At The Beach

Perfect weather.

The evil Mr. Claw.

Is a half sand dollar a 50 cent piece?  Something to ponder.

Beach bums and their home on wheels.



WoolenSails said...

Beautiful beach and looks like the perfect day to walk and kick your feet in the surf.


c said...

My favorite place in the world is Port Aransas, TX.......but never took my felines with me, talk about pampered! He has the best view and is spolit rotten-lol

how sweet

Lyndsey said...

It looks like heaven. I have turned green with jealousy as I plough through my marking. I just wish I'd been born a cat and belonged to you.

quiltzyx said...

Well, it's 91f & humid in SoCal right now. Thanks for the cooooool pics!

Kate said...

Looks everyone is having fun. Well except the poor crab that lost the claw!