Jumpin' Jehoshaphat: It's July!

This year seems to be flying by, but then I suppose I say that every time the calendar flips to a new month. It was a busy day yesterday, and I don't have a lot to show for it. We had grocery shopping to do, and we ran some other errands. When we got back home, I had some things to do in the yard, including watering the flower pots. I didn't make it into the sewing room until nearly 3:00 p.m. Fortunately, I had plenty of assistance. Smitty helped me with thread choices.

Sadie set up a "safe perimeter" behind my sewing chair, so that I couldn't roll away from the sewing machine until the job was done.

Fortunately, she lost interest in that job fairly quickly because I'm only about halfway finished with the top-stitching.

When I left the machine, it was needle down, ready to stitch the yellow sections.

I'm hoping I can finish this quilt block today, and then I'll be ready to start something new. When a slot opens up on my dance card, a new one slips right in. I'll tell you more about that when the time comes.

While we were watching the news last night, I noticed one of the Red Cardinal Clematis blossoms was beginning to open. I suspect it has opened all the way by now.

There was another one just over here, and lots more buds. It's going to be pretty when it gets going.

After a busy day of patrolling the fields, Smitty was tired. He could barely look up for his picture.

Sadie was employing the technique of one foot out of the covers when you get to warm at night. In her case, she was shading half of her body to keep from getting too hot.

This morning I'll be in the kitchen making tonight's dinner. We're having a couple of different cold salads, and I'll make them this morning. Also, I like to make a dessert on Fridays sometimes, and I'll do that too. Dinner will be ready, and I can relax this evening. I need to do a few gardening things, and I'll probably tackle the laundry too. Otherwise, the day will mostly be spent finishing up my quilt block. It's a good way to start July.

Long weekend ahead. I hope you enjoy it.


Barbara said...

Being a traditionalist, I'm a rabid sucker for Christmas. In July, I'm already worried that there are only 146 shopping days left. ~ John Waters

Sara said...

The applique is so CUTE on that block!! I have one block that needs blanket stitching around the applique, and I just keep procrastinating. Can't decide on thread. LOL Too bad Smitty can't help me choose.

piecefulwendy said...

I couldn't figure out why everyone was posting "rabbit, rabbit" on IG this morning, until I realized it was the 1st! Time flies when you're not paying attention - haha. Happy Friday!

Vicki W said...

This year is flying by. I can't believe it's already half over! I also had never heard of "rabbit, rabbit" and had to look it up. Wendy taught me something new today!

Magpie's Mumblings said...

There's always so many little details on those blocks and I know, much as you've hated them, the tablecloth backgrounds just 'make' the entire thing.
Hope you enjoy your weekend!