Mostly Sewing

It was nice to have a day unencumbered with appointments, housework, and unpacking yesterday. It was really my first day to relax since we returned from our trip a week ago. There was just a small bit of housework to do yesterday, but most of the day was spent relaxing and sewing. Smitty was ready for a day of rest too.

It seemed like a good day to settle in and spend some extra time with the Kitty Cat Alphabet. I filled in the next hoopful, and moved my hoop to the right. I'll pick it up there today.

A few people have asked me about this piece. I'm afraid it's going to have very limited availability. I received the preprinted panel as a gift from my dear friend Ila last year. There is just one sheet of instructions, printed on both sides, with a copyright of 1978. The instruction sheet is entitled "The Patchmakers," and the back side indicates the design is by Ginny Hamilton. In my searching for more information or a source, I came across this Etsy shop with one for sale, but also indicating there is only one available. It also indicates it is a "Rare find — this item is hard to come by." So, if you act fast, you can purchase the one in this shop. Otherwise, you might try scouring the internet on your own, based on what I've told you. I'm turning my panel into a small wall-hanging, but the original pattern was intended to be a pillow.

Okay, so it was nearly lunchtime when I dragged myself off the couch and did something more productive. When I could say productivity had been accomplished, I went to work on the last row of blocks for the City Bank quilt. When those were finished, I had the 7th row of six blocks completed.

Here's how the quilt looks with all the blocks laid out together.

There are 42 blocks in all, 11 inches each. I'm going to sew them together just as you see them here, and then I'll finish it off with a black binding. It's big enough without adding any borders, and besides, I think borders would only serve to gild the lily. I like it just as you see it. Sewn together, however, would be a nice touch. 

As I mentioned yesterday, this will be a good take-along project when we head south this coming winter. I've realized that take-along projects work best when there isn't a lot of cutting to do. I don't have room to spread out in the RV, and so the fewer surfaces I need for things like ironing and cutting, the easier it is to accomplish something. This year, I'll do any cutting ahead of time, and I'll take more small quilts for quilting and binding. That way, I can keep things moving along even if I'm not in my sewing room at home.

Having finished those blocks, I still had time left in the day. I decided to move to the next project on my list of WIPs, the Ties & Tails quilt. When I left it last time, I had six of nine cats finished.

There are ten blocks to finish the entire quilt, and the next one shown on the pattern cover was the "Chorus Line" block featuring three little birds. Here's a crappy picture from the pattern cover.

Wait...did someone say birds??? Count me in!

And, oh my goodness, you wouldn't believe the level of help provided for this. I'm sure I could have finished it off and made another one if there hadn't been so much helping. I had the pieces all cut and arranged.

Sadie was sure she could help me arrange them more efficiently.

Humans...how did they live without cats? It's a meowystery to me.

When it was time to stop for the day, I had them pieced together with the leg details marked for machine stitching. That's where I'll start today. Also, I'll add some hot fix nailheads for the eyes.

When the details are finished, I'll add a black flange and some 2-1/2 inch red squares around the outside for the sashings.

Before I go, I must inform you of the cat-tastrophe that happened just before we went to bed last night. I was suspicious there was a resident mouse in the sewing room. I'd seen "droppings" around. In our house, one can never be certain whether those are old or new. In this case, I was pretty sure they were new. Upon discovery and wondering about the old or new of them, I told myself the kitties would find it if there was a rodent squatter in the house. Sure enough...just before bedtime, Sadie was worrying a mouse all around the downstairs. 

We've learned from experience we can try catching the thing unsuccessfully for hours, or we can, shall we say, let nature take its course. And so we turned off the lights and left the kitties to manage the problem. We didn't see them again until this morning. I looked all around for any signs of the mouse, and I found nothing. At this point, I'm not sure of its status. As for these two, they look as if they've been on a bender.

After a hard night's work at the mousecapades, a girl needs her beauty sleep. Please take your camera and find someone else to bother.

I'm getting too old for these all-nighters. Wake me tomorrow morning, if you don't mind.

Okay, so I have another small housekeeping chore today, but then more sewing. It's going to be a mostly sewing day again today. I expect to finish up the "Chorus Line" block, and then I'll move on to the "Fun Finish" section of my to-do list. I have a little mini picked out for my sewing pleasure today. I'll say more about that tomorrow. 

Have a happy Saturday, everybody!


Barbara said...

This cat-and-mouse could not last forever, and he also knew that when you are the mouse you don't have much to say about it to the cat. ~ Robert Olmstead

Darlene of Creative Latitude said...

Sounds like a great day to me. Even the mousecapades, but it does look like the kitties need to find some good sleep time today to rest. I hope that pesky mouse is gone forever and hasn't told any friends how to find your sewing room (or any way to get inside in general).

Quilting Babcia said...

Oh for an unencumbered day! Love how the Ties and Tails is progressing, I'm a pushover for bright cheerful colors. Sadie is amazingly helpful to your piecing efforts!

piecefulwendy said...

It's always good to have help in the sewing room, isn't it (haha) - that cat quilt is so fun, and of course, there had to be some birds in the mix. Good to see you enjoying some sewing now that you are back home! Hope the mouse issue has been resolved!

Magpie's Mumblings said...

I love days when there are no commitments to other things beyond the little bit of housework we do every day. Hope the mouse has vacated the premises by any means necessary.

Vicki W said...

I really like that City Bank quilt. It's in one of my favorite books. I have been looking for a project to use up a bunch of hand dyed blues and this might be a good one.