No Sun Day

It isn't precisely true that there is no sun today.  There was a brief respite from the rain earlier this morning.  I snagged that opportunity to run outside and fill the bird feeders.  It was also an opportunity to remove myself from a situation that was unbearably scary to watch.

We took our oven doors apart this morning to clean between the sheets of glass.

When we remodeled our kitchen and replaced the appliances some five years ago or so, I went shopping for appliances.  When I saw these double wall ovens, it was love at first sight.  Really.  I didn't look at another appliance line after seeing them.  They don't look terribly elegant in this image with the towels hanging from the handle, but there they are.

Most people don't get terribly attached to their kitchen appliances, but for a short time in 2007, I was smitten.  Now, they are as dirty and old-hat as any ovens.  Fickle, I know.  Over time, gunk (that's a technical term, not to be confused with "gook") has seeped between the glass where I wasn't able to clean it. We needed to take the doors apart to clean between the panes.  We expected to find two panes, but no.  There were four.  Four per door.  Eight panes of glass in total.  Sheesh.  No wonder they were looking so terrible.

In the process of taking them apart, one of the panes was extremely hard to remove even with pushing, prying, swearing, crying, banging, pounding, and the usual other un-tool-like tools that folks pull out in moments of frustration.  I made my escape and filled the bird feeders.  When I returned, the most death-defying part of the whole process was accomplished.  Seeing no broken glass anywhere, I assumed it was safe to resume my part of the process which involved oceans of Windex and vast quantities of paper towels.  

Fast forward two hours, and now my oven doors are clean as the day they were born.  And, amazingly, no paw prints.  Not that the paws didn't try, you understand.  Once again I can tolerate looking through them at my lovely baking cakes, cookies, breads, muffins, scones, um, let's see.  What else?  Biscuits, pies, cheesecake...you get the point.  Occasionally, I even bake healthy food in them.

So with that job done, I want to link up to a couple of parties going on in Blogville.  


This month's color for the Rainbow Scrap Challenge is green.  Here's what my little ladies will be wearing.

Soon some green ladies will join this quilt already in progress.

With different skin tones represented here, maybe it's appropriate to make some green people.  Then instead of calling my quilt "We Are the World," I could call it, "We are the Universe."  I think it's only appropriate to include little green people, don't you?  (I'm kidding, of course, but it would be fun wouldn't it?)  So I'll be linking this post to Scrap Happy Saturday

And then I missed linking up to Slow Sunday Stitching last week.  

I have completed a couple of quilt bindings in the past two weeks, but I'm still stitching away on this Gardener's Journal piece.  This is one of the larger motifs in the quilt and it has a lot of stitches.  It seems like slow going, but I'm getting there.  Tomorrow I'll take it with me to my guild meeting, and I should be able to get quite a bit done while I'm there.

This third block in the quilt has two embroidery motifs.  I haven't even started on the doghouse below.  That one is small, in comparison, and so it shouldn't take as long.

Yesterday I started top-stitching the appliques on my quilt for the monthly Doll Quilt Swap.

 Doll Quilters

This one is moving along, and I hope to have it finished in the next couple of days.  You still get just a peek.

Any thoughts on what it might be?

So I'm hoping to get some sewing time in today, but I'm dedicating myself to some of those house worky tasks that you only do on blessedly few occasions.  Now that the doors are done, I'm turning my attention to polishing the hood above my cooktop.  I haven't touched it since the Great Engineering Repair Feat of 2012, and it has been complaining about the multitude of fingerprints it is sporting.  Yes, there is never a dull kitchen moment around here.  This afternoon's job will involve me crawling around on the kitchen island since that is the only way I can reach all the way to the top of the "chimney".  Hopefully, I will not fall to my death.  If this turns out to be my last blog post, you'll know what happened.  It's been so nice chatting with y'all.

Hopefully, your Sunday is more fun than mine.  But, man, that hood will be dazzling when I'm finished with it.

16 comments from clever and witty friends:

Kate said...

At least you've been doing useful stuff that you can enjoy. Your embroidery work is beautiful. Looking foward to seeing your next set of fashion forward ladies. Hope you get some sewing time in.

Donna said...

I love how the embroidery house is looking. Can't wait to see the dog house.

You have some brave paws at your house. The ones living at my house run to hide when a spray bottle goes into action.

LynCC said...

Oh! I didn't know we could take the oven door apart to clean between the panes. . . Good to know - mine is driving me nuts to see. Love the stitchery progress. As for the applique - hmmm... looks like a tail and some paws hanging over the side of something to me - like a kitty's doing the Monorail thing. That or yummy icing tails down the side of a cake. :D

girlsfour said...

Love your kitchen!!! Beautiful fridge! Your kitchen is so nice and clean.

Still don't know how you do it, but again thanks for sharing your adventures!

And yes, I love when the hubby takes the oven door apart and we clean it all the glass.


scraphappy said...

Something has seeped between the panes of the window in my oven wall as well -- hearing your harrowing tale though I think it might stay there. Enjoy the rest of your spring cleaning. It sounds like a little quiet time to sew might be just the reward you need after all that hard labor.

Vroomans' Quilts said...

Cleaning the oven is right there with cleaning the toilet! Like Donna - my furries run as soon as I go to the cabinet with the spray bottles/cans, Yes, you need a sewing reward for the day.

Lyndsey said...

Did you have to mention cleaning the oven doors? I've been putting that job off since the beginning of the year and managed to find hundreds of excuses including 'I'm having a new kitchen this year so do I need to bother' Now if you show photos of your cakes rising and biscuits browning through your shining oven doors I will feel guilty so at some point in the next couple of weeks I will have to do mine. I haven't got an oven hood so feel free to clean it to within an inch of its life.

Quilter Kathy said...

Hope you're still around cause this embroidery just HAS to be finished! Love the dog house block!

Sheila said...

You have been busy. Love your sweet little ladies.

Brown Family said...

You have a nice big kitchen! I think Green ladies would get a lot of comments!


Junebug613 said...

Oh boy! I love green! Wow, that takes cleaning the oven to a whole new level. I have the original '70s, Avocado Green stove in my kitchen. It works great and cleans up pretty well, despite it's age. I like the embroidery blocks and the dog one looks cute. That reminds me, I am looking into getting a light box. What kind do you use? The Hello Moon blocks got me wanting one again. Love Smitty, the photobomber!

Lynne said...

Four panes of glass? No way! I'm not even going to hint to WM that we might need to take the doors apart to clean them -- our oven is nearly thirty years old and that may be all that's holding it all together! Seriously, WM and DD cleaned the whole oven in December when I was away while my um was having cataract surgery (can't live with the smell myself)! As for the range hood, I can't see the top so I forget it's there! My chimney disappears into the kitchen cabinetry which suits me fine!

Thinking about embroidery and other forms of stitching is much more fun on Sundays thank you! (Especially when we spent ours at DD's soon-to-be-empty home working in the yards until a massive storm hit then working inside!)

Dana Gaffney said...

I need to clean my glass too, what exciting lives we have.

Teresa in Music City said...

Yuk! That's something I have to do and soon, but I keep putting it off. I'm pretty sure there will only be 2 pcs of glass in mine though. And, like you, I'm thinking it's a great job for the hubby :*) Love your greens for the little girls this month - they are going to be very bright and happy!

Diane Wild said...

I asked the appliance guy once about taking the oven door apart to clean the glass and he told me not to do it. I hate that stove anyway..repaired it three times in 6 years.
The doll quilt is still a mystery to me. Someone said cake icing. Could it be?

Patrica said...

I had absolutely no idea you could take the glass apart to clean it and I think I will keep that knowledge strictly to myself! It may be my only card in the ongoing game of 'we need a new oven dear.'