Warm and Dry

Greetings from Pahrump, Nevada, where the sun is shining, and it's warm enough to be outside without a coat! What a nice change of pace from back home. It was still a bit of a drive getting here yesterday, but not as far as the day before. We arrived right around 4:00 p.m. The second of the two camera cables I'd ordered prior to our arrival was delivered within just a few minutes after we checked in. As I mentioned in a previous post, I'd forgotten the cables I need to take pictures off my two DSLR cameras, and I was despondent at the realization. Now I have my cables, and I'm made whole again...not that I'm ever overly dramatic or anything.

Leaving Bakersfield, the sun was shining, but skies were hazy...to be expected in this part of California. It made for some interesting ghostly landscapes.

We stopped to refuel at the first opportunity. Mike's truck can accommodate the big diesel pumps like the big truckers do, and so we fill up at truck stops. Beside us was parked a cattle truck. I suspect these bovine critters are headed for the last round-up, if you know what I mean. Sniff. But since I'm also a meat-eater, I can't wail and cry too much. I'll admit to being one of those carnivores who prefers not to consider the live animal my food comes from.

When we were back on the road, we drove through a lot of flat country with a sprinkling of Joshua Trees.

We're in the desert now, so the supply of barns is waning. Still, I caught these. I believe that might be a quilt block on the structure to the right.

It's kind of weird seeing it juxtaposed with those huge wind turbines, but this area is noted for being a big wind-energy producing region. I can't think of Tehachapi, California, without envisioning its many wind turbines.

On the far side of town, they're joined by what appears to be an airplane junkyard. There are so many different insignias on the tail sections of these planes, it's hard to think they'd be anything else.

Rounding the final bend out of town, there's also a huge solar array. That's the reflection of my shirt you see in the center of the image. My pictures are almost all taken through the truck windows.

We stopped for lunch in Baker, California. While we ate, these crows sat above us, squawking and making quite a racket.

From there, we left the main highway and headed off toward Death Valley National Park. We didn't actually enter the park, but skirted the border for the remainder of the day.

We love the bands of color in the landscape here, and we've traveled this road so many times, we nearly know the landmarks by heart.

It's a world of many browns, reds, golds, and tans.

There are a few small towns. One wonders what supports the economy so far from any kind of industry.
We suspect mining of one kind or another is the main occupation.

I've dubbed these hills in the image below the "Rickrack Mountains."

Rounding the final bend of our journey thus far, we could see Pahrump off in the distance.

In a few more miles, we crossed the border into Nevada. Sorry for the blur...bumpy road.

Once we were checked in and set up, we sat outside drinking margaritas. Smitty isn't old enough to join us in drinking margaritas, but he's a party animal. He sat inside the screen door and enjoyed the warm weather from there.

We have a nice site at the edge of the RV park, with desert behind us. I believe he'll be willing to get out and walk here once he gets the lay of the land and scopes out the location of all the woofies. 

Our bird feeders are mounted on the windows, and I'm hoping we'll attract some birds soon. Last year, we put out a hummingbird feeder and had hoards of hummers fighting over it within about an hour. This year, we've added a seed feeder, and so I'm kind of curious to see what kinds of birds will visit our window feeders.

We were treated to a pretty sunset last night, looking in both directions.

Smitty and Sadie were ready for some evening napping while we ate our dinner.

So we're staying put for the next two weeks. Mike and I need to pick up a few things at the grocery store today, and then we'll become reclusive. Amazingly, the RV park still has all its usual activities going in the form of free waffle breakfasts, dances, karaoke (really?), and other activities too numerous to mention. All this takes place within a confined indoor space. We won't be participating, which is a shame because those free waffle breakfasts are kind of fun. Instead, we'll be doing some hiking, and I'm wanting to try some new photography projects from a book I found on my shelf...this one, by Lee Frost:

Photography is similar to quilting in that one purchases a lot of books that go directly to the shelf, barely opened. For this trip, I decided to see if I could spice up our social distancing efforts with some creative photography. Last night, I spent some time perusing the book, and so I'll pick some projects to try and show you what I come up with as I go. Eventually, I'll get out the sewing machine and do some sewing. For now, we're just going to relax and be glad our days on the road are over for a while.


Barbara said...

The desert, when the sun comes up. I couldn't tell where heaven stopped and the Earth began. ~ Tom Hanks

Cathy Smith said...

Just some trivial info for you - Mojave airport is not only a scrap yard, but also used by various airlines for storage of aircraft not currently needed. Unfortunately, right now there are a lot of planes parked and waiting to fly again.

The famous "Boneyard" here in Tucson is similar. I had an USAF colonel as a seatmate on a commercial flight into Tucson who explained there are three levels of storage here. Aircraft waiting to be scrapped, serviceable aircraft which can be sold to allied nations, and aircraft which only need to gassed up and put back into service immediately if a need arises.

Enjoy the birds!

Julierose said...

Gorgeous sunsets--ummm Margarita-land for sure...
Hope your stay is restful and fun...hugs, julierose

MissPat said...

It's not that we don't have beautiful scenery back here in the northeast and even mountains, but the breadth of the landscape out west takes my breath away. Sadly, I've not really experienced it up close and personal, except for a few short visits. And at this point not likely I ever will.

Teresa said...

Beautiful pictures. Not sure I will ever get there to see all that beauty in person. My husband and I had planned to take a trip out west (we live in SC) but since retirement he has had back issues (6 surgeries in 5 years) so we dont travel very much. I did love seeing your pictures, thank you for sharing.

gpc said...

Maybe I will put cables on my Amazon list to see if they make me whole again. After the last four and especially this year, it seems worth a try. I need to take some time to rethink how and how and how we could do some traveling. Maybe not right now, but soonish. Since the RV idea is off my list since Jack's strokes, and since the small van-styles would not be big enough for the two of us, maybe just driving and hoteling will be an option. I am almost ready to dream again. Until then, I am enjoying your sunset.

gpc said...

Oh, and we have started buying our meat and poultry from local farms where we can see them happily pastured until . . .you know. At least we know they aren't locked up in feed lots, and that is something.

abelian said...

Thanks for taking us along on your trip. Makes me homesick! Your photos are wonderful. Dot

Vroomans' Quilts said...

Love the sunsets and hearing there is warmer weather somewhere makes me feel it on the horizon - we had snow today. The UK variant strain of the virus has been documented in our area so more people are self isolating and using pick up/delivery services again. Having grown on a farm that raised it's own food - vegies, fruits, and meats - this doesn't disturb me.

Darlene of Creative Latitude said...

Can you pick up waffles to take back and enjoy in your RV? Best to be safe, which you guys are doing, but I do look forward to when life will allow such luxuries without worry of catching covid. Enjoy relaxing, hiking, gorgeous views and good weather. I'm happy for you, but a wee bit jealous....wishing we had an RV and could join you. But DH did have fun flying his drone in a neighborhood park today (thanks to you & Mike for your advice).

piecefulwendy said...

That was a lot of road ahead of you while you were headed toward Death Valley National Park. Those sunset views are pretty amazing, and that photography book looks like an interesting one. Enjoy your time there. Be safe.

SJSM said...

My brother used to be at Edwards AFB. He told me of the airline parking for out of services planes. I’m sure it Is full due to all the service route cut backs. There is/was a spot that stored cars for manufacturers when ships offload and before the cars go off to their forever home at a dealership. We are to in a warm spell. Low 70*s during the day. Cool/cold nights (at least for us in low 50’s high 40*s).

Enjoy the margarita. I hear you on the entertainment. I’d avoid the waffle breakfast, also. I hope the warm air helps in healing the shoulder blade, or brings a comfort to the pain.

Lyndsey said...

I love your sunset views. How odd they are running their usual activities but then recently I was asked why I was being such a wimp and keeping my distance as 'it's only a pandemic'. Mmmm margarita that sound like a good choice for the evening.

Magpie's Mumblings said...

Ah - I can 'hear' the relief in your voice that you're there and can now relax for awhile. It's great fun to see all your wonderful photos and pretend I'm traveling with you (masked of course!!!!). Those sunset photos are spectacular!

QuiltGranma said...

Coming back from southern NM in March of 2018 we drove through some of what you saw that day. Now when we watch the old westerns on You Tube, I can say... Joshua Trees! and know approximately where the movie was shot. I like that kind of reference. Enjoy the warmth, sunshine which will help build immunity and bone repair, and thank you for sharing!