When I finished yesterday's post, I went downstairs to find Smitty crashed on Mike's lap. His photo shoot from the day before totally wiped him out.

He loves his fans, but honestly, his celebrity is exhausting sometimes.

As I mentioned, I had an appointment with my dermatologist yesterday. He biopsied two little spots I pointed out to him. One was on my nose. And just let me tell you that anything that requires a needle prick to the nose is very painful. I'm afraid that one is going to require more when the results are received, but I'm hoping for better news. Anyway...all of that to say I came home and took a nap. The stress of the drive to downtown was enough. Two biopsies put me over the I-need-a-nap top. It didn't leave much time for sewing.

Nevertheless, I worked on my current embroidery piece, and I stitched around the third corner for the Snow Globes before I left home.

I needed to leave just after noon, and so we had an early lunch. That didn't leave me much more time and so I still have just a little left to do to call this a finish.

For sure and certain I'll get that finished today.

That was my only sewing for the day. Since she wasn't needed in the sewing room, Sadie thought she'd help Clay Cat catch his Clay Mouse. She's noticed that cat sits there day after day, week after week, year after year, and never reaches out to snag the mouse. She sat beside him, whispering tips in his ear. She's very supportive that way. She has come to the conclusion that he's a slow study, but she's very patient. 

Today I'll finish off the quilt binding. It's always good to put another one in the finished column. The day is looking nice, so I might get out and do some weeding. We've had several days of rain, and so the ground should be nice and soft. Good weed-pulling weather. There's also one housekeeping chore on the calendar. Aside from that, I'll get back to work on my bonus triangles and see what I can come up with for my "Waste Not Whatnots" quilt.


Barbara said...

Are cats strange animals or do they so resemble us that we find them curious as we do monkeys? ~ John Steinbeck

Julierose said...

I hope the biopsies turn out negative for you....
It has been too chilly for deck sitting and I miss my butterfly work in the early morning because of it..I plan on working my x-stitch this afternoon...after my nap--sleepping has been an issue lately...don't know why--but it makes me crabbier than usual hahaha
Hugs, Julierose

Joan G said...

I also hope your biopsies turn out negative. Going to the dermatologist is something I need to do too - as you said, too much sun in our youth which is now coming back to bite us. Take care.

piecefulwendy said...

Well, not a fun day for you, with the drive and the appointment. I hope the nap was good. The photo of Smitty is so fun - I love it when cats sleep like that!

SJSM said...

Yep, fair skin and sun does not work well together. In my 20s I had sun poisoning once after a 15 minute sun time. After that I’ve been very careful. So far, so good. Most of my family has a lot of carving due to a lot more sun exposure. All you can do now is get your regular checkups to catch any anomalies early. It’s good to know you are taking care of yourself. Not all do. Then again you are on top of your vaccinations despite your severe reactions. Which reminds me, our crazy flu shot season is in line with the whole 2020 theme. We drive by in our vehicles and encounter a hazmat team who give the shots with us staying in the car.

Magpie's Mumblings said...

My Resident Chef spent hours on the water fishing when he was young and is paying the price for all that sun exposure now. He makes regular visits to the specialist and swears that man takes altogether too much pleasure out of 'burning' his spots off. Better that than the alternative. I, on the other hand, have never been able to spend much time in the sun because I break out in hives if I do. Take care of you! I'm amazed that Sadie doesn't take a swipe at that mouse and knock him on the floor!

Kate said...

Hope the news from the biopsies is better than expected. Poor Smitty, the cost of fame is so big and just so tiresome.