A New Day

Today I'm determined to turn the page on the basement problem and focus on our upcoming trip. Slowly, I've been able to turn my bad attitude around with some cutesy animal photos I found on Facebook. This one...

and later, this one.

Our contractor has promised us he'll send a crew tomorrow to move our furniture back into the house. Also, Erik and Matthew have stepped up and offered to help on Friday if our lying contractor is still lying. It could go either way, but I'm telling myself the contractor wouldn't lie to us again. Would he? Nah. Either way, knowing we have a back-up plan has gone a long way to improving my mood from yesterday as well. Also, there's this:

Let's just talk about my vacation mood for a minute. Smitty and Sadie are house-bound now, and they aren't happy about it. With Sadie being so squirrely lately, we decided it was wise to keep them both on a tight leash. As usual, Smitty is letting Sadie do all the whining while he relaxes.

She's sure there's been some terrible mistake.

Smitty has the right idea. He knows that when the going gets tough, the tough take a nap.

With my sewing room out of commission, I've been gnashing my teeth trying to decide how I could possibly meet the next "reveal" for The Endeavourers art quilt group. The new prompt has been announced. I can thank (and curse) my friend Wendy for this submission:

Never heard of it before? Neither had I. It means "a style of writing in which alternate lines of writing are reversed, with letters also written in reverse, mirror-style." Here is an example I found on the internet:


(Image credit: https://commons.wikimedia.org/wiki/User:Zeimusu)

It made me think of one of the Project Quilting prompts from some years back..."Abecedarius." That was a new word to me then too. It means "of or relating to the alphabet." This was my quilt:

This new prompt, "Boustrophedon," would be difficult enough, but I have no expectation of being back in my sewing room by the reveal date of November 1st. So, what to do? What to do? Someone suggested this might be a quilt done with hand-stitching, and that gave me an idea. 

Yesterday, I picked through my bins stacked and piled together in our garage, and pulled out a couple of fabrics. My light box lives in a living room closet, and so I spent some time tracing out a project for hand-stitching. You only get a peek for now. If it appears to be a project all in black and white...well, that's a good guess.

And it's ready in just a nick of time because I've finished the piece I'm working on for Pieces of the Past. This is one of the panels for the center of the quilt. Sorry about the wrinkles. My iron is not within my reach.

Finishing this piece was my goal for August's

and so I'll be linking up there at the end of the month.

Okay, so today we're doing some grocery shopping, and then packing for our trip will begin in earnest. I won't be able to do everything, but I can get a good start on it. Of course, I'll take some time this morning to start on my newest challenge piece. Fortunately our weather has cooled off again, and it's overcast outside. It's much better packing weather. Mike has been working hard to get the trailer in top condition for the many miles of travel ahead. I'm looking forward to getting on our way and leaving our basement behind. 


Barbara said...

The trick is to be grateful when your mood is high and graceful when it is low. ~ Richard Carlson

Julierose said...

Love the mood board...;)))
You both must be looking forward to your long-awaited trip...I hope the packing goes well and easily...hugs, Julierose (from a little cooler House on the Hill today...thankfully...)

Pam Dempsey said...

Like a cows turning? When it’s dead? I don’t get it. I feel for you on the liars, can’t trust their forked tongue remember! So glad you have family nearby for backup and hopefully they won’t be needed. I would keep Sadie inside too, she will just have to get over it 😤. Think of pleasant times ahead on your trip 👍🥰

Pam Dempsey said...

Forgot to add what a great mood board, I would add a few glasses of wine 🍷 🤣

MissPat said...

Several years ago, I flew to Orlando to drive a friend back to NY for the summer. She had 2 cats who had a cat door and could come and go as they wished. The night before we were to leave, one of the cats was out and there was a bad thunderstorm. Next morning, no Freddie. He finally wandered home in the late afternoon. Of course, we had been ready to hit the road early, refrigerator cleaned out, etc. Freddie did not get to go outside that night. That was a memorable rip in more ways than one.

Lee said...

Contractors.... rolling my eyes as we all have those stories. Sorry for the troubles. I hope the travel is fun and trouble free! Love those kitty pics!

Jenny said...

Oh, the anticipation of another trip away.......

Darlene S said...

Ok, my friend, take a deep breath. I think you are getting pent up pre-trip anxiety over your contractor still futzing around. Breath in, out and remind yourself how much fun you guys are going to have on your trip and you have an excellent backup plan to take care of things while you are vacationing. It will all work out.

Ok, positive thoughts....Keep looking for more animal pictures. I don't have a picture to share, but one year I did see a Merganser who had a little flock of fuzzy wuzzy babies that an eagle was trying to much for lunch. The eagle spent the day trying to figure out ways to snag a meal. Mommie Merganser spent the day teaching her kids where to hide in various rocks and when they all went for a swim to some distant rock, when the eagle swooped down mommie would have the fuzzy wuzzy babies climb up on her back. But as the eagle got hungrier she had to fight with all her might and she took on the big eagle with her flapping wings, while she sent her fuzzy wuzzie babies to hide in a rock. End of day, all the fuzzy wuzzie babies and mommie Merganser were fine. The big beautiful Eagle flew off with a hungry tummy. My point here....like the eagle flying off, the time will come for your contractor to leave and everything will be back in order. So don't fret, it will all work out. Go on vacation and enjoy, don't worry.

piecefulwendy said...

I have a feeling my name may be muttered by a few others in the group - haha. Of course, your little peek has me curious. I'm so sorry about all the carpeting issues, but glad you have the trip to look forward to.

Magpie's Mumblings said...

Duct tape, rope and a shovel - not such a bad idea.
I've never heard of boustrophedon and I haven't a clue how you will ever manage to figure that one out. I have no doubt you will and I look forward to seeing what you do.