Monday Musings

Do you feel let down when you finish a project?  I don't mean that in a negative way, as in a depressed sort of let-down.  What I mean is that when I'm trying to finish a project, I am so single-mindedly focused that, when it is finished, I find myself at loose ends, and I have a little difficulty getting some structure to my day.  Add to that I have an unexpected stay-at-home day, and so I wasn't planning to have to structure my day.  It was already mapped out, and now I've scrapped the map, so to speak.

Mike needed to go to the dentist this morning, and he didn't want to drive his big diesel pickup truck to the downtown parking garage.  It is very cramped in our dentist's garage, and I certainly wouldn't relish driving his pig of a truck there either.  So, he took my car, and there is no way I'm driving his pig of a truck anywhere.  Of course, we love the truck when we're pulling our trailer.  And I think he likes it ordinarily too.  For some things, however, a smaller car is just what you need.

So I have a few things to tell you about.  For one thing, I continue to be dazzled by Sherry's generosity in sharing the knowledge she had about the Two Grandmothers (Rhymeland) quilt.  Can you stand to see just one more picture of it?

Sherry and I have been corresponding back and forth since yesterday.  This morning, she let me know that she has a blog.  Her blog is Quilts, Fabric, and Thread Tales (click on the link).  I checked it out today, and let me tell you, Sherry is no ordinary quilter.  She has been quilting for 32 years and is a National Quilting Association certified teacher and judge.  I figure Sherry has a lot of knowledge to share on her blog, and so I'm following her now.  Her blog is brand new (since January), so I'm hoping you'll stop in and see what she's doing.

Let's see...what else?  Do you like the Crabapple Hill Studio patterns?  I can't seem to get enough of them.  I blame Crabapple Hill for turning me into a die-hard embroidered quilt enthusiast.  I never think the day gets off to a good start unless I get my morning dose of embroidery.  During Valentine's week, they put all their patterns on sale.  Honestly, the nerve.  Of course, I had to get a couple of them that I've been eyeing for quite a while.  I ended up ordering Calendula Patterdrip's Cottage.

I saw it at a quilt show last year, and it was love at first sight.  I resisted purchasing it because their patterns are a little on the expensive side...not overly so, but a dollar is a dollar whether the price is warranted or not. In any case, put something on sale, and I'm hooked.  And as long as I was there, I figured I needed this one too:  The Embroiderer's Blessing.

So cute.  I couldn't resist.  I'll be adding these two to my embroidered quilts to-do list.  Yes, I now have two to-do lists.  Soon I'll have a to-do list for my to-do lists, but that's another blog post.

With my unexpected day at home, I'm going to get ready for Thursday's linky party.  Are you ready?


And I'm going to make two more blocks for the Yard Art quilt.  These are the two I have so far:

I might even get bold and make two of each since I haven't worked on this quilt for quite a while.

I have a few house-worky things on my to-do list also.  Are you keeping count?  That makes three to-do lists so far.  The housework to-do list tends to get neglected.

And that's about it.  What's on your list of things to do today?

12 comments from clever and witty friends:

Sheila said...

I only get depressed when I am giving the quilt away. The longer I work on the quilt, the more attached I get to it. But when it a quilt that I will be keeping for myself, finishing one only means you can move on to the next one that you have been wanting to make. Have a great week!

Lyndsey said...

I know what you mean, I've just finished my Dresden plate quilt (still need to post about it) and I feel at a loose end. I have quite a lot I could be getting on with but it's not the same as a long term friend that you've been playing with for ages. By the way don't worry about showing your quilt again it deserves lots of showings.

I hope you've had fun with your stay at home day and settled in to make your Yard Art blocks. I'm off to visit Sherry's blog plus get on with the 'stitch me up' patterns.

Sherry Wollard said...

I love seeing the quilt Barbara and thanks for the kind words, I have always loved sharing what I know about our art with others. And I love your Yard Art blocks, what a talented quilter you are!

Brown Family said...

That is just where I am right now! That is why I spent time looking at the blocks for Rhyme Land Quilt! I have finished all three blocks for this month (I am doing 3 BOM) and finished all the started tops, so I am really at loose ends!

Teresa in Music City said...

Yep - I have about 3 to-do lists too. I don't even bother with a housework to-do list anymore. It never gets any attention anyway, so why spend precious sewing time making out the list? I definitely have to regroup and refocus after finishing up a quilt, especially one that has taken up most of my time and attention for a while. I was that way after Easy Street. Your flamingos seem like a really cute and fun way to refocus :*D

Diane Wild said...

After completing a project, I go to the to-do basket that's a bit over flowing. I love the embroidery patterns. I need to keep an eye out for some embroidery designs.

Kate said...

I rarely feel that way as it seems I've got another project I want to finish up. But I do try to celebrate each finish in my own way.

LynCC said...

Yeah - that Calendula is a hard one to resist!!

Junebug613 said...

My problem when I finish a project is that I don't know what to work on next. I have quite a few (tons) of UFOs, in varvarious craft categories and then there are new projects I could start..... Choosing can be quite a conundrum! And don't get me started on lists. I love lists. I have lists and lists of lists. HA HA! Love the yard art pieces. I actually have a Palm tree and several Flamingos in my yard! I also think it's fabulous that you and Sherry have become friends. I am definitely going to check out her blog. Anytime someone is willing to share knowledge and experience, I am eager to learn!

Lou said...

I am a Crabapple Hill addict too!
Have made quite a few but there are many more to go:) haha!!!

Dana Gaffney said...

I just finished a quilt that was all angles so I had to think while I made it, who'd of thought I'd do that? the next day I didn't do anything, read a little, wandered around, and I realized I had a quilt hangover, that's what you had. You're welcome for the exact terminology.

Alla Blanca said...

I get almost a sense of vertigo when I finish a project. My ADD-brain loves to be engaged, and has a hard time casting about for something to fixate upon when there is no project that is pressing.
My partner says she can see me mentally spinning in place (ok, sometimes physically spinning in place, too).
Thanks for sharing the Calendula pattern, I have bookmarked it as a fabulous idea for *someday*.