Sunday Stroll

It was a little chilly here yesterday, but sunny and bright. We decided to get out for a walk around the area neighboring the RV park. It's good that we did because it's raining today. It rained hard most of the night and the wind was blowing. It make sleep difficult, but we were able to sleep in a little later than usual this morning.

For our walk, we headed first to see if we could find where the off-roaders were leaving the park. Apparently, one can take an OHV (Off Highway Vehicle) out into the desert and all the way to the mountains. We talked with one of the riders who told us we could ride for miles out into the desert and that there are lots of petroglyphs to be seen. It might encourage us to bring our smaller truck camper with ATV's in tow one of these days. And, I just love the mountains. They are so beautiful in an understated kind of say.

So what did we see on our walk? Well...these palm trees, and yes, the sky really was that blue.

I'm a fan of bird houses, and I liked these two attached to a mailbox.

This prickly pear cactus is loaded with "pears." If this were my plant, I'd be researching ways to make jelly and other assorted prickly pear goodies.

It was a part of a much larger plant. And we saw a whole bunch of these cacti in various stages of dead and dying, lying flat on the ground like stacks of thorny pancakes. It was kind of sad. We wondered how one could kill a cactus when one lives in the desert.

Also, this cactus, which I believe is a type of cholla. I can't tell if those yellow blobs are fruit or flowers, but whatever...it's getting ready to do its thing.

Nobody plants grass here. Instead the landscaping is lots of rocks and yard art.

I like how this next house had diamond shapes in the rocks. You can also see them in the steps leading to the front door. Reminds me of a quilt.

Someone had this pig by their front door. I have to text this to my friend Sue. Whenever I see a pig I send it to her, no matter what. She likes pigs.

And of course, I looked for every blooming thing. Blooming things are in short supply in the desert this time of year, but I found some snapdragons. 

Also, a rose, but the image didn't turn out. And these yellow guys growing in the RV park.

This particular yard had lots of animal sculptures, and practically an entire herd of yard art deer. I'm not sure deer inhabit this part of the world. But I liked this hedghog. He was about the size of a football.

As we walked back to our RV, we passed by this finch singing his guts out, trying to attract the ladies, no doubt.

The clouds in the sky at sunset were hinting at the storm to come, but it did make for a pretty evening sky.

Day is done. 

I took a few days off from my slow-stitching, but my fingers got itchy to get back at it yesterday. I'm making progress slowly but surely. 

So that's where I'm headed next. It's most likely going to be a sewing day with such wet weather outside. We need to pick up a couple of things from the grocery store. Aside from that, it might just be an NBS day (nothing but sewing). If nothing else, I'll start doing some cutting for one of the little minis I brought along.


Barbara said...

Being negative only makes a difficult journey more difficult. You may be given a cactus, but you don't have to sit on it. ~ Joyce Meyer

Quilting Babcia said...

Great photos, I love those blue blue skies! Seems like people just have to decorate their world, even if it's stones on stones. We are curious creatures aren't we?

Vroomans' Quilts said...

Love all the 'stroll' photos. Me and the furkids got out today; even though it was cold the sun was finally shining. We are expecting that snow wall to pass thru here tomorrow and the next day, so I may be MIA for a bit.

Julierose said...

sounds like you are really getting a great "away from it all" vacation...
Stay safe hugs, Julierose

Joan G said...

Here in Ohio, yesterday was full of freezing rain and cold temps and I admit I was a real grump whenever I had to take the fur dog out. So, thanks for your quote today about negativity- I needed that little kick in the rear. Although when it comes to those “necessary” trip in crappy weather, I sometimes wish my dog was a cat. Your pictures are gorgeous. Wishing you a great day of sewing!

piecefulwendy said...

Looks like a lovely walk. If you have to have stones in place of grass, it's fun to see a lovely design like the one in front of that house. Hope your stitching goes well, even if it's just a little bit each day as your thumb allows.

SJSM said...

It is good to hear you can stitch again. You must feel the rush an addict gets when you picked up that needle. I know Las Vegas area one cannot have grass in the yard unless you were grandfathered in as water is a finite factor. We have a friend in Arizona that uses their "gray water" to have a few living things in their yard. I wonder if it is too hot for artificial turf? That is what some do here to keep a lush lawn without the expense of water.

After a rainy weekend Monday was a cold but clear day. The rest of the week we are getting a Pineapple Express, atmospheric river. As we have not had enough rain we are looking forward to the event, but with caution. The Santa Cruz mountains are evacuated once again due to the fires of last summer laying bare the land. Debris flow is expected. Snow is on our hills. We are hunkering down after clearing the leaves from our drainage system and checking the sump pump.

MissPat said...

I have a prickly pear in one of my gardens. You don't want to get those spiny prickers in your fingers. It goes completely flat and looks quite dead in the winter, but rises like a phoenix in spring and blooms with a yellow flower. I hope you remembered to take frequent breaks during your all day sew day. We're getting snow today and daytime temps on Thurs and Fri will be in the teens. Brrr.

Darlene of Creative Latitude said...

Looks like another beautiful day. Lucky you guys. I hope you find the trail from the RV park to take your off road vehicles out into the desert, possibly off to the mountains. Certainly would make for easy access if you can go to & from the RV park. Beautiful photos. Watch out for that collas cactus as I think it is also known as the "jumping collas" and known to attach it to people as they walk buy. I had it attack my boots one time walking in the desert in AZ. Quite funny as I never thought I came that close to a cactus, but there were all these little pieces hanging off my boots when I finished my walk.

Magpie's Mumblings said...

Well, I learned something I didn't know - that prickly pears are edible. Not that we have them here but it was an interesting little fact anyway. That blue sky is incredible - we have a sunny day here right now but the sky certainly is nowhere near that colour.

Kate said...

The idea of no grass, but rocks as a yard would take some getting used to. I guess it's what you know and see every day.