June Goals and Progress Report

Okay, so I knew it was a busy month, and I knew I wouldn't get all of my May goals ticked off. I wasn't counting on a whole week without sewing, however. June will be no better. Here's how I did with my May goals.

Quilting and Flimsies

1. There are two small quilts to be quilted. First, is the "Block Party" quilt for my guild challenge, due in June. Complete!

2. With "Block Party" quilt being such a tiny little thing, I'm also going to quilt my "Sunflowers" table runner. Complete!

3. To be sewn into a flimsy this month, the long awaited Doors of Ireland. Complete!

Swaps and Monthly Challenges

4. Of course, I always want to participate in

No progress. I had in mind to start a winter table runner, but it's hard to stay focused on winter in May.

5. I've missed the last two months of

Join me on the Block Lotto Blog

and so I'm determined to participate this month. Complete!


6. For May, I want to make blocks 15-18. Complete!

7. I'd like to make the next section for A Quiltmaker's Garden. In Progress. I like Sharon's description of this process as eating the elephant one bite at a time. I've made four of ten of the paper-pieced blocks, and then there are some more traditionally pieced blocks to finish this section. What can I say...it's a slow process.

8. And I'd like to make two more block sets for Yard Art...a project so long on my WIP list that it's getting embarrassing. I'm embarrassed to say, No Progress.

9. For bonus points, I'd like to make the next section of blocks for Mumm's the World. No progress, so no bonus points for me. (Sad face.)

Well, nothing ventured, nothing gained, right? I tried to keep my May list short, but that never seems to happen no matter how hard I try.

June will be a busy month too since we're traveling for ten days, and I won't be sewing on the trip. That won't stop me from setting some goals, however. I will be a short list, however.

Quilting and Flimsies

1. At the tippy top of my list for June is to quilt the Doors of Ireland quilt (pictured above). I want this one finished so that I can enter it in the Oregon State Fair at the end of summer. And I'll cut myself a break and not plan to complete any new flimsies this month.

Swaps and Monthly Challenges

2. As is always the case, I'm now two months behind in the Rainbow Scrap Challenge, and so I'd like to finish two blocks for that. I need to make the green block for May and then whatever color is planned for June.

3. I'll need to make two blocks for my block bee, and I believe this is the final month for this year's bee.

4. I always like participating in the Block Lotto, and I'll try to get a block made for June.


5. I'm still wanting to finish up the section I've started for a Quiltmaker's Garden (pictured above), and so I'm going to continue eating that elephant one bite at a time.

6. I want to stay on track with the Live, Love, Teach quilt for my friend Lisa. My goal has been one block per week, and I usually do those on the weekend. With our trip, there will only be two weekend available for me to work on these, and so my goal is to finish blocks 19 and 20.

Finally, I need a project for

and I have absolutely no expectation of getting this far. That won't stop me from setting a goal of at least getting a start on a new baby quilt I'm making for my friend Carol in Colorado and her new little grandson. Grayson's quilt is this "To the Rescue" quilt:

I have fabrics set aside to be washed, and then I'll be ready to get started.

It's a short list, but probably still too long for the time I have available. It won't stop me from trying, however.

What's on your list for June?

9 comments from clever and witty friends:

Sandra W said...

Well, this list sounds like a lot more fun than making veggie burgers! I'd be looking for simple recipes, and some soups (to freeze) with all those vegetables. Maybe you should think about sharing half of your share with another couple. It sounds like a lot of food for two people. And all this cooking is wearing me out! Bring on the quilting...

Vroomans' Quilts said...

I think you did quite well for the month - travel and family and fun times need to be addressed first. And I still am in love with that baby quilt pattern - no firemen(women) in the family.

gpc said...

Okay, while you bemoan your failure, let me just mention in passing that you did more last month than I have ever done in any one month of my entire life. Further, you did more than I intend or expect or plan to do in any one month in the future. Just to put things in perspective.

Junebug613 said...

Well, you always get bonus points in my book! You do so much. I haven't finished one thing, and I've only been working on one thing for several months!

Diane Wild said...

Lots of company and doings this month so not sure how much sewing will get accomplished. You continue to inspire me, however, so I will try to keep up. Sew on.

quiltzyx said...

No failure to be seen on this page as far as I'm concerned! You got a lot done in May & it seems like you have a manageable list for June too. Way more than I manage to do in any month too! lol

Cheryl's Teapots2Quilting said...

I love how your Irish doors quilt turned out.

Kate said...

Nothing ventured, nothing gained. Even with a packed schedule you made a lot of progress last month.

Vivian said...

You got a lot done Barbara! Having watched your Doors of Ireland as you made them, I love the finished top. This will be a great memory quilt -- you did a great job commemorating your trip!