Quilt Shop: Quilt Stitches, Beatrice, Nebraska

Amazingly, there was a big quilt shop in the small town of Beatrice. We stopped in after visiting the Homestead National Historic Park.

Walking in the front door, it looks like this. But this was only half the store. In the image below, you can see a door on the left.

Walking through that door, there was a whole other store on the other side!

In the back, there was a classroom.

Heading back to the right side of the store, where I'd come in, they had their holiday fabrics out for Halloween and Christmas. 

This makes me think of a meme I saw recently that said you can tell Halloween is just around the corner because Walmart has its Christmas decorations out. (Sorry I'm always picking on you, Walmart.)

Behind me were some pretty florals and leafy fabrics. I thought I'd seen my regional fabric here, but I needed to look through the whole store.

Here were some pretty florals.

I'm always curious about patterns in different stores. Often, I see local artists that I haven't seen elsewhere. If I've seen these "sampler" and "theme" patterns elsewhere, I certainly don't remember them. It's a whole bunch of different hand-sewing patterns patterns by Jack Dempsey Needle Art. You can see their catalog right here.

There was a long wall of notions.

Here were grays, blacks and whites.

Fabrics were shelved by color and theme, for the most part.

Here are some pretty blues...

And more blues, blacks, reds, and pinks.

Here were more pretty florals.

They had a big collection of my favorite Creative Grids rulers. I kind of wish I'd spent more time looking at these, but it's probably just as well I didn't.

Here were their patriotic fabrics.

They had some nice sale fabrics. I didn't see anything here that I couldn't live without, but there were some good deals. The ones across the top are "skinny bolts." You get 50% off if you take the whole thing. The fabrics below and some outside the frame and behind me were also on sale at a significant discount.

Here we had some food fabrics.

Here were a lot of pastels.

Here are some neutrals.

I liked how they displayed their panel fabrics with a picture so you could see the panel without unfolding the whole thing.

Moving into the second room, there were some pretty and bright novelty fabrics.

Here are some more food fabrics.

These southwest fabrics were very tempting. I moved away quickly.

Here were some nice landscape fabrics, bricks, and boards.

And more novelty fabrics. There was just a whole lot of fabric in this store.

Okay, so you didn't think I was leaving without this, did you? This is a great pattern..."Kittens."

It will make a perfect take-along project for our next trip. The pattern is already stamped onto white cotton. I just need to add the floss, and the blocks are already prepared. I'll also add some kind of backing fabric. This fabric seems a little thin, and so I'll probably use a white muslin to give it a little more heft. The image below shows just six of the 12 blocks. They're embroidery with a whole lot of cross-stitch thrown in.

Also this one. I had some pretty pansy fabric at one time.

You might remember I used it in one of my Stitched Inchy quilts.

I liked this fabric so much, and I used every bit of it. So I grabbed myself a full yard of the one I found at this store.

And if you guessed this one would be my regional fabric, then you were right. It reminded me of the acorns all over the campground, and the changing autumn leaves.

So, this was a great shop. I really enjoyed myself there. Nebraska quilters have a great resource in this small town.


Barbara said...

Our brains have this habit of quilting dreams from the fabrics of our lives. As a filmmaker, I get to do it for a living. ~ Peter Landesman

piecefulwendy said...

Well, now I need to check to see if that city is on our route when we head out in a couple of weeks. Looks like it would be a fun place to explore. I like the regional fabric you chose!

Quilting Babcia said...

Your regional fabric is gorgeous. I would have chosen that too, it would be perfect for fall dinner napkins, or featured on a quilt back. What a great resource that store is for a rural area.

Jenny said...

So much to see in that shop! And so many panels, I've never seen them displayed that way, seems very sensible to have the picture attached to the stack. Pleased you made a couple of purchases, I may well have given up and walked away. The cross stitch kitten project looks delightful.

Magpie's Mumblings said...

This post should have come with a disclaimer stating that having a drool cloth close to hand would be a good idea. Oh my. Although to be truthful, if I were there I probably would have been totally overwhelmed by the sheer number of choices.
As a little side note - I read not too long ago that it's always a good plan to put an extra layer of fabric behind embroidery projects to 'hide' the ghosting of joining threads showing through. I've always done it because I like the additional heft to the fabric but hiding the threads makes sense.