Quilting Progress

It's a sad morning in Cat Land today. Sadie is getting her teeth cleaned, and so both kitties are fasting in solidarity. 

I'm fasting too because I'm getting a blood draw...just routine...and so no morning coffee for me. Sadie and I aren't happy campers, and Smitty is completely put out. He doesn't see why he can't have his treats.

* * * * * 

Pause here while time passes

* * * * *

And from there, I left to go to the doctor for my blood draw (two vials, thank you). Then I got some breakfast, and then I went grocery shopping. What a way to start the day...actually, I'd suggest not starting your day that way, but here we are. I'm drinking my second cup of coffee as I write this.

It was a productive day on the quilting front yesterday. I was hoping to get just some of the blocks quilted, and it ended up moving along quickly enough that I might be ready for a binding today. (Only I wrote that before I went for my blood draw, so maybe not.) I'm not a thread expert, and generally, I make my thread decisions based on color. For the Tuxedos, I'm using a black Bottom Line thread in the bobbin. Mainly, I'm reporting this for my own future reference, so bear with me.

This is a 60 weight thread.

And something tells me it's a bad idea to use different weights top and bottom, but I'm doing it anyway. On top, I'm starting with a black YLI machine quilting thread.

I'll use black in the blocks.

And then switch to a dark green for the rest.

In the blocks, I thought about doing some kind of filler in the background, but then I worried all those buttons were going to give me grief. So, I decided just to stitch around the outsides of the applique. Where there is a machine-stitched stem, I'm quilting up one side and down the other.

Where there are lots of buttons, I'm just avoiding those areas. I've stitched in the ditch around the outside of each block, and so there should be plenty of quilting to be functionally sound.

Switching to the green thread and moving on to the sashings, I did a convex curve inside most of the shapes, and then filled in some areas with a swoopity-whoopity-doo design. These are technical quilting terms, as usual, so try to keep up. You can remember the name of this one if you're old enough to remember that hair glue we used to use called "Dippity Doo." So anyway...here's what I'm talking about.

And I just kept going and going until I had the two vertical sashings finished. 

I'll start on the horizontal sashings today. I'll have to jump across that red diamond square. There are only three rows of sashings, and then I'll do something different around the outside edge.

From there, I quit for the day. We were out of our Skinny Cow ice cream bars, and so it seemed like an excellent excuse to bake a Skillet Cherry Cobbler for Two. I posted the recipe for this last month, I think.

It's so good. I posted on social media that this might have been my favorite dessert growing up. My mom usually made it with peaches, which were cheaper than cherries. My brother loved it with peaches, but I loved the cherries. It's just one of the ways my mom loved him best. Actually not. I never got the feeling she preferred one of us over the other. Nevertheless, I was always wishing she'd make it with cherries. Now I can make it whenever I want it, and I'm using the cherries in simple syrup I canned from our own cherries. And I'll add that this whole remembrance of desserts in my family made me miss them. I always knew I'd lose my parents one day, but I thought I'd have my brother for much longer. He passed away suddenly and unexpectedly in 2003. Of course, I miss him less so many years on, but it was devastating when it happened. Anyway...giving up blood in the morning puts me in a mood for lamentation.

Okay, so it must be my week for appointments. Mike and I are participating in a study at one of the local hospitals, and we'll both be giving up more blood on Thursday. I'll say more about it when it happens. And then Friday I'm getting my eyes checked. So, it's a busy week, and I'm going to be doing some canning too. It's good that the Tuxedos quilt is being so cooperative.

So I hope the rest of the day is a little more relaxing and peaceful, and I really hope your day started off better than mine. And poor Sadie...well, the day isn't over for her.

9 comments from clever and witty friends:

Quilting Babcia said...

Tuxedos is coming along wonderfully. Poor little Sadie, I hope they don't keep her overnight. It's always so traumatic when they have to visit the vet.

Janis said...

Thanks for showing the close ups of a couple of the cat blocks in your tuxedo quilt - so darn cute! I already liked that quilt - like it even better now that I've got a good look at what you've done with those cats! Hope all went well with Sadie's appointment today.

Lyndsey said...

The quilting is looking good. Poor Sadie, no one likes a trip to the vet or doctors. Scamp had his teeth done earlier this year and was grumpy for several days afterwards. He's got his annual check up and shots next week and next month is Casso's turn.

Becky Griffith said...

Looks like using different weight thread in the top and bobbin is working out for you. I do it all the time....I use forty weight Magna Glide bobbins almost exclusively....they are pricey but that tiny magnet holds it in the bobbin case just right and they are virtually “plug and play” for me. Right now I have a quilt on the frame using one with 100 wt MicroQuilter on the top.
Love your Tuxedo quilt!

piecefulwendy said...

Today is my grocery/Target run day. Sigh. I'm sitting here, calculating whether I could put it off just a bit longer. Tuxedo Tales is looking good so far. When I stitched the coneflower, I used 12 wt thread with 50 wt in the bobbin and it worked well, so hopefully your differing weights will do well too. I seriously need a small cast iron skillet, because we really need that cherry dessert. Yum!

Carole @ From My Carolina Home said...

No fun to have all those medical things going on. I use Bottom Line a LOT, always with a different weight in the top and never had a problem. I love Bottom Line, it goes so much farther in the bobbin, meaning fewer stops to reload and it is strong enough to take the high speed of longarming.

MissPat said...

Many quilters use Bottom Line in the bobbin and a different heavier weight on top. I don't think it's a problem, although it's a good idea to do a sample section and check the tension. But since you've already quilted a lot of it, you must be doing okay. Hope the kittie dental work went well and that everyone is back to normal eating habits.

Danette said...

Thanks for the cherry cobbler recipe. I copied and pasted and printed it out. Looks delicious! And I love cherried, too (that is, over peaches).

Magpie's Mumblings said...

Poor Sadie! Poor you, too! All that blood letting isn't fun as I well know. I'm facing the much-dreaded pap test (no special reason for dreading it so don't worry - just the general angst over going anywhere near medical places these days) and on the same day, just to add insult to injury, I'm getting two jabs in the arm - one for shingles and one for pneumonia. Those aren't supposed to be fun either so I'm feeling a big case of 'poor me' coming on.