Sandwiches Half Made

Some people might think of sandwiches that are half made as open-faced. Mine are more sad-faced. I was sad to discover I didn't have as much basting spray as I thought. There was only a partial can, plus one more, and I knew it wouldn't be enough to get through eleven quilt sandwiches. Oh well...the best laid plans. We went ahead and set up the sawhorse and plywood tables anyway. I decided to work my way through the smallest ones first, trying to get as many as possible finished. More basting spray is on the way, but it probably won't arrive until next weekend. I'll finish the rest then. 

The one exception to my "small quilts" rule was "And On that Farm." 

This was the quilt I least wanted to do, and so I did it first. I was worried about running my hands over so many tiny applique pieces. They'll be stitched down with the quilting. For now, they are only fused, and easy to peel up. It occurred to me to sandwich it face down, meaning, I put the top face down on my table, and layered backwards from there. That meant I was only running my hands over the solid fabric and the batting, and so the applique was protected.

So, phew! It was a relief getting that one finished. Then I moved on with the smallest quilts starting with Friendship's Garden. I really like this quilt.

Fancy Cats:

Poppy Mosaic:

And, finally, this little quilt that I'm calling "Wyatt's World." It's going to a little boy named Wyatt.

Already, I know I'm going to like this quilt. It was cooperative enough to be the perfect size for this piece of scrap batting. Finding the perfect fit of batting without having to cut or piece is like finding  $20 on the ground. Or like having a full gas tank. Or like sitting down to a dinner someone else has cooked. Or like ripping your mask off when you've finished your grocery shopping. Yeah...simple pleasures all. It's all we have left, isn't it?

And that was enough for one day. Now I have a stack of five to add to the two left from my last sandwich-making extravaganza. Some of these will head south with us this winter, so I can keep up with my one-quilt-quilted-per-month goal.

The kitties were no help at all with this. It was chilly yesterday with a bitterly cold east wind blowing in from the Columbia Gorge. They could be found in their favorite snuggle spots.

You didn't think we'd be going out in that furrigid weather, did you?

I'm late posting this morning because I did my embroidery first. I've finished the whole of "In the Good Old Summertime." I started this piece on September 30th, so less than a month from start to finish. Not bad.

This will make a good take-along project when we head south this winter. Eventually, I'll be adding borders and turning it into a table runner for our 4th of July table. 

Today I'm going to get a start on Wyatt's World. It should go pretty quickly since I'm just outlining the little parts of the town.

Already, I've settled on a green thread for this. I thought I might use black at first, but I'll want to quilt some ripples in the water. Green will blend in with everything else better than black. I'm hoping this won't take more than a day or two until it's ready for binding.

Aside from that, there's not much going on. Yesterday I would have said I'd be sandwiching more quilts today, but that won't happen. I have one housekeeping chore to do, and then I'll get on with my quilting. The wind has died down. We're expecting chilly, but sunny weather. Maybe today will be the day I blast myself out of the house for a walk. 


Barbara said...

Often, small things give me hope when big things feel so oppressively bleak. ~ Julien Baker

gpc said...

The sandwiching, the quilting, it's all just amazing to me, and you are SO darned productive, I can hardly stand it. Just looking at that pile makes me want to curl up like Sadie and take a nap. Small things are everything to me, always have been. Without them how would we survive?

justmakeitfit@gmail.com said...

It's rainy and chilly over here in Maryland but your beautiful stitching and quilts are a sunny bright spot! Thank you for sharing Barbara.

Julierose said...

It's gray gray gray here and misting...chilly and damp...after finding out I sewed my Geese backwards (well--they must be Corona Geese, right?) and hitting myself upside the head (metaphorically of course) I decided to have a cup of chai and do a crossword puzzle...just letting "it" go....and so it goes...
You got a lot of pieces basted...that's so great--I've never used basting spray... you spread it out with your hands?-- did I read that right?
You really are so productive...
hugs, Julierose

Vroomans' Quilts said...

I've only spray basted a few small pieces - I'm a pin nut. Doing some clean up as i have the monthly projects wrapped up. Getting some order to organizing what needs to be tackled for Nov. and Dec. Those are my ME months.

Andee Neff said...

I hate running out of basting spray just as I need it! It was nice to see the parade of things you got basted though! You cracked me up about the right batting, I do the same thing. My goal is to use it all as much as possible and I love it when it comes together so easily!

Lyndsey said...

great job on getting those quilts sandwiched. It lovely to see them again. I'd forgotten just how pretty the Friendship garden top is. Such a good win having the right sized piece of wadding for the little town quilt. I love it when that happens.

Sherry said...

Thanks for the mini quilt show. I really enjoyed seeing all the quilts again. Great finish on the 4th of July embroidery. I love that pattern.

MissPat said...

I wish I had room to set up something like your big board for basting. I have to baste on the top of my cutting table which means rotating the quilt around to get it all. I'm guessing you buy your batting on a roll. I don't have from to store that either, but it would make sense. I have a lot of too small pieces left over from buying single batts. Yes, I do frankenbatting, but only as a last resort.

piecefulwendy said...

I gotta say, I love the poppy mosaic quilt! All of those quilts were fun to see again. Glad the chilly wind has died down. You did get your walking in while you were basting, right?! I got some steps in at the grocery store; interestingly, less than I usually do, but I bought more groceries than I usually do. Hmm. I should walk today too, but it's only 12 degrees here right now. Best to wait!

SJSM said...

Nice to get a viewing of some of your quilt tops again. One Christmas tree skirt done here. I might try one of those road panel quilts for a nephew’s son. Our weather has cooled down. Our high was 74* and low 55*. The wind is blowing quite fiercely the last two days. Those at higher altitudes had their power shut off due to possibly downed power lines starting fires. Turns out several lines went down. No fires as the lines were off Which is a great sigh of relief for those near the lines. PG&E states it will be 5 years before they complete an upgrade on the lines. At that time the power should not be shut off so often. PG&E had not maintained their lines for almost 30 years and they have been failing and causing many fires this time of year when our winds pick up.

And yes on ripping that mask off. One simple pleasure.

Magpie's Mumblings said...

Snowed most of the day here so I would be more than happy to snuggle up with the kitties! I enjoyed seeing those quilts once again - and have to say the poppies is my favourite, but that could be because I love those old-fashioned poppies.