Unfriendly Stars

Good morning, my friends! Don't worry about those "unfriendly stars" in the title. I whipped those into shape, even if it was painful. I'll tell you about them in a minute. It's a grocery shopping day, and it's my day on The Rack, so there isn't a minute to waste on recalcitrant quilt blocks.

Of course, I settled into some slow-stitching after writing yesterday's post. I did a little more later in the day, and so I'm farther along than this picture would indicate.

It'll be a day or two before it's finished. Also, I'll need to puzzle out those block borders again.

We took a trip into town after that. Our local feed store had a sale on potting soil (buy two bags, get one free). We'll be planting the dahlia tubers I purchased last fall, although I'm still waiting on delivery. We have pots ready for planting, and now we have potting soil. When those tubers arrive, they'll get a warm and dirty welcome. Also, they had wild birdseed on sale, and we always need that. We have some hungry birds hanging out at our birdfeeders. Here's a picture of one of the piggy birds:

When we got home, I went straight to work quilting the "maps" quilt. I'm working through it one quilt block at a time along with associated ideas for quilting each one. This one had a couple of little artwork quilted drawings. While I've been excited to try this, I've also worried that I'm not a good enough artist to pull it off. As I've mentioned, I can't draw worth beans. On the other hand, if someone else will draw it for me, I'm pretty good at free-hand copying. 

So, with that being said, I've been googling "images of line drawings of ___fill in the blank___" to find something I think I can recreate in my quilting. And, I'm happy to report it's going better than expected. Here is a peek at the two I did yesterday.

Sorry...peeking, but no peeking. I've realized (and not for the first time) that I can use my Bohin white ceramic marker...

to first copy the drawing onto the black background of my quilt, and then stitch over it. Any white marks that are showing can easily be brushed away with a clean toothbrush. 

So...with that hurdle seemingly defeated, I'm even more excited about my quilt than I was before. I wish I could say more about it without giving it away. I'll just say it's a quilt that has generated lots of ideas, and each one makes the project even more enlivening. Fortunately, it's only another month before the reveal, and so I still have lots of time to spend with it.

From there, I moved to the sewing room to make some quilt blocks for Calendula Patterdrip's Cottage. That Adonis of a cat, Smitty, was there for inspiration.

Adonis? Really? You're going with that? That is purrposterous.

I might go with "Apawnis." Maybe if I hold my head this way...nope. I'm just not purrceiving any purrallels between the two.

On the other paw, these browns, tans, and golds harmonize purrfectly with my furs.

Okay, well, Smitty left in disgust. He wasn't going to stand around and be dispurraged by that little pipsqueak. All the while, I was cutting pieces for the seven Friendship Stars.

When the pieces were cut, I needed to make 28 half square triangles, and oh my. If a thing could be done wrong or if the machine could "F" up, then it happened to me while I was sewing these together. I sewed them together wrong. Then I fixed the sewing. Then, I trimmed them wrong. Then, I searched for 20 minutes for something I'd had in my hand five seconds ago. Then, my thread broke. After rethreading the machine, I realized the thread broke because I was out of bobbin thread. The list of ways I effed up yesterday goes on and on. Finally...I had the pieces laid out to be sewn together. It's something of a miracle (or just plain bullheadedness) that I didn't walk away from this to try again another day.

I heaved a huge sigh of relief when they were finished.

Okay, but I still need to make 35 more quilt blocks of different configurations. The Friendship Stars numbered the highest. The rest will need fewer of each one. I'm hoping they won't be as stubborn as these were.

As I mentioned, it's a grocery shopping day, and a workout day, and so there's plenty to do before I can get back to my quilting and sewing. I'm excited to get on to the next block on the maps quilt. I have lots of ideas for the quilting, and now I'm feeling more confident about it. It's kind of a dreary day weather-wise. It'll be a good day for sewing.


Barbara said...

Let us be grateful to people who make us happy, they are the charming gardeners who make our souls blossom. ~ Marcel Proust

Anne Kirby said...

I cracked up at your description of your quilting day. I would have only had 2 or 3 of them happen to me...I would then stand up, curse a blue streak and slam the door in my way out!! So you have my admiration!!

CA Bobbie said...

I own up to being bull headed also, I sometimes think those moments of not finding what I just had in my hand are the universe's way of slowing me down. Just imagine what I might have stumbled into- for sure it would have been bad. Nice to know I'm not alone. Scritches to the kitties.

Magpie's Mumblings said...

No, I didn't laugh over your description of your terrible, horrible, no good, very bad sewing experience (or at least not much) but I certainly can identify. I've spent my sewing time for TWO DAYS trying to unpick basting threads out of my current project and the air here has been a tad blue.