Lazy Morning

The sun was shining when I wrote yesterday's post. About the time I went downstairs, the clouds and gloom moved in. It's quite a change from the two previous warm days, but a break from the air-conditioner was nice. It made all of us super lazy. Even the kitties went back to bed for morning naps.

The cloud cover made the light so bright, Sadie had to cover her eyes.

When we all woke up and got going, the kitties and I took a walk around the yard. The sage plant has burst into flower. There's enough here for plenty of sage blossom vinegar, but I'm full up on vinegars. I'll probably pass them by this year.

Sadie was keeping an eye on the critters in the field.

Smitty was keeping an eye on a nearby tree squirrel.

These little red tree squirrels seem very intelligent. They are very fast, and so they have confidence enough to let me get really close. I talk to them often, and they sit listening, as if they understand every word I'm saying. Usually I'm saying something like, "You better stay out of my flower pots." They listen, but they don't obey.

Back inside, I finished up the 12th of 25 Shop Hop blocks. I might do another one of these right away. It's going to take me forever to finish making them just one at a time. They don't take long and so I might start making them two at a time as they come up on my list of WIPs.

Here are the 12 I have so far. When I have all 25 blocks, the camera will be right in the middle.

From there, I start making the last of the New Mexico Kitchen blocks. This one, thankfully, has a fringed table cloth. No more of that dreaded fringe across the bottom.

When I was this far, I quit for the day. The bright pink crescent at the bottom is just the beginning of a bowl. In the upper left, there's supposed to be a cellophane bag of chile powder. It's a little weird how the instructions did it. It was traced directly onto the background and then some chile powder and a label added. The bag itself will be machine stitched when I get that far. I'm kind of tempted to pick up some tulle to represent the bag, but I'll have to see how it looks when it's finished.

So I'll probably finish the applique today, and then it will take some time to finish the top-stitching. When it's finished, a new slot will open up on my WIPs dance card. The mind reels with possibilities!

Okay, so it's going to be a day much like yesterday. The clouds are still here, but we're expecting them to clear off at some point today. There's one housekeeping chore to do, and then I'll get back to my sewing. Probably I should give the flowers a drink of water, and fill the bird feeders too. There's always plenty to keep me busy. Tomorrow will be a grocery shopping day, and so I'll enjoy this day at home while I can.


Barbara said...

A squirrel is just a rat with a cuter outfit! ~ Sarah Jessica Parker

Julierose said...

"Posole" is looking good--I have read about that dish in Tony Hillerman's books, but have never had it myself...some kind of stew? I think...
I told my husband I was going to buy one of those blaster water guns to spray those pesky squirrels when they jump up on our deck--they are too bold for words!! (#$%^!!!).
Hope the rest of your day goes well...hugs, Julierose

Jenny said...

It must be a never ending job for Smitty to keep those critters under control. Our cat Gemma hunches down by the bottom of the window and makes little noises at the sparrows outside on the grass. She would so love to burst out and pounce on them!

piecefulwendy said...

I do enjoy lazy mornings. Sometimes they just start the day better. Your quilt shop blocks are so fun; it's a perfect idea for a quilt! Yay for no fringe - you should have that block done in no time!

Kathy said...

After reading about your chive blossom vinegar last year, I decided I was going to make some this year. My chive patch was in beautiful purple bloom when I headed off to the store in the morning, so I bought some "good vinegar" with a plan to bottling up those blossoms. Imagine my dismay when I came home to find that our lawn guy had "whacked down those purple weeds in the raised bed". Why, Victor? WHY would anyone chop down flowers in a flower bed? He already raked up all the clippings, too, so I couldn't even salvage enough for a tiny taster batch. I'm hoping they bloom again in the fall, and now, they are labeled!

Magpie's Mumblings said...

I always enjoy seeing the evolution of these colourful blocks. They're going to end up being an amazing quilt once you're finished.
I don't think I've seen sage blossoms before, at least not in real life. They look somewhat like snapdragons I think.