Slow Morning

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Well, I've pretty much blown off the entire morning...oh, wait for it...in one more minute, I will have officially blown off the entire morning! I suppose that is something of an accomplishment. So, of course, the first thing I need to do after getting my rear end up off the couch is to sit down and do something truly productive, like writing a blog post. Yes, there's just no end to the productivity here at the Three Cats Ranch. It could be that I'm procrastinating (ya' think?) on doing the housework I have in store for myself today. I'm so terribly excited about doing housework today that I can hardly stand it. And I really mean that...I can hardly stand it, which means I've been sitting all morning.

Nevertheless, I can't let that keep me from my reading friends and family, now can I? So here's what I neglected to tell you yesterday. I walked with Sue yesterday morning, although it was pouring rain. We are nothing if not intrepid.

We know from past experience that when it's been raining a lot, the Fanno Creek Trail (our usual walking grounds) will flood. We also have started at the far end of the trail and walked the other direction in order to get in a good walk before we reach the flood stage. But the best laid plans of mice and men...

Yesterday's walk had us running into flood waters everywhere we went. We kept going in different directions and running into deep rivers of water in wherever we were. Nevertheless, we managed to walk far enough to get in a good day's activity. For one thing, we rounded one bend and flushed out a Great Blue Heron. He (or she) flew around the corner, not too far away, and we rounded the bend to find him (or her) waiting and warily watching us.

Sue had the idea to just keep walking carefully to see how close we could get, and then to get a shot of him or her flying off. They have such an amazing wing span. The picture is a little blurry, but it's still a thrill to see one.

So that was worth a walk in the rain right there. But when we reached this part of the trail, we had no choice but to turn around and make our way back to our cars. Sue and I have been walking this trail for ten years, and we've never seen flooding like this.

To give you some idea what I'm talking about, keep in mind that we were standing on the bridge that spans Fanno Creek when I took this picture. It has overflowed its banks and is flowing through this park and back into the creek to the right of this image.

Sue climbed up on this rock and said, "I think we can make it!" To which I responded, "Sure, you go right ahead! I'll be standing right here with the camera while you 'make it'." Yeah, I'm always at the ready to take pictures when a friend falls in the water and drowns. I used to be a lifeguard, after all.

For the most part, we walked without getting rained on, and we enjoyed ourselves as we always do. Sue and I do a lot of laughing on our walks.

So then this morning, the sun was shining, and the light was so pretty on the leaves. I had to go out and take a few pictures. I showed you this tree the other day, and it was just beginning to turn. It is our best autumn leafy tree. So many colors, and it's still changing.

In this image below, you can see that the right side of the tree is still mostly green.

And just look at that dwarf Japanese maple there in the foreground. When I was out about five days ago, it hadn't even started changing yet. Now, look at it!

We have some red leaf maple trees on the other side of the house, but those look better in the setting sun. I'll try to remember to get out and shoot those a little later...of course, I'll need the sun to cooperate as well, and that is never a given at this time of year.

So I think I've run out of things to waste time and keep me from my housework. I might find time to sew today, but I've been playing all week. Time to get busy doing some less enjoyable stuff. 

9 comments from clever and witty friends:

Dasha said...

That flooding is quite spectacular. Very pretty walk. We have a lot of those herrons out and about. One or two are brave enough to stand by the roadside and grin at the cars whizzing past.

Vroomans' Quilts said...

Hey, aren't some days just for wasting? Gosh, tell me yes so I don't feel bad too. Today's big accomplishment was a load of laundry. I think my body is confused by the impending time change.

Meg said...

Loved all the pictures you posted. Besides lots of rain, it looks warm out there - at least compared to here...

We have had more rain at our cabin in Wisconsin than I can remember in years. And I mean 25 years. I worried for a few years that the lake was going to dry up. Not anymore! By the time we took the dock in a few weeks ago, the whole dock was under water. We just kept thinking it would go down. The lake NEVER goes up in the summer. It always goes down as it's a little higher in the spring because of the winter snow. It's a good thing!

All our little furry critters as in cats are good here. Have one little foster who is five-weeks-old. They are always cute, a little grey/black tabby. She will get spayed in about a month and then go up for adoption. Probably the last kitten of the season. There isn't much need for fostering orphaned kittens in the winter. The cold weather pretty much stops people from finding the little orphans. It's a nice break as at times it's a little work. This little stinker, Pepper (our daughter who teaches 2nd grade in SD is following her growth and named her) even came with us to Duluth for parents weekend at University of MN. Had to sneak her into the hotel room - brought a plastic tub, put the entire little carrier in it with a fleece blanket on the top. It went okay, but a little extra work with kitten formula and warming it up on the dash of the van. Sort of funny now that I think back. What we don't do for our cats, huh??

Have a good Sunday with the extra hour!

Your quilting with your new long arm (can't remember her name) looks fabulous!!!


Dana Gaffney said...

That actually looks like fun walking and finding unflooded paths, kind of an adventure. No fall color here so keep those colors coming they're so pretty.

gpc said...

I love being out in weather. :) And you go on and get the housework done, be an inspiration to me!

Dar said...

Great pictures on your walk. I love that you can walk with a friend in all kinds of weather. Who cares about housework anyway. There are too many fun things to do to let it bother you.

Brown Family said...

I had heard that you were getting excessive rains, but that flooded trail tells it all! WOW! I have not seen that much water in years!

quiltzyx said...

Even with flooding looks like you had a lovely time walking! And the fall leaf colors are amazing!!!
We actually got a little bit of rain Halloween night/Saturday morning. I know for sure it rained from 1:30 - 5:30 am as I was awake still....

Kate said...

Beautiful fall colors! We finally are seeing a bit of fall now too. Though not near that much rain.