Packing it In

Yesterday was a busy day from start to finish. For one thing, I actually had to get dressed before noon because some guys were coming to replace two windows that had broken seals. They ended up being an hour late, and so I was robbed of at least one full hour that I could have stayed in my PJ's. Sheesh. I used the time well, however. It gave me a chance to make up my various food lists for our trip to Whistler, B.C., later this week. Just now I went in search of a general image of Whistler. I found this one:

This is obviously taken in winter, and I've checked the forecast for Whistler over the next week or so. It's going to be warm and nice:

We'll be arriving on Friday, just when it really warms up. We couldn't have timed it better if we'd had functioning crystal balls. 

Also yesterday I met with the petsitter who's going to be here taking care of Gracie and Smitty. He is an older man who lives at the bottom of the hill, and I'm confident he'll take good care of the furry children left behind. Erik will be coming up to do some watering as well because it's going to be warm here too.

When it comes to food, I take no chances, and so I volunteered to do both breakfasts and dinners. Yes. It's that important. (Actually, I just like cooking...no other reason than that.) I've had meals floating around in my head for months...what can be cooked or mixed up ahead of time. What can be cooked in a strange kitchen without all my wonderful tools. What will need to be purchased at the last minute (read that: after we cross the border into Canada). Lists, lists, lists. I've always been a list maker.

When I had my lists completed yesterday, I realized that all those lists help me manage my anxiety about forgetting something or leaving something behind. Even though there's still much to do, I feel better having it written down.

So far, I've made a lasagna and chicken pot pies...both of which are residing in the freezer right now. Yesterday, I mixed up packets of dry ingredients for different breakfast items I'll be making. Everything is bagged up and marked with what it is and with instructions for what needs to be added. Today I'll mix up a pot of chili, and that will just need to be dumped into the crockpot and heated up. Also today, I'll make up some pulled chicken, and ditto for that preparation. This afternoon, I'm picking up my next CSA share. I'm very hopeful there will be a bunch of chard in today's share. If there is, tomorrow I'll make up a meatloaf to freeze. I'm also mixing up marinades to use with some steaks we'll be grilling.

So...my days are being spent in the kitchen lately. Which means...no sewing. Yes, the sewing machine sits idle, lonely, sad. And me...if it weren't for my lists, I'd be Jonesing bad for it. I haven't missed a beat with my slow stitching, however, and I'm nearly finished with the last of the Vintage Tin blocks. With that in mind, I did take some time to make up the next block for the Gingerbread Square quilt. This is the third of nine blocks, and it's called "Holly Garland House".

These take absolutely forEVER to get ready for stitching. First they are traced, and then they have to be colored. I spent 2 1/2 hours on this one, and not a single stitch has been stitched. They are fun, however, and it's nice change from the grayish-blackwork of Vintage Tin.

Today I'm picking up the third week of my CSA share. Most of the first week went to Erik and Mae since we were gone to the beach that weekend. I used the entire share from week two, but most of week three and all of week four will again go to Erik and Mae. So, in case you're keeping score, here's how it's looking:

Cook: 1                  Veggies: 3

That's okay. I'll catch up. We just need to stay home once in a while.

I'm every hopeful that I'll get some time in the sewing room, but I've given up counting on it. That's okay...I'll get my sewing in when we get back from Whistler.

What's going on at your end today?

11 comments from clever and witty friends:

Julianne said...

Have a wonderful time,that looks like a beautiful place you are going to!

quiltzyx said...

Wow - I didn't realize that it got so hot there! 89* on my b'day there - only 81* (supposedly) at my house. Have a great time while you're there, sounds like you'll have plenty of tasty food to eat!
Nice coloring job on the new stitchery! Those are so cute.
Since you now know how much veggies come in the CSA boxes, maybe you could plan to split them with Mae & Erik next year? It does seem like an awful lot for just the 2 of you.

works4me said...

Whistler is a wonderful place and pretty much in my back yard. :) Enjoy your trip.

I am always afraid to take anything other than water across the border (USA) so just make sure I know where all the supermarkets and restaurants are in the area in which I am travelling. But, I've never had a camper/5th wheel either.

We have used a kitty-sitter for several years now and they are amazing. The kitties get oodles of attention and are spoiled. You will be missed dearly by your little darlings but they will be fine. My aloof kitty jumped into my arms the first time we came home from a trip. She slurped me then realized her reputation and jumped out of my arms immediately. lol

My CSA last year was way too much food for the two of us. I made a lot of soups for the freezer and brought quite a bit of the produce to work. Squash for all. But, it introduced me to some new, now favourite vegetables. This year, I am visiting the farmers' market weekly instead. Next year, I may go for the half share and see how that goes.

Love how the gingerbread houses are looking.

Vroomans' Quilts said...

I find it amusing that BC is going to be warmer (and drier) than we are. Enjoy prepping for your trip.

Jacque said...

LOL And I thought I was the only one that made that many lists....or lists of lists, so that I don't forget them. Haha! Where is my gingko....
Your trip is going to be so much fun...the kitties will be spoiled rotten while you are away. :) Looking forward to seeing your "travelogue" -- it's fun to go along with you!

Heidi said...

Wow, what a menu! You are a dream companion for travelling! I saved the meatloaf recipe as a way to sneak some chard into our lives, & now you have reminded me to try it. This week, I am trying simple embroidery for the first time, & I am coloring first. I Hearst after coloring, but really lost a lot of color when washed. Some colors at better than others, so I did them again.. Do you wash the colored picture before stitching?

Heidi said...

I was swiping, that should read "heatset"!

Mary said...

Love the lists. I thought I was one of a minority that did that. You sound like you are doing a good job of keeping the order.

Diane Wild said...

Off you go on another adventure and assuming you'll be bringing your loyal fans along for the ride. Raining today so getting some sewing done. Minnie has a bug so am keeping a close watch on her.

Kate said...

I love those colored stitcheries.

Brown Family said...

Vacations are a lot of prep work, but well worth it!