More Magic

It was nearly 3:00 by the time I made my way to the quilting machine yesterday. Two more blocks were quilted, and there is still thread on the spool. There are just two blocks to go. Think I'll make it? My own thinking is that I'll pebble until there are about 2 square inches left to cover, and then my thread will run out. Who's with me on that? Just now I checked the tracking information on the new spool. It hasn't changed since it left Las Vegas (metallic sparkle thread, you know) on October 6th. How long can it take for something to travel from Las Vegas to Portland, Oregon? I guess we'll find out.

So this block was finished yesterday.

Fortunately, my little cat showed up about that time because I was at a loss for what to do next.

He thought this would be a good block to work on, and so I did.

It was getting close to dinner time by then, and so I stopped for the day. As I was leaving the room, I found these two waiting for me.

We had a nice day of weather yesterday. Smitty loves these warm, but not too hot, afternoons. It makes for excellent squirrel and bird watching from his catio perch.

 So if my thread holds, I'll finish up the last two Snow Globes today. Fortunately, I'm not going anywhere again until sometime next week. 

Our nice weather is supposed to hold for another day or two, and so Mike and I are going to get out and plant some bulbs. I decided I wanted some crocus blooming in spring. I love it when I see them blooming through snow. They are such a hopeful flower. I ordered a 50-bulb mix. This is the picture from Breck's online catalog:

The bulbs were ordered last spring, and only just shipped at the end of September. I was kind of surprised to find I'd ordered some daffodil bulbs too. I don't remember ordering these, but oh well. They are very pretty. Maybe they were on sale? Maybe I just decided I needed them. In either case, we'll be planting five bulbs of these Original Poet's Daffodils:

and these "Riot" Daffodils:

Pretty, huh? That will give me something to look forward to in the dead of winter.

So there's a little housekeeping to do today aside from the planting, and then I'll get back to my quilting. Please keep your fingers crossed that spool of thread sees me through to the end.


gpc said...

While my fingers are crossed for the thread, I will toss in an extra cross that the squirrels don't eat all your bulbs, as they did mine a couple years ago. With Smitty and Sadie on the job, you will probably have better luck in that regard than I have.

MissPat said...

You ask how long could it take for thread to go from Las Vegas to Portland? Ha. My husband had a package coming from Kalmazoo, MI to our house in western NY. Took over 3 weeks. It sat in a USPS distribution center in Grand Rapids, then went somewhere else for a week or so,then back to Grand Rapids and finally to us. He also had a medicine shipment that went missing from Ohio to NY. He finally called and had the medicine replaced after almost 3 weeks. Then the original package showed up about 5 days later. Hopefully things have improved now and you won't wait that long, but after the election who knows what mail service will become. The snow globes look enchanting, however.

Julierose said...

those snow globes are really so pretty with that pebbling around them--really nice choice and work.
Those daffodils are so pretty--they will be lovely next year....
Stay safe and enjoy the warmer weather...hugs, Julierose

Magpie's Mumblings said...

Those flowers are gorgeous - esp. the riot daffs. I've never seen any like that before. As for the mail service - it's hit and miss here in Canada. Sometimes it moves quite well and other times it gets to the sorting centre and then sits there for days on end.

Jenny said...

Playing thread chicken can be hazardous to your peace of mind! Love the pebbles, must have a practice at stitching some, I think.

Vroomans' Quilts said...

I have some things I want to order, but the mailing has been so bad that I think I will wait til after the election ruckus. Besides I have a huge mess in my house, so a little order needs to be restored first. I do love those daffs with the red centers.

piecefulwendy said...

I think you're going to win thread chicken. I really do. That's a lot of bulbs to plant, but if they make it to spring without becoming a tasty treat for squirrels, it will be a lovely way to greet the spring! I may need to do grocery shopping today. Calculating if I can put it off any longer,

bcarlf said...

I hope your thread has a faster trip than my package from Missouri, which arrived Kansas 9/21, arrived North Carolina 9/23, arrived Ellenwood, Ga. (3 miles from my house) 9/24, on 9/28 in transit to Atlanta USPS center (8 miles from my house), delivered to local post office 10/5 and to my house 10/7. From 9/24 to 10/7 it was within 3 to 8 miles from my house. I could have walked to pick it up in that time. I don't know what that says about what is going, but it makes no sense to me. In the meantime, I am loving your snow globes!

Chopin - A Passionate Quilter said...

I just love this quilt! You are doing a great job on the quilting and love the snow globes. Hugs

QueenB said...

I love the embroidery on the snow globes. Like everyone else I hope the thread doesn't take too much longer. The daffodils look lovely. As we have just come into spring in Australia I have been watching the Daffy's in one of the public gardens flower. I must have counted at least 12 different varieties. I didn't think there were that many. Yours are 2 more different ones. Just beautiful.

Kate said...

You've been moving along with the snow globe quilt. Love your flower choices, you'll have more pretties to photograph in the spring.