Back in Business

As it turns out, restoring the back-up on the computer probably wasn't necessary. When all was said and done, the same problem existed as before. As a last resort, Mike unplugged and replugged something on the device that networks us together, and everything was back to normal. Yay! It was a day-long process, but we're back online this morning. Phew!

The morning was spent on slow-stitching, and I finished what was left in my current hooping.

Now I've moved my hoop to the final position for this block. 

Possibly, I'll finish it up this morning, but probably not until tomorrow morning. That, of course, assumes I won't have jury duty. (So far, I have not had to report even once. Could I be charmed for my entire month-long commitment? It's both doubtful and hopeful. There are five potential days left in the month.)

It was time to leave for my haircut appointment after that. When I got home, I stitched another two lengths of thread on the farm quilt binding. Now I've turned the third corner. I've been limiting myself to two lengths of thread to save my poor thumb.

Mike was out mowing and making a lot of dust, and besides, it was too hot to be outside for this delicate flower. It made sense to head into the cool basement and get started sewing the baby quilt together. My first task took up the entire afternoon. I needed to make 50 half-square triangles in different color combinations. 

Also, I made a copy of the pattern grid and enlarged it some so my blind eyes can see it a little better. I like to make pencil marks and highlight in yellow the areas I've finished. It helps me keep my place on these mosaic patterns.

I'm using scraps and fabrics from my stash for this quilt, but I did order a fabric for the back. This one...

This morning I received notification that it is on its way to me.

It was hot enough yesterday we decided to turn on the air-conditioning for the first time this year. It always makes me hold my breath when we turn it on for the first time, hoping it will actually turn on and cool. So far, so good. And can we please paws for a moment to sympathize with these fur-coated people? They were just so much tiger butter yesterday.

Outside, I noticed the Stargazer lily is starting to bloom. It was a little parched looking after a day in the heat yesterday, and so I waited until this morning to take its picture.

Also, the lavender is looking pretty right now. It was a good day for a Bees Knees yesterday, and so we indulged. When these blossoms fade, I'll cut off a handful and dry the blossoms for next year's lavender tea.

Today will be warm again, but not as warm as yesterday. I'll need to water the flower pots, but I probably won't spend very much time outside. It'll be a good day to hang out in my cool basement sewing room and get a good start on the baby quilt. But first...grocery shopping. The list is long today. It's going to take up most of the morning. 


Barbara said...

A perfect summer day is when the sun is shining, the breeze is blowing, the birds are singing, and the lawn mower is broken. ~ James Dent

Darlene of Creative Latitude said...

Good to hear Mike was able to fix your computer/network problem. Those darn computer mice do like to periodically remind us who is in charge. I'm surprised it was so warm you needed to turn the hot on, this early in the summer. What a way to celebrate Summer Solstice. But delightful to have an air conditioner that works. Your stitching project and baby quilt are progressing nicely. Enjoy.

MissPat said...

Every time we have to call Sprectrum about the TV being out, they tell us to unplug the cable box and reboot it. Of course, if we could remember the steps for doing that, we wouldn't have to call them, but, hey, we're old and technologically challenged. Glad your network got restored, even though Mike did some unnecessary things before you got there. We've finally gotten some much needed rain, a total of 1.5" over 3 storms in 18 hours. Unfortunately, the last storm was a severe thunderstorm which caused a lot of tree damage in our little village. We were out of power for 4 hours, but other parts were out until 11 PM. Our only damage was a 6 year old Kentucky Coffee tree that split down through the trunk. Half is on the ground and the other half will have to come down because the there's too much trunk damage. Someone else a few houses down had a tree fall on their house, so I'm not complaining too much. It was 86 yesterday before the storm hit and it's 57 today at noon.

Lyndsey said...

It's good to hear the computer blip wasn't an international incident, and that Mike fixed it. Love the stitching project.

Magpie's Mumblings said...

Ah, the 'unplug and wait' solution - amazing how often it does the trick. Glad it worked. Methinks, seeing all those little bitty pieces for the bear quilt, I won't be making one.

Dorothy said...

Since I don't have an "engineer/computer" person in my life, I do a lot of "unplugging-wait 30 seconds+-plug back in" for both the computer and TV. Oh wait, they're coming to "upgrade" the TV next week (which I didn't ask for-but "they" say upgrade or else) I hope they explain how many seconds+ this upgrade needs for unplugging/re-plugging. LOL BTW, I follow you on Feedly and on "Follow It" (?). This is the 1st post in a while that came through on "Follow it" Love the backing for the teddy bear quilt

piecefulwendy said...

Yay for the computer fix, but boo for the grocery shopping. Hopefully it will be as pleasant as it possibly can be. I did a little yesterday and everyone came out unscathed. I'm hoping the same for you. I'll be joining you in the quilt room today, since the heat is going up again. I did sneak in a 2-mile walk yesterday. Not sure if I'll get one in today.