The Run Around

Yesterday had me traveling a big loop around the area. I had breakfast with Sue...very nice. We got asked for proof of vaccination in order to eat inside. (It was too cold, windy, and wet to consider eating outside.) It's the first time I've been asked for proof of vaccination. Fortunately, I've been carrying it with me at all times. I haven't heard that Oregon is requiring proof of vaccination, but I know King County in Washington (where Seattle is located) is requiring it. So, that was kind of interesting. We're scheduled to get our boosters on Saturday.

After that, I got my hair cut. No perming or chemicals for that, and so it was a pretty quick in and out. Then, I went grocery shopping. Then, I picked up some prescriptions. Then, home. Getting all those errands run in one fell swoop felt good. It was after 2:00 p.m. by the time I got home, which didn't leave much room for sewing.

There was still about half of the tracing to do on the next Calendula Patterdrip block, and so I finished that.

When the tracing was finished, I took it downstairs to finish prepping it for hand embroidery. My helper cat, Sadie, was Johnny on the spot to help. She's very reliable.

Smitty joined in too. Many paws make light work, you know.

It's a large block. If memory serves, it's about 23 x 31 inches. Since most of these blocks are pieced (and large), I've been backing them with muslin rather than my usual iron-on stabilizer. I had to go back to some old blog posts to remember how I did the last large block for this quilt. As it turns out, I spray basted it liberally, and then ran some basting threads in both directions to hold it all together. Now it's ready for stitching, but I'll finish off the Kitty Cat Alphabet first.

After that, I spent some time picking out fabrics from my uncut fat quarter bins. You probably have forgotten all about The Endeavourers art quilt I finished back in August. The last peek I gave you was this one:

The reveal will be November 1st, and so the cat's almost out of the bag. One more week, and I can show the whole thing. The prompts for these quilts are selected a year ahead, and we're down to the last one, which will be "Feelings." I'll be starting mine very soon. The reveals for these quilts seem to happen when we're traveling...and lately, it seems as if we're always traveling. So I have to get a head start on mine. I went round and round with different ideas for the prompt. Finally, I settled on one thing, and now I'm starting the process of making it. These are the fabrics I selected.

I won't use them all, but I'll use a lot of them. I needed lots of values of browns and blues, and I'll decide on the progression of colors as I go. Intriguing, no? Before I start that, though, I want to do my "Fun Finish" of the Get Well Kitty. That shouldn't take too long.

So the day started and ended with slow stitching. I sat and finished up this hoopful while we watched the news.

Now I've moved my hoop to the left, and I'll continue on my merry way. Only, the next few days will be less than merry. I've finally set aside three days to sandwich a dozen finished quilt tops. It occurs to me that the last time I sandwiched quilts was before I broke my shoulder. Now I'm wondering how difficult it will be for me to reach out across a large quilt to smooth it out. Time will tell. I'm not really expecting to have any problems, but I won't know until I try. My goal is to do four each day, but I can do more if I feel like it. It's my least favorite part of quilting, but it'll be nice to have all those quilt sandwiches ready to go. It's like filling up your gas tank before a long road trip. And I want to take some of the smaller ones along when we head south this winter. They'll make good take along projects to finish on the road.

So that's my day for the next several days. We're still waiting for the roofers to come back and finish the roof. No word from them yet, but it's just as well with the stormy weather we've been having. I'd hate to see one of them blown off the roof in the big winds.


Barbara said...

Women in particular need to keep an eye on their physical and mental health, because if we're scurrying to and from appointments and errands, we don't have a lot of time to take care of ourselves. We need to do a better job of putting ourselves higher on our own 'to do' list. ~ Michelle Obama

Julierose said...

Getting quilts layered up --especially smoothing them all out--is one of my least favorite parts, too--take care with that shoulder--perhaps some kitties can help smooth them out with their little paws;))).

I have quite a few projects to layer up and finish.,,I need to NOT BEGIN any new ones for a while and concentrate on finishing...why is it that I always drag my feet doing this part? I think choosing backings may be part of that slow-down...?Quien sabe??

That is a big area to trace --I am finding that my own House on the Hill wool embroidery is pretty big to sew on...so I may end up doing machine embroidery instead--altho' I don't have a blanket stitch on my machine--it would have to be zig-zagged...(but I digress--again).

Enjoy your stitching with the kitties...
hugs, Julierose

Anonymous said...

You’re lucky to be able to layer your quilts the way you do ... I pin-baste mine on the floor (!!!). I just did 3 over 2 days ... I’m getting too old for that ordeal! Anyway ... I use a yardstick to help smooth out those parts I can’t quite reach ... it always works well. Good luck ... it’ll feel good to have them done. Candy

Vivian said...

I wish you luck with your basting ! That's very ambitious, 4 quilts a day with your shoulder ! Perhaps aim a little lower for the first time back at this task? Maybe only 3 per day? It is such a good feeling to get them done and piled up by the machine waiting their turn under the needle, or the cat, layer by layer.... Good luck.

piecefulwendy said...

I'm definitely intrigued by your challenge fabric pull. I have started to at least ponder the theme, but no ideas yet. I need to get the current one quilted and bound, which is tomorrow's goal. Glad you could get together with Sue!

gpc said...

Oh how I wish they would ask for proof of vaccination here! If any business in my area did that, I would frequent them as much as possible, just to make a statement. I am glad you are scheduled for your boosters. I got mine but still don't feel bulletproof. Sigh.