End of the Line

Today I did the last of the sewing for the month of June.  The Hearts table runner quilt top that I started back in February is finished.  And just as I posted this picture, I noticed that two of the blocks are turned 90 degrees.  Now how is it that I couldn't see that until I posted the picture?  Doh.  I'll have to fix that.  Oy.  Just tilt your head a little and it'll look just fine.

This is made from the leftover fabrics from A Day in the Life of Mr. Bear.  I still have enough of all three fabrics to use one for the back.  I'm probably going to use the floral or the off white.  I'm afraid the bright red will be too dark.  In any case, that's all I'm going to do on this one until several months down the road.  I started it to be a Valentine's Day table runner, and since Valentine's Day is months away, I guess I have some time to work on other projects.

Tomorrow we're heading over to Rockaway Beach again.  We had so much fun last time we went that we decided to go back.  The weather is going to be perfect.

It is going to be quite warm in Portland, and so it's a good time to be going to the beach.  Poor little Smitty has been too hot to hunt.  He's been hanging out under the trees with his belly next to the cool, damp earth.  It always makes me feel a little guilty keeping him cooped up in the trailer, even if it's just for a few days.  This time around, I know he'll be just as happy viewing life from his Catio.  

Yesterday I received a newsletter from the Latimer Quilt and Textile Center, which is the museum where my grandmother's quilts are kept.  We haven't been to the museum since we donated her quilts, and so I'm looking forward to visiting again.

They have an interesting exhibit starting up on July 1st, and so we'll be there just at the right time to see it.  It's the Zimbabwe Artists Project.  There was a picture of one of the quilts in their newsletter, but being in black and white, it didn't give much information.  Hopefully, I can take some pictures while we're there.

This is what their website says about the Zimbabwe Artists Project:

Through education, sale of their art in the U.S., and special projects, ZAP helps women become economically self-sufficient. Women of Weya are subsistence farmers, mothers, and householders as well as artists. Most women live on their own, providing for families. Some are widowed, others are single heads of households, since throughout Zimbabwe men leave the rural areas to seek work in cities. Women’s income from agriculture is unpredictable and limited. Sales of their art helps women afford food, clothing, school fees, medicines, transport, seeds and fertilizer. 

We're also going to travel the Tillamook County Quilt Trail, which is relatively new.  Remember this barn from our last trip to the beach?

This barn quilt block has been chosen to represent Oregon in the American Quilt Trail Redwork Kit from  The Posy Collection.  Barn quilts from 12 states were selected for the kit.  The “Far West” design on Richard Obrist’s barn in Tillamook is also featured in the book Barn Quilts and the American Quilt Trail Movement, by Suzi Parron.

Finally, I'm hoping we'll have a chance to visit a quilt shop in Tillamook.  I've been there before, but that was before I started blogging.  I'd like to go back, take some pictures, and then tell you about it.  It will all depend on how much quilting Mike can tolerate in a day.  You know me.  I could spend the whole three days doing only quilt-related things.

I have a couple of blog posts scheduled to go live while I'm gone.  The NewFO Challenge linky party and giveaway goes live tomorrow, so be looking for that.

I'm not planning to blog while I'm gone, but you know I can never resist posting a picture or two.  We'll be back on Wednesday morning, so I'll see you right back here when we return.  Have a great weekend!


giddy99 said...

Have a good time!

Kate said...

Love those heart blocks!

Enjoy your trip to the beach.

Vroomans' Quilts said...

Enjoy your trip and look forward to your wonderful photos.

Brown Family said...

I have a friend that is going through your area next month. I pointed her to your blog for places to see and quilt shops to visit!

BillieBee (billiemick) said...

I always see my mistakes after posting a picture...it's weird. Have fun....

JoAnn SweetPepperRose said...

Hi Barbara! love the heart quilt runner. I'm country at heart (pun intended) and always will be. Those barn quilts are absolutely beautiful and hope you have a wonderful time in your travels!

Barb N said...

So I have to share my massive mistake from yesterday: I'm making a table runner, and was so excited to have the binding match the border (Kaffe Fassett prints) that I attached the binding, all the way around, before I realized I had not sandwiched the quilt and quilted it. Doh. Could not even believe it. Had to rip off the entire binding. Guess I just wanted to get 'er done! Enjoy your quilt exhibits.

KatieQ said...

I never manage to see errors until I take a picture. The hearts are very pretty. They will look great when they are finished.

quiltzyx said...

I think that there were no twisted blocks in your runner UNTIL you took a picture of it. It was your punishment for getting so many quilty things done lately!

Have a great time at the beach!