June Goal Setting

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Time to decide on my monthly goal for:

June's goal is an easy one.  I'm going to quilt and bind the Love Me, Love My Cat quilt that I finished last month.

The back is made, but it is not sandwiched yet.  I'm quite excited to see this one all finished.

You can find the goal setting party for A Lovely Year of Finishes right here.


Also, it's time to think about the progress I made on my May goals and set some new June goals for:

Never Too Hot to Stitch!

My May goals included:

1.  Quilt and Bind the Divine Promises quilt.  Complete!

It's on its way to my friend Lisa in California now.  I made this little label for it using a label transfer from this book by Barbara Baatz, entitled Iron-on Transfers for Quilt Labels.

The transfer worked really well, and then I colored in the design using Sharpie Oil Paint Pens.

Even though the transfers can only be used once, I saved the design.  I can still use it to trace a design using my lightbox, and then I can use it again some time.

2.  Make the next door block for the Doors of Ireland quilt.  Complete!

This is the 5th door I've made, and I plan to make 12.  I'll be quilting in more details for this block when the time comes for that.

3.  Put borders on the completed embroidery blocks for the Gardener's Journal quilt.  Complete!

These are just the first three sections.  I believe there are nine sections to complete for the entire quilt.  I'll need to do more embroidery before moving on with this.

4.  Start my May NewFO Project, which is the Quiltmaker's Garden, published in five parts in Quiltmaker magazine last year.  Complete!  Well.....started, anyway.  The goal was to start, so I'm saying it was complete.

So far, I've made four petunia blocks.

There is a lot of piecing in this quilt, and it's going to be a long term project.  I still need to make three more yellow petunias and one purple one.  Then there are twelve similar blocks for the sky made using the same three blue fabrics.  And that's just the beginning.  Obviously, I have a long way to go.

5.  Make a doll quilt for my partner for the May Doll Quilt Swap.  Complete!

I made this quilt called "A Slice of Summer" for my partner in the May swap.

6.  Make the four corner star blocks for the Love Me, Love My Cat quilt.  Obviously, complete, as stated above!  I like this quilt so much, I'll just put that picture in again.

7.  Add three more rows to the Salt Water Taffy flannel scrap quilt.  Oops.  I think that's the end of what I was able to accomplish last month.  I didn't even start on this one.

That's not bad though.  I accomplished almost all of my goals.  So, what am I hoping to accomplish during the month of June?

1.  Non-negotiable:  Quilt and Bind the Love Me, Love My Cat quilt above.

2.  Non-negotiable:  Add three more rows to the Salt Water Taffy flannel scrap quilt above.

3.  Non-negotiable:  Make a doll quilt for the June doll quilt swap.  This month's theme is "Fantasy", but my partner and I are going to do something different.

4.  Non-negotiable:  Start my June NewFO project, which just happens to be the Forest Giants pattern that appeared in the October, 2006, issue of Quilter's World.

I'm imagining I'm going to have to add to my stash of greens for this one.

5.  Non-Negotiable:  Make two blocks for the Rainbow Scrap Challenge.  I never finished my blue block for May, and so I'll have to make two blocks in June to catch up.  The new color for the month is Yellow.

Here are the little ladies I have so far:

I'm looking forward to seeing how it looks when I add the blue and yellow ladies in.

6.  Optional:  Add the borders to the remaining Vintage Miniature Sewing Machine blocks.  All of the embroidery is finished for this quilt.  I still need to add borders to the remaining embroidered blocks, then I'll be ready to start sewing the whole thing together.

7.  Optional:  Sew together the completed blocks for the Hello Sun quilt top.

8.  Make some more progress on the Hearts table runner that I started back in February.  As I write this, I can't recall where I left off on this one.  I'm thinking I have completed the heart blocks, and so I need to continue on with it.

9.  Make the next blocks for the Mumm's the Word sampler by Debbie Mumm:

Next, I'll be making the apple blocks you see on the right and left side of the quilt, kind of in the middle.

10.  Add borders to the White Trees quilt I started a while back.

11.  Add borders to the True Hope quilt:

12.  Make two more blocks for the Yard Art quilt.

And I'm thinking that's enough for a month with 30 days.  Yeah.  Even I'm tired after making that list.  Think I can do it?  Nothing ventured, nothing gained.  I could either sew or do housework, and I'm saying, No Contest!

And just in case you think my list isn't ambitious enough, you can be reassured knowing that there are always other blocks that get squeezed in here and there, including my Block Lotto block and the Hello Moon June block, just to name a few.  Oh yes, and loving on my kitties.

The goal setting party for the Year of the Finished Project goes live this Thursday, so I'll come back and add the link to that then.  

And since I've been sitting at the computer all morning, it's time to get going.  Those quilts aren't going to sew themselves.  What's on your list of goals for June?

16 comments from clever and witty friends:

Scrapatches said...

Love your June goal quilt <3 You were sew accomplished last month. Congrats! Looking forward to watching your progress this month ... :) Pat

Vroomans' Quilts said...

You accomplished quite a bit for someone who went 'a travelin' - love all your projects - such diversity.

NotionNanny said...

I love the divine promises quilt . You did a lovely job

Anonymous said...

Yikes! Once again I am breathless at your finishes/list! I know that if you don't have goals certainly you will 'hit' them but I have to keep it much simpler..... a couple of projects and whatever else comes up! There are too many days when "life" takes me away from my little sewing nest! I love reading your posts and do get inspired!! Hugs, Doreen

Malini said...

Wow! That is really a long list of things.
I have been wanting to make that black and white tree quilt.

Love those doors. Awesome job!

Sherry said...

You are certainly going to be busy. Love the Love Me Love My Cat quilt, it is just sooo cute.

Patricia said...

That list is so long it makes my head swim. Can't wait to see the results.

Anonymous said...

I think its ambitious. My sewing room gets too hot in the summer so I dont get much done. I may knit some mittens. Yes, a weird summer project, but portable and light.

beaquilter said...

LOOOVE this list!! I was eyeing the heart runner too as I'm from Denmark and we put braided hearts like that on our tree for Christmas- in fact I just got some Christmas fabrics not too long ago. hmmmm did you mention what magazine it was in?

quiltzyx said...

Congrats on the great job you did on your May list! And good luck with all the work you're planning for June too - Whew!!

Cheryl's Teapots2Quilting said...

Hope you get all of it done. My May was almost non-stitching, but, I'm hoping that as things settle down, that June will see much more things done.

Quilting Babcia said...

Makes me tired just reading about ALL the projects you are juggling! That is one very impressive list. Not organized enough here to have that many in the queue at the same time. Though it might be fun to try ... someday!

Tami C said...

I don't know how you keep up with all the stuff you do! Maybe I spend too much time at the computer looking at all the lovely things and not enough at the sewing machine actually getting stuff done. :-)

Heidi said...

Looking forward to the progress on all these projects! Hope you have no other plans this month!

Janet said...

You get so much sewing done! I love it! I especially love your Irish doors. I want to emulate it somehow and do blocks of some of the quaint homes in my town. And the cats are fantastic. So much work in the embroidered blocks!

Lynne said...

Looks like you had a good month in May and have more than enough to keep you busy in June!