MQX West 2012: Fifth Batch

There is about one more batch of these after today.  Are your eyes full yet?  That's how I felt after leaving the show.  So much color and artistry...and patience!  Unbelievable patience.  If you've missed the first four posts about this show, you can catch up.  Just start here and work your way backward.

Just to show you that I wasn't kidding about the many mermaid quilts, here's yet another one.  The thing about the mermaids is that they give the quilter lots of opportunity for fabulous embellishments and color.

I'm always on the lookout for a quilting motif that I think I can actually do.  I like the way the lighter gray fabric is quilted in this image.

I saw this next quilt in a quilt shop I visited recently.  It was hanging high on a wall there, and so it was nice to get a closer look at it.  This quilt won "Best Use of Thread" and it surely deserved it, although it would be hard to choose.  There were many beautiful quilts.  

And there are a lot of eagles in the area.  Here's one I saw while visiting a few years ago.

See how you think the quilter did with the details in her beautiful quilt.

I loved the inspiration for this next quilt.  So precious.

See how many characters you recognize.  Here's Rapunzel:

Having quilted a castle myself recently, I was interested in how she had done it.

Here's King Arthur's sword and I'm assuming that's Jack's beanstalk.

The back was every bit as beautiful as the front.

And because I can never resist a good cat quilt...

Beautiful use of color and light in this quilt.

There was so much to look at in this next quilt that I took lots of pictures of it.

 This next one was unique, and I liked it.

So that's all I have for you today.  I'm hoping to finish these up tomorrow, but I'm not sure how many are left.  Now I'm off to--fasten your seat belt for the excitement--the brand new, shiny, Goodwill store that opened in my little town.  It'll be my first visit.  The response to our new Goodwill store will give you a good clue what a HAPPENING PLACE I live in.

10 comments from clever and witty friends:

beaquilter said...

great eye candy.wow

WoolenSails said...

All I can say is wow, I definitely have to go to the next expo, would love to try some things like that, after the holidays, maybe on a simpler, smaller scale, lol.


Teresa in Music City said...

Enjoying the quilt show tremendously! That mermaid looks just a tad angry - I wouldn't want to run across her in a dark corner of the ocean :*) And the soaring eagle is unbelievable - wow!!! The cats are definitely whimsical, but they look rather sad. ...........I'm not sure why I'm attaching emotions to all these quilts!!! LOL!!! Illuminations is very interesting indeed.

Oh! Oh! A new Goodwill!!! ENJOY!!!

Kirsty said...

It is wonderful to view this quilt show vicariously through your lens/posts. Thank you! As a rule, I am not a lover of art quilts, per say, but my goodness...the attention to detail and sheer talent to create these wonderful works certainly got my attention. Loved the eagle photo - you have such cool wildlife in the US! I enjoyed the post about Smitty being a good mouser too. I didn't show that to my three as I didn't want them to get ideas. Mind you, Zorro ran away from a blowfly today so I can't see him plucking up the courage to corner a mouse. Carry on your great work, x

quiltzyx said...

More amazement!
The eagle quilt has such depth of field - and the trees look especially life-like.

I liked the stone & sky quilting in the castle quilt. I'm partial to those swirls.

Honestly, the cat quilt was scary to me! They all look a bit tetched to me. Brrrr!

And that made the next one, with the knight on horseback, even better - loved the sky again.

I think Aunt Polly's Porch is my favorite overall of this batch. I wouldn't have thought that it was painted after the quilting!

After the Porch, the last one seems a bit flat some how. Are those naiads traipsing thru' the forest?

Thanks for taking us to the show in such a great way!

Snoodles said...

I think I like the eagle one the best...I agree with the other comment, I was a little scared by the kitties. LOL They didn't seem to be as sweet as your Smitty and my Moses. :)
Hope you have lots of fun at the Goodwill store!

kc said...

Only once before have I ever been moved to offer money for a quilt, but you had me at that gingerbread house trim one! That was my absolute favorite, tho I did like the eagles a lot too. The kitties? Well, I'm sure they're very well done, and they were interesting and all, but I much prefer your lovable, cuddly, warm & furry ones!! When they turn to look at you, at least you know they aren't plotting evil against you! Against each other, well, maybe...but probably more like fun & good-natured bickering, but not true evil.

Rosa said...

Love,love .Those are absolutely wonderful!!

Rachel said...


BillieBee (billiemick) said...

Wow....they take my breath away.