November Progress Report and Goal Setting

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So here we are in a brand new month. Halloween may be over, but the scariest part of the year is just beginning. It seems everyone is rushing around this time of the year getting ready for this thing or that thing, and it's no different here at the Three Cats Ranch. We're expecting eight this year for Thanksgiving, which is sounding great to me. As long as I'm cooking a feast, it's nice to have lots of folks here to enjoy it. Christmas is going to be a little more laid back than in years past, but I'll tell you more about the reason for that later. For now, let's see what I have cooked up for myself in the month of November.

These were my goals for October:

1. Now that I have the Gardener's Journal quilt to the "flimsy" stage, I'd like to piece together a back for it so that it will be ready for quilting when its turn comes.

When I went to piece the back together, I discovered I really didn't have enough of the fabrics left to make a back...not even a pieced back, and so I ended up purchasing some fabric for the back. I think this will be just the ticket. Which makes this goal Adjusted and Complete.

2. This being October, I want to finish and quilt the Cornflowers table runner that I started some time ago. Complete!

3. Well, I am sadly behind by three months now on the Rainbow Scrap Challenge.


I'm needing to make a bright green block, an orange block, and whatever color is selected for October. Complete!

4. I want to start a project for the "Let's Book It" Challenge. Complete!

This is my Leafpeeping table runner project

from this book:

5. I haven't participated in the Block Lotto for several months, and so I'd like to get back into that by making October's block. Complete!

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6. And it would be positively scandalous not to start something to share at the October NewFO linky party, so I'll be starting a new project for that. Complete!

2014 NewFO Challenge

Here's my project called "The Grim Ripper".

7. I'm determined to make this next block for the Doors of Ireland quilt. Complete!

Bonus Points

8. I should probably end there, but I really am feeling a desire to make the next block for the Wind in the Whiskers quilt. I'm adding it to the list with no real expectation of finishing it. Complete!

So, I'm feeling pretty darned spunky about my goals from last month! Let's see what I can challenge myself to finish in November. Here goes:

Quilting and Flimsies

1. Well, I think I have to do the quilting on the Gardener's Journal now, don't I? It's pictured right at the top of this post.

2. I'm wanting to get the Oh, Christmas Tree wall-hanging to the flimsy stage so that I can quilt it next month. Time to get this baby ready for the season. It still needs borders.

3. If I'm feeling really energetic about flimsies, then I'm hoping to get the Hello Moon blocks sewn together. I know how I want to set them...I just need to do it.

Monthly Challenges

4. I've selected my next project for the "Let's Book It" Challenge.

You might recall that I'm making small quilts and table runners this year. In that regard, I want to make a Christmas table topper for my dining room table. I've kind of settled on this quilt

from this book:

And I can hear you thinking, that looks like a bed quilt to me. And you are right. It's made from four 36-inch blocks, and I'm planning to make just one block and call it good. It'll be a good size for a table topper, and it shouldn't take me too long to finish it.

5. I'm planning to make the November block for the Block Lotto:

Join me on the Block Lotto Blog

As I'm writing this post a few days ahead, the November block is still in the "sneak peek" stage. I can't give it away just yet, but you can probably see if it you head over to the Block Lotto website. Just click on that image above.

6. And, of course, I'm planning to start something new for the November NewFO Challenge, but I'm not sure yet what it will be. I have an idea it might be something in the "cat"-egory.


7. Only one thing on my mind here. I'm determined to finish up the rest of the blocks for the Folk Art Cats quilt. I've been working on this one for far too long. Here's where it was when I worked on it last time.

Five blocks to go. Think I can do it?

Bonus Points

So I imagine the Folk Art Cats will keep me busy for the month, but I can never resist stretching my goals to just a few beyond reach. If I can get all of that finished, I'm going to finish and quilt my "Never Underestimate" stitchery.

And that, my friends, is a list long enough for the most enthusiastic of quilters. With everything else going on in November (dinner for eight this month), I'll have to work fast to get it all done.

What's on your list for November?


gpc said...

As always, I am amazed. Both at what you've done and at what you planned. A friend had to enter my 'sewing' room yesterday and it was clear, seeing it through his eyes, that my tendency toward slacker is in full bloom. My big hope for november is that I can organize that room, even if nothing actually gets sewn. Sigh.

Vroomans' Quilts said...

Being away for a month sure sets wind in your sails!! Fantastic goal finishes and I am sure you can get to most of those set for Nov.

Kate said...

Congrats on having such a productive October. Good luck with your November goals.

Debbie said...

You are the energizer bunny! This month is worth 2 months of work.....great finishes, but really like the gardener's Journal quilt!

Andee said...

You have had one heck of a month! As always I LOVE the sewing machines and need to stop drooling over my pattern and make some already!

Diane Wild said...

Gasping from all your finishes and they are all beautiful. Sew on.

Angie in SoCal said...

I agree - you are the Energizer Bunny #2 after my mom. Wow! all those gorgeous projects. Congrats, Barb.

Teresa in Music City said...

I'm still clapping because you finished up the WITW block! You did great this month - and I'm betting you will have another great month in November :)

Dana Gaffney said...

You got a lot done! The journal quilt is so beautiful, I love those colors.

Brown Family said...

That is impressive after being on the road for a month!

quiltzyx said...

Completed completed completed - YAY Barbara!! Even the bonus one!
My mojo has left the building lately. Just don't feel like doing anything.

BUT, I must get back to work on my sister's braid quilt. I must, I must, I MUST!