Sleeping In

It seems our summer season was just two days long. We ran our A/C for exactly two days, and now we're back to the gray and gloom. It even rained yesterday. It's enough to make a guy just want to stay in bed.

He did get up, though. There are critters to hunt outside. In that regard, a cat's work is never done.

Speaking of critters...

Thankfully, this one was out in the field, and not eating the one pea-sized tomato we found on our plant a few days ago. I believe my deer deterrence devices are delivering on my dream of a dearth of deer. (Not bad, huh? Awesome alliteration. Polishes fingernails on shirt.) If you missed the post about the deer deterrence devices, here's a photographic recap:

My first stop of the day was slow-stitching. I've been making my way north on Calendula Patterdrip's broom. Yesterday, I had to take a little detour to the west to pick up some stitching there.

Now I'm back on track, moving northward again. I figure I'll reach the top of the broom straws one of these days.

In the sewing room, I continued on with my flannel quilt blocks. I needed to cut the remaining pieces for the scrappy four-patches. There are still three rows left to do in this quilt, but all the cutting is done.

Smitty assisted me in choosing a good mix of colors for the scrappy blocks.

Also, I cut all the squares of batting I need to finish it off. Now I've added another row for six out of nine rows total. As I've mentioned, I wasn't sure I was going to like this, but I like it better with each additional row.

Here's how it looks from the back.

The last thing I did for the day was to make up July's Books & Roses block. Jenny of Elefantz was a little late posting this one in July. Sadly, she and her family have been sick with COVID. (I had a feeling that might explain the late posting.) I'm doing mine in the color of the month for the Rainbow Scrap Challenge. I had to make a slight modification to this block. 

Jenny is making bookmarks, but I'm making quilt blocks. Each block is trimmed to 4-1/2 inches before borders are added. In this case, her bookmark had one more word at the top: "just." So it read, "just one more chapter, please?" But I measured it, and it was going to bump right up against my 4-1/2 inch limit. I considered moving the flowers at the top, but it looked kind of funny that way. Instead, I deleted the word "just," and that worked. Also, I added a line at the bottom, indicating a table where the purple book is lying.

That will be my morning's slow-stitching project. These stitch up pretty fast, and then I'll add borders to it this afternoon.

We're heading out to the grocery store this morning, and so it'll be after lunch before I make my way to the sewing room. I'll finish off the Books and Roses block, and then get back to the Purrfectly Pieced quilt. That's the last project on my list of WIPs, and then I'll move on to the "quilter's choice" section of my white board. I have a "fun finish" picked out for this go-round. I'll wait until I get there to show it, but it's going to allow me to use some of my pretty southwest fabrics. I have a lot of them.

It's another gray and gloomy day. It sure would be nice to see some warmer weather. 


Barbara said...

We may never find a way to live in suburbia with deer as we do with raccoons, say, or squirrels. So for this reason, it's very important that we make sure always to save enough wild or open land so that they can live in their normal manner. ~ Elizabeth Marshall Thomas

piecefulwendy said...

Glad your deer deterrent is helping. The squirrels (the outdoor ones) are being a real pain here; they are persistent little buggers. Smitty is doing an excellent job of picking the fabrics for those blocks! We have overcast skies here today, much better than the thick humidity yesterday!

Sara said...

"one more chapter" should be written on my tombstone when I die. I never get tired of reading. Glad your little spinners seem to be keeping the deer away for now.

Julierose said...

The broom is really coming along so well...and your scrappy flannel piece is looking so neat and vintage--nice use of that pretty red...
We also slept "in" this morning--must be in the air??
Our first prompts for the fabric Journal SAL were posted today--
so i gathered up fabrics and did some plotting...
hugs, Julieroe

Magpie's Mumblings said...

It hasn't been hot enough here to even bother installing our portable a/c unit and at this point we might not. We have ceiling fans and tower fans to as long as the air is moving we're cool enough.
I saw the latest bookmark piece from Jenny and am seriously considering making them (with a possible tweak or two) for our grandies for Christmas.