Meeting of the Minds

It was a quiet day at home yesterday...almost too quiet because I don't think I got out of my pajamas until around noon. In fairness, I did some housework in that time. We were in a cloud here at the Three Cats Ranch yesterday. It was bright, but misty with fog. The kitties were happy to have a morning spent mostly outside.

Which way are the mousies, Smitty?

The best hunting is this direction, Sadie. I found a tasty gopher over here a few days ago.

Whatever you say, Smitty. I'm with you. We're best friends. Isn't that right, Smitty?

As usual, Sadie is the blur in the photo.

When they came in, they realized they'd missed out on some sewing.

What's going on here? Sewing? I'll call a confurrence.

Smitty, Mom wants to know whether to cut the red fabrics furrst or the black and white fabrics.

My prefurrance is for black and white. It most closely resembles my furrs.

Okay, Smitty, but when orange comes up, then I'm going to insist on orange.

But, of course, I don't take orders from cats, although I'm told there are some cats across town who are spoiled and always get their way. Molly and Buddy are holy terrors in the sewing room, ordering their staff around and paying paltry wages. Even as hard as their staff works, they still chose a rock as employee of the year. It must be so furrustrating.

As for the sewing here at the Three Cats Ranch, I sewed together the first blocks for the Paintbox Pizzazz quilt. First, I made the "pinwheels."

Then I used the flip and sew method to sew black and white corners to each one.

And those are finished. The two blocks for the Charm Stars were made yesterday.

Those are my two quilts for this years Rainbow Scrap Challenge. I realized I'm going to have to remake the block I made for the first Tiny Tuesday. If I'm remembering correctly, I trimmed it to 4-1/2 inches, and it's supposed to be 5 inches. I'll remake that one today and then get busy with the second Tiny Tuesday, released today. Also, I've had second thoughts about doing them in random colors. I think I'll go along with the color of the month.

When my blocks were finished, I got out for a walk. It was a nice day, even if we did spend the day in a cloud. I wish I had some more interesting things to show you, but I'm afraid it's a pretty dead landscape right now. The most interesting thing on yesterday's walk were the dew drops on the fir trees.

These pictures don't really capture the magic. They sparkled like diamonds in the sun.

Also yesterday, I finished off the turkey stock from the day before. The yield was 3 1/2 quarts.

The full quarts went into the freezer, and I made Butternut Squash Soup with Apple & Bacon with the partial. I had some butternut squash left from last summer's CSA share. It was a good day for a hot soup.

Today there's laundry to do. I'm going to get caught up on the Tiny Tuesday blocks, and then I think I'll get going quilting the Going Bananas quilt for Quilts for Kids.

This quilt looks great with just a diagonal grid, and so I'll do that. Quilts for Kids requests a machine binding, and so it's just possible I'll finish this up today. It's a nasty day outside. This might be a day to use the treadmill if I'm going to get in my 10k steps.

12 comments from clever and witty friends:

Karen - Quilts...etc. said...

love those blocks you are making - I really need to include more scrappy quilts in the list this year in between the "planned" quilts

Vroomans' Quilts said...

We got lucky and didn't get the heavy snow predicted - just a dusting. Rainy thru the morning but warming up and we might see some sunshine tomorrow! And I see those sock monkey made it into the new scrappy blocks as well.

Quilting Babcia said...

Love all those lush reds you are using, and those photos of Smitty and Sadie, precious!

Vivian said...

Really like the Charm Squares pattern that you are making! Very nice in the reds that you are using. So glad to see that the kitties approve of it too, although they look so good on whatever colors you use on any quilt!

piecefulwendy said...

Fun to see the kitties out roaming the grounds. We are finally having a bit of sun this morning; it's been overcast the last few days. Glad you are getting some sewing done -- the paintbox pizzazz is looking really good. Is the Tiny Tuesday quilt from Temecula?

mangozz said...

I'm liking all the reds more and more! What exactly is Tiny Tuesday?

Kate said...

You've gotten off to a good start with the RSC blocks. Those are going to be some bright and fun quilts.

LIttle Penguin Quilts said...

Love the red pinwheels with black and white corners - that is such a great idea for a rainbow of colors! The charm stars are beautiful, too! They'll be fun to work on throughout the year.

The Joyful Quilter said...

Your cats are SEW funny! I thought Molly and Buddy were nice. LOVE your RED Monkey Business quilt!!! Any more RED blocks? If so, have FUN!

Char said...

That soup looks yummy and I love the paint box pizzazz blocks!

Michele said...

Hopefully Smitty and Sadie won't start picking up any of Molly and Buddy's bad habits.

Brown Family said...

The drops on the fir tree are fascinating! I am sure there are all sorts of reflections and prisms in them!

I know I am behind, but I may try the Tiny Tuesday. I have never been fond of string quilts, but it will be different for a change. Are you going to make all of the January Tuesdays red?