A Little More Progress

If the day goes as I think it will today, I should have the Waste Not Whatnots quilt top finished. I'll say one thing about it: it's given me a good reason to procrastinate on vacuuming the downstairs. It is dropping lots of black threads everywhere on the light carpeting. Yesterday, I had good intentions of dusting and vacuuming the downstairs, but then realized I'd be wasting time. Yeah, sure. That's what I thought. You probably thought the same thing, and you just didn't mention it. 

So here's how the day went yesterday. Here's where I'd left it the day before:

So I added a row of blocks across the top section. That took most of the morning.

From there, I took a break for lunch. Maybe I took a nap too. When I came back to it, Smitty and Sadie were scrutinizing what I'd done so far. Smitty was purrturbed I hadn't yet added in the one little cat section, sitting there to his right.

I'm purrty sure she's going to add it at the end, Smitty. She always saves the best for last.

And Sadie is right, of course. So, next, I added some blocks to the left side.

That was where I stopped for the day. Just looking at it, the black seems a little heavy in the two spots I've circled in the image below. Even adding in a sliver of color would leave too much black. Then as I was getting into bed last night, I had an idea to add some sort of free-motion machine embroidered and quilted motif there. That could be very cute done in a brightly colored thread, and so I'll just plan for that when it gets quilted...in about five years...or maybe less.

Sadie was exhausted after a day acting as my design consultant. She was getting ready to curl up in her little bed when I left for the day and turned out the lights.

In other news, here's my problem:

As I mentioned yesterday, we've been sticking to the Cooking Light Diet for the past couple of weeks. I don't mind dieting, but I do miss baking terribly. So then, King Arthur, always in tune to my baking neediness, wrote about this product on their blog recently. To-wit:

"[A] sugar replacement that not only tastes like normal sugar (no unpleasant aftertaste), but also comes close to matching the texture of treats made with regular cane sugar."

Okay, and so I wasted not two seconds ordering some off their website. It arrived yesterday...FedEx, no less. Obviously, King Arthur knows a baking emergency when they hear of one.

So you can see my problem, right? Now I have this new product to test, and diet concerns all in the same sentence. Last night I got an idea to try using it in one of my untested desserts for two. Perusing through my database, I eliminated most of them because they included other kinds of added sugar in the form of brown sugar, molasses, honey, or crystallized ginger. I was looking for something that included only granulated sugar so that I could try out this "alternative," unvarnished by other sweet stuff. As for the calories in such a dessert...hm. 

Okay, so I found this "Recipe Calorie and Nutrition Calculator" from Very Well Fit online some time back. I entered in all the ingredients. (I'll warn you, you must delete any "descriptors" from your list of ingredients, such as "melted" or "finely diced," or it won't work.) Entering the ingredients, and omitting the sugar substitute (zero calories), it calculated the calories in this recipe to be:

Nifty, huh? And so, looking at the diet plan for today, our snack was supposed to include cookies, strawberries, and pistachios for a total of 266 calories. We always skip the snack for just these sorts of baking emergencies. We can actually have our cake and eat it too, and still save 100 calories overall. Well...count me in! That was never in doubt, was it? 

Okay, so knowing I'm going to bake something gives me a whole new lease on life for the day. I'm going to bake up a Blueberry Cake for Two using the baking sugar substitute, and I'll report back tomorrow on my very important findings. Wouldn't it be great if we could diet and have dessert too?

All right. So. I can barely wait to get started. Check back tomorrow for the exciting conclusion.


Barbara said...

Diets are for those who are thick and tired of it. ~ Mary Tyler Moore

Dorothy said...

Liking the new quilt--you are so talented. And I can "hear" the excitement for a baking day :-)

gpc said...

I will be very excited, on pins and needles no less, waiting for the no-sugar-sugar report. I end up eating everything I bake since Jack is so disciplined, and that has had predictable ramifications during this no-company pandemic.

Vroomans' Quilts said...

I don't bake nor do I buy sweets for the house - if they aren't here, I don't eat them. I like the new quilt. Maybe some applique' circles in those empty spots.

Lyndsey said...

I like the quilt and some machine embroidery with coloured thread would look great in those spaces. I love baking but I don't want to put on weight since John and I are dieting. It's lucky son and youngest daughter live at home and love cakes.

Kathy L said...

Is there something different about your blog? Enjoy it very much.

Magpie's Mumblings said...

I think your furry inspectors are guiding you in the right direction on that quilt! I wonder if....just a thought....those two areas of black you're concerned about could be filled with a couple more slivers....but offset them and use two different colours (or even 3, because 'they...you know, the infamous 'they' that think they know these things....suggest that things should be in odd numbers to please the eye).
Re sugar substitutes - I'm always suspicious of the chemicals that are in such things. Will be interested in hearing your taste-testing report. We still have dessert but only on the weekends and only a very small amount. Instead of Resident Chef making a pie, he makes tarts and freezes them. We can indulge in one tart which is much less than a piece of pie. And he makes chocolate fudge and we have one small square each on one weekend night - that's enough to satisfy my chocolate craving and we don't feel deprived.

Gretchen Weaver said...

I'm looking forward to the blueberry cake report! You are making good use of the leftover HST's. Happy stitching!

piecefulwendy said...

I'm curious how the cakes tasted with that alternative. I'm chuckling over your comment about quilting that quilt in about five years or so. Ha!

MissPat said...

I'm also curious about the taste results of the blueberry cakes and also it's chemical makeup. I don't bake any more because my husband can't resist eating whatever baked good is around and he definitely shouldn't be eating any of it. I, on the other hand, can make a box of GS thin mints last a whole year (but only if I hide the box). That's quite a fabric puzzle you have put together with help from your feline assistants, of course.