Three Farm Day

Can an orchard technically be called a farm? I'm saying yes because I've identified it that way in my title. Work with me here.

Yesterday morning was busy with visits to two farms. When I texted my daughter-in-law Friday evening to see if she wanted some of the apple pie filling, she let me know that Erik had already eaten the applesauce I made from their apples earlier this year. Well, don't you know I totally dropped my pretense of being finished with canning for the season, and we headed out yesterday morning to pick up more apples.

The farm store was mobbed. They had some kind of event going on with hayrides and visits to the pumpkin patch.

I just grabbed the appropriate number of pre-bagged apples and we got the heck out of there, crowd phobes that we are. Well don't you know as I typed those words, I had to consult The Google to find out if there is an actual name for this condition. Of course there is. Here is what The Google told me:

The fear of crowds or Enochlophobia is known by different names such as Ochlophobia and Demophobia. As the name indicates, this phobia consists of an irrational fear of large crowds and gatherings of people. 
Have I said lately how much I  the internet? Probably, but I'll just say it again. Oh yes, and since I'm sure you needed to know that, you're welcome.

So anyway...on the way back to the car, we marveled at how prolific their trees are. This is just one small part of their large orchard.

Long rows...

Row after row, heavy with apples.

Farm #2 was a visit to Working Hands Farm, and the home of our CSA farmers, Brian and Jess. Here is where they grow our vegetables. I believe they have 40 acres total, of which about 15 is planted in vegetables. We got into a discussion with Farmer Brian about where their water comes from. As it turns out there is an unnamed creek running on the east side of their farm. Brian told us that when they were considering purchasing the land, the price was low because there were no water rights. He very assiduously studied the records at the county and discovered that in fact, water rights to the creek had been granted to this property in 1895 and no one knew it. It was at this realization that they made their decision to purchase the land. Lucky for us, no? 

The two "tunnels" on the right in this image are new this year. It's so much fun to watch these two young people building their farm and a life they both love.

Before we ever purchased our first share of the bounty, I was following their Facebook page. They post the most beautiful pictures of their life on the farm. Then, one day I was driving by, and noticed their barn, which is unmistakable. The pumpkins were for members to pick up yesterday. They are jack-o-lantern pumpkins, and so we decided to leave ours. It makes a pretty picture though. I've added this one to my file of barn pictures.

We got to see their friendly cows.

And their even friendlier goats.

I imagine we'll be seeing this pretty kale in our next share.

Here's where they keep track of chores that need to be done and what needs watering. Keep in mind that it's just the two of them doing this enormous amount of work.

I just liked this picture. It's some sort of little storage shed.

We had some lunch at a nearby restaurant and then headed for home. Right away, I got back to work building my own farm. Yesterday I added the fence at the bottom.

That allowed me to fuse the rooster.

Then I made Chicken V.

Chicken W.

And I fused the two of them into position overlapping one another. They aren't fused to the piece yet, but this is how they'll look.

Then I made Chicken X.

And Chicken Y. This one reminds me of Foghorn Leghorn, although I guess technically he's a rooster. (Please tell me you know who Foghorn Leghorn is.)

When I left them, they were positioned on the piece, but not yet fused.

All that's left to do now is make two little chicks and one large tree, about ten pieces total. When everything is in place, I'll fuse the whole thing to the background fabric, and this section will be finished! Yahoo!

First, however, we're having breakfast with our former neighbors who moved away a few years ago. They're in town for a day or two and asked us to meet them for breakfast.

And, with that, off I go. Better hit the shower now if we're going to be there on time.

20 comments from clever and witty friends:

Karen L. said...

Yes, I know who Foghorn Leghorn is but that is probably due to my age but I am surprised that you know who he is because you don't seem old enough for that knowledge. (Have I made your day?) I know you have a love/hate relationship with McKenna Ryan but her quilts always turn out to be so wonderful. I too have worked on several and have many more of her patterns to do in the future. I have not bought the kits, just the patterns, so it takes me quite some time to pick out just the right fabrics for a particular scene. I also like Bigfork Bay Cotton Co. patterns but they are now out of business so I have to find them on ebay. You are sure fast with your quilt making! And boy do those apples look good!

Donna said...

Yes, I know who Foghorn Leghorn is and yes, we are dating ourselves!

WoolenSails said...

I think I need to make an apple run too, hopefully we can get them till the end of the month, love my fresh apples.


gpc said...

Oh baby, look at them shake those tail feathers. Sup sup super, I say super cute.

Anonymous said...

(Raises hand) Yes, I know who Foghorn Leghorn is, too.

Cute barn and shed on the CSA farm. Wow! Those apple trees were really loaded.

Teresa F.

Marie Duprey said...

Foghorn Leghorn..."I say, I say..." Who could forget him! LOVE the progress on the barn quilt and the farm pics.

Vroomans' Quilts said...

I'm another that remembers Foghorn. Oh, apples - we had none in our orchards this year. No, didn't go pick, but a friends tree did produce and maybe when they return from their convention, I will go pick a few. That is a lot of farm your two young CSA farmers handle on their own, but it looks so cute, clean, and well maintained.

SJSM said...

Foghorn Leghorn is part of my youth also.
What a neat and tidy farm! your farm is neat and tidy, too. Great progress. I'm still muddling through thinking of my projects.
We had to move all the furniture in our bedroom to vacuum and steam clean the carpet to eradicat all the dust bunnies. Yes, we were on a kill mission. It's the last room with carpet and my dust mite allergy wasn't allowing me to sleep in the room. Replacing this last carpet with hard flooring just went to the top of the "to do" list.

Lou said...

Of course I know who Foghorn Leghorn is:) Loved him!!! Also his little side kick:)
The farms look amazing!!!! Do they let you pick the apples? My daughter goes every year in Ohio and she also made applesauce for the first time last year:)
Here in Tx we don't have these fun things:(

Anonymous said...

Just a question about your farm quilt: Are you putting the fusible on the fabric and cutting the pieces or did you buy the kit? You may have already answered this question. I do enjoy reading your blog. I hate crowds also....avoid them as much as possible!! I didn't know it have a name! lol!! Love your cats too! Thanks, Helen

Susan said...

Yes, I remember Foghorn Leghorn--one of my all time favorite cartoon characters. Funny, I haven't thought of him in ages. Oh, and if you are offering apple pie filling, I will take some, thank you:-)

Kate said...

I remember Foghorn Leghorn. He's an oldie, but a goodie in my memories. You got lots done even with all the visiting this weekend!

Brown Family said...

Foghorn Leghorn was a favorite. That is a beautiful farm. I am impressed with these two young men and all the hard work they put in on the farm.

JanineMarie said...

I must say I had to look up Foghorn Leghorn but it's not because I'm all that young. I had a TV deprived childhood. : ) Your farm pictures are lovely. When I saw the barn and shed pictures, I thought, "Ooh, those would look neat in quilts." And then I saw that you are working on a farm quilt with barns! And barn quilts! So cool. Your chickens are looking mighty fine.

Michelle said...

Beautiful, inspiring farm pictures and the quilts are stunning. Perhaps some day I might tackle a quilt ...

krislovesfabric said...

Your farm pictures and quilt...just beautiful, nice chickens with personality!

Julie said...

Those pumpkin patches look amazing. Always love orchard photos.

bettyl-NZ said...

These are great shots of the farms. I love the little brown goat. If a farm is a place where they raise a crop, then I guess an orchard is one, too :)

Soma @ whimsandfancies.com said...

I have never been to a farm before. I am so glad you shared these great photos with us. Your farm is looking quite amazing. Such detail work.

Thank you so much for linking up on Wandering Camera!


Janine @ Rainbow Hare said...

I enjoyed seeing your farm visits and your quilt farm is amazing!