The Farm is Finished

We were home fairly early from breakfast yesterday morning...which makes sense since breakfast itself was early. It gave me plenty of time to finish up the farm, and I am so happy about that.

There were just a few pieces left. These chicks:

They were placed with the other hens.

After that, there was just one tree left.

Then, I fused all the final pieces into place.

And then I fused the entire piece to its background fabric.

Smitty situated himself where you could get the scale of the piece.

Here's the satellite image, if you're into that sort of thing.

So...yahoo! It's finished. When I work on this again, I'll start Section 2, called  "EI-EI-OH!"

Yesterday was this little person's 37th birthday.

He looks more like this now...

We're meeting for breakfast this morning. I have some prezzies for him. Should be fun.

When I get home from that I'm going to start quilting the Cats of a Different Color. Since I've been working on applique projects for a full month, I'm ready to do some plain old stitching, and lots of it.

10 comments from clever and witty friends:

Linda M @ Pieceful Kingdom said...

The barns turned out great. Have a great day!

Barb H said...

Absolutely love how you're creating your "Farm"--especially the piggy peeking out of the barn door--but I have to ask if you're going to add the apples in the trees or just leave them green? Either way, this quilt will be gorgeous.

allthingzsewn said...

Anxious to see the finished farm. But really want to see the cats. I'm starting one in Jan.2017. Gotta go find my pattern while I think about it. I want to start getting fabric together. It is going to be a scrap buster I hope. Can't remember how big the block are. Does that tell you how long Iv'e had the pattern?
Handsome young fella. I think I'm on the edge of getting old.

Quilting Babcia said...

The farm is really looking great, even the satellite view! Is he searching for the missing mouse?

gpc said...

The farm is adorable, and I like how you put a cat on it. :) Happy birthday to your son, also adorable, then and now.

evelyn said...

Love your farm quilt. Smitty is still adorable.

Brown Family said...

Great satellite shot. Thanks Smitty! That is a big piece!I know you are glad it is all fused together. Now for the top stitching!

Kate said...

The barn yards look great! Enjoy your regular stitching time today. Hope the "little" guy had a good birthday.

Vroomans' Quilts said...

The barns block turned out fabulous - good job holding it down Smitty. Enjoy your stitching and breakfast.

Susan said...

Happy birthday to your son. If the rest of the quilt goes as fast as this part, you will be done before you know it. It's looking good, with or without Smitty.