A Finish and a Winner!

Good morning, my friends. It's time to announce the winner of my little giveaway. I consulted with Mr. Random who chose...


Congratulations, Bonnie58! I've sent you an email, so check your inbox.

Okay, and that's probably the most exciting thing I have to tell you this morning, but bear with me, please. I finished the 11th block for the Domestic Affairs quilt. This one:

There's just one block to go before I can sew them into a quilt top. Here are the 11 blocks I have for this quilt so far. (Sorry for the blur in this picture. Those blocks were super excited to be out of their box, and they couldn't hold still.)

The rest of my sewing day was spent top-stitching and quilting my art quilt. I experimented with these threads. I ended up rejecting the blue sparkle thread in the middle. 

And all of these threads were used.

Here's your peek:

While I was working on that, I was trying out a new bread recipe for last night's dinner. We were having leftover stew from a few nights ago, but I dressed it up a little with this Roasted Acorn Squash Bread. Think of it like pumpkin bread, only substitute roasted acorn squash for the pumpkin.

There are lots of recipes online for something similar. This one was tasty, and it was easy to make too. I searched for frozen pureed squash in the freezer section of our grocery store, but found none. I ended up roasting my own squash a few days earlier. Then, I scooped it from the shell and refrigerated it until I was ready to use it. I'd estimate my acorn squash was a medium size, and I have enough squash left for one more loaf of bread. I measured out one cup and then froze it in a sandwich bag. As I'm writing this, I'm thinking about the nine portions of shredded zucchini hanging out in our freezer. I wonder if there's some way to combine the two. 

Smitty could care less about zucchini and acorn squash. He's wondering what a guy has to do to get some catnip in his dish.

Okay, and about then, I was ready to sew on the binding. My quilt ends up at 14 x 20 inches, and so it didn't take very long. I'll spend this morning's slow-stitching time finishing this up.

Speaking of slow-stitching, I'm expecting the floss I need to arrive in tomorrow's mail. I'll make tracing out my next project a top priority for today's sewing room activities. Up next will be the Bumble Sampler from Kathy Schmitz.

And I expect I'll have some time to finish off another small quilt...the Humble Beauty quilt.

Also on today's agenda, I need to make a trip into town. I was supposed to get a pedicure today, but my pedicurist texted she wasn't feeling well. No problem, but I still need to drop something off at the post office, pick up my glasses with their new lenses, and I need to pick up a few last minute items at the grocery store. So, it's shaping up to be kind of a busy day. Fortunately, I'll be on my own clock, and so I can take my sweet time.

Right now...breakfast. It's a busy week ahead. Are you ready?


Barbara said...

Omigosh—I'm a squash! ~ Dave Horowitz, The Ugly Pumpkin

Cathy Smith said...

I recently had a zucchini dish that I really enjoyed. It was Zucchini-Corn Fritters with Pumpkin Seeds. Lots of recipes for the fritters online, but none that I found with the pumpkin seeds. They were a nice "extra".

Kate said...

Your domestic affiars blocks are really cute. You've got some fun projects in the pipeline. Hope your errands go quickly.

Magpie's Mumblings said...

Congrats to Bonnie - I'm sure she'll love the pattern.
The bread looks pretty tasty - it's a wonder it stayed intact for the glamour shot!

karen said...

Happy winnings , Bonnie. good for you.
Smitty, what a stink eye! Hugs for you. Sadie? Whatssup ? I'm snuggleing today too. Rainy and icky out today.

piecefulwendy said...

All of your stitcheries are so lovely. I sure hope Smitty got his catnip, so he can smile again - LOL. I still haven't settled on a challenge quilt design, but closer (maybe).