Quilt Shop: Pendleton Quiltworks

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This is the last of the three quilt shops I visited when we traveled to The Palouse last weekend.  Pendleton Quiltworks is located in the historic downtown section of Pendleton, Oregon.

It was easy to find, and there was plenty of on-street parking.  Here's how it looks from the outside.

As you step through the door, this is what you see.

They had a good inventory of fabric with something for everyone's taste.  Fabrics lined the wall to the left and the back wall, and there was more on shelves stationed in the middle of the store on both sides.

The back wall had a good supply of regional prints, which is what I love to see when I am visiting a quilt shop as an out-of-towner.

Pendleton, Oregon, is the home of the famous Pendleton Round-up, and so most of the regional prints were cowboy-related designs, although there were some Native American style prints as well.  

To the right of the front door was a large classroom.  It was nice and bright due to its location near the store-front window.

They had a lot of really cute quilts adorning their walls.  As I've said before, I am a fan of sock monkeys.  My favorite toy as a child was a sock monkey that my Great Aunt Marie (Auntie Ree to us) made for me.

This quilt pattern was included in a book with several other quilt patterns.  Of course, it now resides on my personal bookshelf.

I need it so that I can make more quilts for my non-existent grandchild.  (I keep hoping.)

Also, I finally found this pattern.  I saw it at a quilt show, and figured I could get it cheaper online.  Then, I couldn't find it on their website.  Weird.

I'm especially interested in this little stitchery.

As for the regional prints, cowboys aren't really my thing...nothing against cowboys, you understand.  But I loved this salmon batik.  I bought the end of the bolt of this one.  That gave me about 1 7/8 yards.

And I nearly swooned over this little wallhanging called "Written in Thread" by Bareroots Designs.

Is that adorable?  See the little embroidered quilts in the lower left hand corner?  Well, sadly, they had sold their last pattern for this one.  The woman working at the store that day took my name and number and assured me they would call me when it came in and send one to me if I wanted it.  I had absolutely no expectation they would actually follow through.  But they did!  Two days after we arrived home, they called, took my info, and it arrived in yesterday's mail!  Wahoo!  Don't you love good customer service?

I now have 18 projects on my embroidery quilts to-do list.  Catch that "embroidery" quilts to-do list.  Those are only the embroidered quilts.  I hate to think how many quilts are on my regular to do list.  Probably if I could make a quilt every day for the rest of my natural life, I would not get through all the quilts on my to-do list.  Will that stop me from buying more patterns?  What do you think?

So how could I not give this charming shop five rotary cutters after such great customer service?  Truly, however, it is a lovely little shop with lots and lots of beautiful fabrics and adorable patterns.  Definitely stop in if you find yourself in Pendleton.

And don't forget to visit the historic Pendleton Woolen Mills for a tour.  They are only open on weekdays, and so we missed it this time around.

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Vroomans' Quilts said...

This is my kind of shop - love the wood floors too! Oh, I have to look up that BareRoots pattern and add to my 'embroidery list'.

Betty said...

Love your reviews of the quilt shops you visited. If you are anything like me (and I think you likely are) nothing will stop you from buying more patterns. I mean, what if later you discover that a pattern you passed up would make a perfect gift for a special person? That would be tragic!

Kate said...

Very fun patterns! Now I know why you started the NewFO posts, you'd never get to your bucket list if you didn't! That's OK, it's doing the same thing for me.

Sherry said...

I'm off to find that Written in Thread pattern somewhere in cyberspace. Perhaps I should see if I can contact Pendleton Quiltworks since they have good customer service. It is way cute!

Lynda Halliger Otvos (Lynda M O) said...

The wooden floors took away my breath. I have wooden floors in my home and they have Never looked that Good. Patterns-maybe someday I will get into doing other people's patterns, for now I am having a blast doing my own thing with strip piecing. I see pretty quilt [patterns but the urge to buy them never occurs to me. Just as well, more for you quilters extraordinaire.

quiltzyx said...

Holy cow! What a fun shop....the fabric with the dots/circles/spots in the 2nd inside picture, purple background, third from the vertical divider below the orange FQs! I think I need some!!!!

Love the funky Sock Monkey quilt, it makes me laugh! And more lovely embroidery!


And you can't beat such great customer service!!

Brown Family said...

More lovely quilts. I need to find the photo of the Sock Monkey I made!


Dana Gaffney said...

I wasn't even there and I love that store. I don't do embroidery quilts but that "written in thread" one could get me started, it's beautiful.

Sarah_L_N said...

I've loved reading about the quilt shops you visited and that pattern is so lovely!

Sarah said...

I have made the written in thread wall hanging. It was my first venture into the stitchery world. It took me a while, coz I get bored quickly with slow things lol. But it is darling and hangs on my sewing room wall. I smile every time I look at it. My favourite part is the quilts hanging on the line.

Val's Quilting Studio said...

What a wonderful shop...can't believe I haven't stopped here on my way to my daughters!!!! (I WILL now) ALso...so glad you shared the sock monkey patterns as my daughter is doing a sock monkey theme for our grandson't first bday! One of these will be perfect!!