A Little Routine

It was a little less crazy and lazy yesterday. Some things were actually accomplished. I think today will be even better. Throwing a monkey wrench into yesterday's activities was a short trip to the grocery store. We needed to go to the post office and so we went to the grocery store just to have some fun. When I say "we," I mean both of us. The fifth wheel is parked in such a way that I can't get my Jeep out of the garage, and there is no way on this green earth that I'm driving Mike's fat-ass dually into town. It simply makes for some romantic dates to the post office and the grocery store. Yep...this is what you have to look forward to when you've been married to the same person for 45 years. Romance all the time...every day...its exhausting. 

So, I did get back to my slow-stitching. I've filled the first hoop on the latest Appalachian Memories block:

Now I've moved my hoop to the left, and I'm working on that portion. 

Our reason for going to the post office yesterday was to pick up a whole bunch of boxes. In my quest to lighten my load, I've rehomed 14 quilts to friends and family, and so I'm in the process of boxing them up and shipping them off. Two quilts will be shipped later to family members who are in flux right now. I'll send them when I have good addresses for them. The other 12 will get boxed up four per day. I did four yesterday:

These are the ones still to go. It kind of looks like Amazon.com in our downstairs right now.

So, all of that took up a good portion of the day. Nevertheless, I practically chased myself through the house with a knife in order to get myself sat down at the machine for quilting. It's not that I'm putting off quilting, but I keep saying, "I'll just do this one more thing." Before I know it, it's time to make dinner. Around 4:15 p.m., I sat down and quilted this sort of meandering curly-cue motif all around Mathilda.

Fortunately, I have a pretty clear plan for this quilt, and so I just need to commit the time to it. I'm not putting it off, really, I'm just kind of scattered right now. Anyway, I left it needle down where Constance is, and I'll get back to it today. I'm trying to do a row of blocks per day now, but maybe I'll get two rows done today.

Mike has been begging me to make another skillet cookie. Sugar: comfort food at its finest. So I did that. These are so decadent served up with some vanilla ice cream. Mmm, mmm, mmm. Definitely something we need to limit ourselves on though. We just both needed a little indulgence after the week we've had.

Speaking of our week, I received a text from Matthew yesterday saying he'd had enough smoke. He drove over to Newport, Oregon, where the air quality was listed as "Good." And I'll just say he looks pretty handsome in his mask...made by mom, of course. A "chick magnet" for sure. Just seeing his face made me smile. He might stop by on his way home today.

As for the smoke, I'm hearing from so many of you that you're seeing the smoke where you live, way across the country. I received this picture from my friend, Karen, in Wisconsin yesterday. (Thank you, Karen.)

We've even seen news reports of smoke drifting as far away as Europe and halfway across the Pacific Ocean. Climate change is no joke, my friends, despite what a certain infamous leader might claim. I doubt I'll get any argument from those of you who have had to endure some of the catastrophic storms we've been experiencing. Those of you living in the Florida panhandle right now...please stay safe.

Oh yes, and if you have any interest in the status of our fire, I can share this link from our local newspaper discussing the cause of the fire and the status. There were a couple of little flare-ups reported yesterday, which keeps us on edge. When we went to bed last night, and again when we woke up this morning, we checked the dark sky for any orange glow. Fortunately, none could be seen. We won't really breathe easy (in more ways than one) until the rain comes...hopefully, by Friday. We've been bringing things in from the RV on a piecemeal basis, but we're to the point where we can't really say we're packed up to leave any more. One has to select one place to live, and being in two places is kind of the pits.

Smitty is taking it all in stride.

Sadie has been a suspicious 'fraidy cat lately. She's been hiding out in the downstairs. We've loaded her into the car to go to the vet, and into the RV too many times in a short span of time, and she's reverted to her most anxious self, temporarily at least. She comes out and sits on my lap for a little while, but she's had a hard time relaxing since we've been home. Poor thing. She'll get over it, but it's hard to capture a photo of her right now. If you know that character "Tweek" on South Park, then you know our Sadie.

Okay, so back to my routine. I'm heading downstairs to finish up my four quilt boxes for today. I've created labels, and just need to tape them to the box. Then, that task will be completed for the day. After that, I'll get to my slow-stitching. I need to do at least a little work in the garden today, but the rest of the day will be devoted to quilting. No diversions, please.


Carol- Beads and Birds said...

Our RV is always packed and ready to leave. However important papers...whatever they would be...and our clothes are still in the house. We are cutting trees to make our place safer from fire. Still a couple to go including the big one in the back yard. We have a lot of haze higher on the mountains. I suppose all that drops down to us because we cough a bit and our eyes itch. I just can't seem to start a stitching project, but I get closer everyday.
Be Safe.
xx, Carol

Jocelyn is Canadian Needle Nana said...

Well, fingers crossed the rain will fall before you guys have to deal with anything more and especially leave. It's horrid just now and the smoke has reached up to British Columbia, Canada out west.
How funny, a country apart but we have exactly the same romantic outings as you two.
Bag ladies is a beauty of a quilt...lots of lovely handwork went into that one. And how generous you are to share your quilts like that. I'm sure they will be most appreciated esp. in these uncertain times.

Katie said...

Sadie sounds much like my Gabby...too much newness and she's back to feral-fish behaviors. I hope rain comes soon so you all can settle back in. And now I'm off to ponder if I could convince MY hubby of 19 years that grocery shopping is a hot date...currently he hates it, but perhaps if I bribe him with Little Debbie brownies?! Oh, and the quilting looks great!

Magpie's Mumblings said...

Resident Chef and I are at 41 years and we take our romantic moments when we can. If anyone had told me that I would find sitting in the living room in our easy chairs, tv on, and just being together as being romantic I would have thought they were nuts. Funny how that viewpoint has changed! That giant cookie looks delish. Reminded me that I used to make pizza cookies back when the boys were young. As I remember them they had M&M's scattered throughout.
I wonder if Sadie has picked up on your fears right now and that's why she's hiding.

Vroomans' Quilts said...

Bella (who's never been feral) gets tweeked if her routine is is too disrupted. And yes, they sense our own fears and tensions. How close you are to finishing the barns. The ladies will be patient to dance under the needle.

Dorothy said...

I don't know you personally, but I sure do love you and you thoughts. I wish I could give you a hug and take all of your worries away. I was suppose to go to Bend on Sat. for a weeks vacation, but have cancelled it, so will be staying in Renton WA praying for rain :-)

piecefulwendy said...

Poor Sadie. She'll adjust, I know, but the poor little stressed kitty. Hope you get plenty of quilt time today.

Lyndsey said...

Scamp and Casso haven't had to cope with a major incident such as the wild fires or storms but they have been just so stressed out. When the council put in the low traffic neighbourhood it was so quiet here they wouldn't or couldn't sleep at night and Casso stopped eating. The project was so bad and caused major pollution, holdups and inability to get emergency vehicles through that it has been scrapped. Three days later and they are happily sleeping and eating again and generally much calmer.

The bag ladies quilt looks fab. The quilting and hand stitching will certainly soothe your nerves. So will your romantic trips out. I thought it was only me who got taken on romantic outings to the grocery store or even more exciting the hardware store or timber yard.

gpc said...

We are getting smoke haze here in mid Michigan, although not sure whether it is yours or from California. When we've gone to watch the sunsets this week, it looks like it is going to be glorious and then the sun just disappears about an hour before setting into the haze. Your bag ladies are going to be gorgeous; I really need to finish Abigail. I was going to get back to her this week but apparently didn't pack the thread with the stitchery when we moved, so now I need to do some digging before I can her her little self done! So much has changed since I started on her, she is a memory piece for me. Matthew does look fabulous, I know you will be so glad to see him up close again.

MissPat said...

As you settle back into a routine, I bet Sadie will relax and get back into her routine. I finally ventured out to one of the local quilt shops to pet some new fabric. It's not that I needed anything, but a spool of gray thread, but I was looking to pick up a couple of the fabrics the shop had highlighted in their Instagram posts over the last 6 months. Alas, all but one had been sold out, so I did find a few others to buy. I have more than enough stash to goon for years, but I feel the need to support the LQSs, too.

QuiltGranma said...

I would be surprised if you didn't find Sadie or even Smitty in one of those boxes one of these times! I know cats and their love of boxes!

kc said...

Be careful you don't pack either kitty into one of those boxes of love! And if you do, please address it to me! Hopefully the rain has come and literally, put a damper on things. You are welcome to all of Sally's you can stand, but it doesn't appear that she's heading your way, sorry. Lower AL and Pensacola seemed to take the brunt of her wrath, while, here, in Silver Springs, we got only rain, more rain and a bit of wind. Driver's sister, up in Northern AL, got only a bit of wind, not a drop of rain.

Your friends and family that are getting quilts are truly blessed; I hope they all appreciate the love and care that went into the creation of such beauties. Matthew is looking mighty fine in his mask, definitely a chick magnet for sure.

Take care, hugs from all us East Coasters!