Morning Visitor

We had a young doe visit the field this morning.

It's not unusual to see deer in our field. They often come to graze on the landscaping, and they are very skittish. 

About half an hour after those two pictures were taken, Mike went outside to set a sprinkler before leaving for work. He witnessed the most amazing interaction between the deer and Smitty.

For one thing, we were surprised the deer didn't take off upon seeing Mike. We can only surmise that he was curious about Smitty, who happened to be following Mike around. Smitty stood his ground, but the deer walked slowly up to him until they were no more than two feet apart. They stood looking at one another for a while. Then Mike moved, and the deer took off. Neither Smitty nor the deer seemed to be afraid of one another, which surprised us. Often Smitty and Gracie will bang through the kitty door and head for the highest point in the house, grrrrrr-ing as they go. When we look out, it's only a deer. Or worse, a woofie. 

So...that happened.

It was a busy morning for me. I watered the pots, and cleaned out the bolting lettuce and blooming basil from the greenhouse. The basil isn't really good once it starts to bloom, and it takes on a bitter flavor. I'm getting plenty in our CSA, and I've already made one batch of pesto from our own basil. My unruly rose bush got a good pruning. Then I fed the birds and changed out the dirty hummingbird feeders for clean ones. 

After that I brought one of the planter boxes in from the greenhouse and started another round of lettuce. The lettuce in our CSA share has been rather disappointing. There's far too much bitter lettuce for my taste. I don't mind it mixed in with some sweet lettuce, but neither of us are fond of salads made from bitter lettuce. So...all of that to say that I'm planting another round of red leaf. And when all of that was done, I started the laundry.

Also this morning, I moved my hoop for the first time on Hocuspocusville. Aren't those crows great? And since I just started this on Monday, I'm making good progress. To quote my dear departed brother-in-law Phil, "ain't no flies on me."

Then I got busy sandwiching my four quilts. The Over the Moon table runner is sandwiched. I'll quilt that one fairly soon because I want to take it to my guild meeting for show and tell on the 20th. This was the product of the class on inset circles I took at the end of June.

Also ready for quilting is To the Rescue. My plan is to quilt that in August.

The Dream Machines quilt is spread out. I made the back for it, and I cut both the back and batting to the correct size. I'd had enough by that time, and so that's where I left it. I'm thinking I might be able to squeak by with spray basting this one.

Still to be sandwiched is the Doors of Ireland quilt. I'm hoping to have time to finish the last two quilts tomorrow.

Tomorrow will be a busy day too. I need to go to the grocery store, and I need to get ready for a weekend overnight trip to the Sisters Outdoor Quilt Show in Sisters, Oregon. My friend Lenelda is coming all the way from Texas for the show, and we're riding over on a bus tour arranged  by Greenbaum's Quilted Forest in Salem. Just when I linked to the quilt shop, I noticed it's for sale! Anybody want to buy a quilt shop? Man, if I were 30 years younger...

Lenelda and I go back a long way. We attended school and graduated from high school together; but we also swam on the city swim team together many years ago. Because of our swim team connection, I'm well acquainted with Lenelda's brothers and her mother. Her husband attended high school with Mike, but I know him peripherally from participating in our high school's performance of South Pacific. Lenelda and her future husband were cast members and I played the piano in the orchestra. As I said, we go back a long way. We're going to have great fun, I think.

I'm hoping to fit in at least one more blog post before leaving for the quilt show. If not, I'll be back on Sunday or Monday with lots of stuff to tell you about the quilt show and about the quilt shops we're planning to visit on our trip. And now, my feet are tired, and it's time to get dinner started. How did your day go?

9 comments from clever and witty friends:

Vroomans' Quilts said...

Great photos of the deer and Smits. My furkids are not afraid of the does (and babes) and will even prowl in the same field with them. BUT if the buck is in the side yard - they come watch from the upstairs hall big window - and yes, growl.

Dana Gaffney said...

So cool that Smitty and the deer weren't afraid of each other. I know you'll take lots of pictures at Sisters, I can't wait to see them, have fun.

Sher S. said...

The deer was a pleasant surprise for sure and the fact that Smitty went over to see her was fabulous. They are both curious about each other. You will love Sisters!!!!! I've been once and didn't have enough time to see all the quilts but it is a very unique show with the quilts hung on the buildings and all over. Take lots of photos and share. Wish I could go again but don't think that will happen again. Enjoy all the quilt shops too.

Lynette said...

How neat to see the deer and Smitty interact like that. You reminded me of the coolest nature moment I've ever had - riding our horse past cornfields in rural Maryland, when a buck leaped out of one batch of corn to lope alongside us within 5 feet for maybe 50 yards before he left. Molly only flicked an ear of curiosity at him, but never broke her pace. It was a tremendous moment. Thanks for the special memory.

gayle said...

Smitty may be telling the story as 'that one time when I almost caught a deer'...
Have a great time at the quilt show!

quiltzyx said...

Congrats on getting quilts ready for quilting! The class I was going to teach the end of this month for guild was postponed for now, so I still need to get that top done for future reference.
Very cool to see the deer in your yard. And that Smitty & the doe were interested in each other too. Maybe he normally runs in the house because Gracie tells him to?

Brown Family said...

It is amazing how animals react to each other. May be because Mike was in the yard Smitty did not run. He wanted to play protector, or he felt safe!

Kate said...

How cool about Smitty and the deer. You've gotten a lot done. Enjoy your trip to Two Sisters. It should be lots of fun.

beaquilter said...

great pics and love your projects, have fun at your show.