June NewFO Linky Party and Giveaway

Another perfectly good month has come and gone.  June brought us the start of summer (or winter for you folks from down under), and we're definitely feeling downright tropical here in the Northwest.  But let's not waste time talking about the weather.  We're here to talk about what's new!  Everyone who links up for today's party will be entered to win the June bird needle nanny.

So here's what's new at the Three Cats Ranch for the month of June.  As always, I made a quilt for the June doll quilt swap.

 Doll Quilters
My partner and I decided to strike out on our own this month rather than following the monthly theme.  I made this quilt that I call "For the Birds".

That's a finish, but you don't have to.  The NewFO Challenge is all about what you've started.  No finishes required.

Also this month, I started the embroidery motifs for Wonky Houses, a free sew along from the talented Jennifer Reynolds at Jenny of Elefantz.  

This little wall hanging was posted on Jenny's blog a while back for free, and she's running it again.  Hurry over to her pattern store right here to download the first three houses.  The fourth house will come out next week.

Also, I started a project that didn't go so well.  The plan for June was to start the Forest Giant quilt that appeared in the October, 2006 issue of Quilter's World.

It was a good plan, but the execution was lacking.  I got this far with the first block before appealing to the blogging universe for inspiration.

You all came through with scads of good ideas, and I'm going to continue on with this.  I'm setting aside for a little bit, however.  One can only stand so much frustration from one quilt.

Instead, I started this quilt called "The Birds Return" from the book, Q is for Quilt, by Diana McClun and Laura Nownes.  The Birds Return is the cover quilt for the book.

For June, I completed the first vertical row.

So that's it for me this month.  Now, I'm ready to see what's new at your end.  Here are my easy-to-follow, friendly guidelines.

1.  Please link-up with your newly started projects from June, finished or not.  If you feel like it, show us the progress you've made on any other previously posted NewFO projects. 

2.  Please link back to this post from your blog.  Also, please link to your blog post, not your blog.  To do that, just click on the title of your post to isolate it from the rest of your blog.  Then copy the URL and use that to link up.  Links to entire blogs will be edited or deleted entirely.  Also, this is not a place to advertise your Etsy shop or some other event.  To be clear, you may include references to other events in your post, but there should be something related to your NewFO's as well.  Cats, dogs, birds, fish, alligators, dinosaurs, rats, hamsters, children, and other pets are always welcome.  Links provided for the sole purpose of promoting other events or shopping experiences will be deleted without apology.  (Sorry, but some folks can't seem to resist crashing the party.)

3.  Don't have a blog?  Upload an image to this FlickR group and link to that.  If you have questions about how to do that or about how to link up, please email me.  If you're having trouble posting your image, email it as an attachment, and I will be happy to post it for you.  Also know that it takes a bit for your thumbnail to appear, so don't despair.  It will appear eventually.  You might need to "refresh".

4.  Obviously, I need some way to contact you no matter how you link up.  No email address and no other way to contact you equals no entry in the giveaway.  Email me separately if you need to.

This giveaway ends one week from today.  Winner of the needle nanny will be announced on Monday, July 8, 2013!  We will ship anywhere in the universe, so international and interplanetary participants are always welcome!

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Helen McNaught @ AuntyHennys said...

Looks like I may be the first to link up this month! I've set myself a big project for my June NewFo. I was so excited to be the winner of the Needle Nanny last month, thank you so much Barbara!

Oddbjørg said...

A few little things started - and finished - this month.

Kate said...

Just 1 NewFO for me this month, but that's OK, I had 3 finishes of older NewFOs.

Love your new birdhouses project, it's very cute.

Ray and Jeanne said...

Looks like you had a month for the birds but not the trees. I love your For The Birds little quilt! So many times when things go wrong with a quilt, I've put it aside only to come back later and have all go well. Hope that happens for you! Happy July! ~Jeanne

Dana Gaffney said...

I really like the "For the Birds", but I can't believe that's a dog and not a cat. The tree one makes me sweat a little, I'm glad you're going to try again.

Teresa in Music City said...

Love "For the Birds"!!! That will be a fun quilt to work on for you! The perfect quilt to rest and play happily while gathering steam to get back to the Trees :*) Hoping to get my post together to link up tomorrow... lots of new starts for me this month!

Anonymous said...

Quite a saga on the tree construction. Good luck when you pick it up again.

Debbie said...

Love the birdhouse blocks.
Great finish on the small one.

Anonymous said...



Anonymous said...



Mary said...

All Linked up for June. Thanks for encouraging us to Start New Projects. I CAN do that really well, it seems.
You did a lot in June. The Trees will be fun to use a lot of shades of green.

Sarah_L_N said...

I just went and had a look at my flickr, doesn't look like I got much done this month! I made a couple of very simple cushions not on my flickr (already gifted, so no photos, oops!) and a little pouch, plus the cushion I linked. I didn't start anything big in June, so everything is finished, including some crochet which had been hanging around for a while!
Your tree quilt is sounding like a bit of a headache from your last few posts about it. Maths/geometry is not my strong point and it was making my brain ache just reading about it!

Vivian said...

First time I've gotten to participate this year. Felt good to get away from the UFOs for a bit but now it's back to the "old projects" grindstone.

Also hope participate again for July ---- fingers crossed!

quiltzyx said...

See, you worked on lots of quilty goodness in June!

I'm heading outside to take some pictures so I can link up now.