...

OIKS! I went horse, goat, chicken and dog sitting for our neighbor one day..texted her a photo of all the happy critters, and promptly dropped my phone. On her cement driveway. Yes, it has a protective case. Did that help Oh, heck no. Face down, flat. I watched it bleed out. It bleeds purple, btw. And yep, Driver was in VA, while I was in FL. Hopped right in the car and even the Verizon store couldn't save it. But, they managed to save and transfer all the numbers to the new phone. Which only cost a paltry $600. Oh, but the panic that ensued....especially when the thought crossed my mind that I might get bitten by a snake (of the diamondback kind) on the way home and need to call for an ambulance! And now, we pay attention to the data usage, cuz only the first 25 GB are high-speed. After that, it's unlimited usage allowed, but they do throttle you so much that it is mighty frustrating. I have learned that the Google Maps app is a data hog! The hard way. Are you maybe going to Verizon? They've been pretty good to us since the late 80's, and that who carries our Internet, as well. We used FMCA to purchase the device for a penny, and got a 2 yr contract for $49/month. And, as mentioned, the first 25 GB are pretty high speed. We get 2GB high speed dedicated to our phones in addition, and we are month to month on them, cuz our phones are so old (2 and 3 years now). We haven't been much past Houston, TX, out west, but there hasn't been anywhere yet we have had limited or no coverage, even here in the Ocala National Forest.

I'm with Smitty on bananas over monkeys - especially since bananas are on my list of allowed foods (dental impplant/bone graft, did I mention I had a broken root?). Pretty sure monkey isn't a food I can readily mash with my tongue. But that red thread looks good with the prints. I always use up my variegated threads on QFK projects...seems like they work beautifully on those little quilts.

Just (like, JUST NOW) got an estimated delivery date of first week of April for the new coach - call me a HAPPY CAMPER! How did you ever stand the wait??? A dishwasher, washer, dryer, AND normal (not booth) seating!! Plus, a dedicated space for the printer!

Judy1522 said...

On vacation overseas last year I thought I had lost my cell phone and that created quite a bit of panic although I did find it eventually. I had already locked myself out of my credit card by using my debit card pin instead. By that time I was telling my husband that traveling was so much easier when you only took a camera and travelers cheques.
We also switched from AT & T last year and are loving our new carrier because they charge us exactly the same each month and reception is so much better. The truth is because of things that transpired when we ended things with AT&T I will never do any kind of business with them ever again unless I have no other choice .

QuiltGranma said...

I know of ONE pay phone still in existence, I believe in Granite Falls, WA due to no cell phone service there.

Brown Family said...

I think I am beginning to understand the Tiny Tuesday. I was hoping the blocks were going to be 4 inch finished instead of 7.