Sewing and Planning

With Eliza still in the shop, I've been undecided about what to do next. But you might recall I was in the middle of making some masks when I stopped the day before. So, it made sense to finish those off. The person these masks were made for requested a western theme

When those were finished, I needed to clean up some. I had fabric thrown everywhere, which is what happens when I go digging through my scrap bins. Also, I had five yards of this paint fabric that needed to be sewn into a quilt back for the Paintbox Pizzazz quilt. There's enough color in that quilt, I wanted something not too flashy for the back. I think I hit the mark with this. It might be a little more boring than I'd hoped. On the other hand, a colored thread might look great on the back.

Also, I'm getting some small projects ready for our camping trip next week. To that end, I printed off the image of the Tin Cup Store into a large format and gathered up all the supplies I'd need to make a pattern. That won't be enough to keep me busy though, and so I made up the next Snowflake for embroidery. There are two left to finish on this project, and this was the first one I pulled from the sleeve. This is actually the 12th snowflake. Snowflake #11 will need to wait. I'll be doing this one in blues, metallic blue, and metallic gold. It should be pretty when it's all finished.

Okay, and so then, Smitty and I had a little discussion about what I should do next. I'd thought about getting a head start on finishing the August flimsy listed on the white board. Smitty had other ideas.

I'd really purrfur you finish up the quilting on some of your to-be-quilted quilts.

I've been trying to quilt two quilts per month. With Eliza gone, I'm forced to stick with the smaller quilts that can be done on my domestic machine. It made sense to sandwich and quilt Pink Lemonade. This quilt will be donated to Quilts for Kids when it's finished. 

So I found a nice sized piece of scrap batting and got her sandwiched. I need to check the dimensions on this quilt. It might be a little small for Quilts for Kids. If it is, I can always add a quilt-as-you-go border to it. The back is plenty big enough to add a couple of inches on if I need to.

For now, I'm just doing a straight line diagonal grid. I'd done about three lines in each direction when I needed to stop for the day.

Mike was busy outside finishing off the insert for the catio window in the truck camper. It looks good, no?

So you can see we have camping on our minds right now. I'll have some time for sewing today, but I need to start thinking about food for our trip. I have some frozen dinners to take along, but there are breakfast and lunch to think about, and lists to make. I'll spend some time on that today before I get back to my sewing. There's also weeding and watering to do. So far, there are still cherries on the tree, but they're not ready for picking. I'm really hoping they'll hold off until we get back from our trip. 

Our weather could improve some, and that would be plenty okay by us. So far it's been nothing but gloom for most of the summer. The veggies are crying out for some warmth to help them grow.

10 comments from clever and witty friends:

Sandra W said...

I've heard (in Canada anyway) that parts for Bernina machines aren't shipping. I guess that's because there aren't any. My dealer has 115 machines on his shelves, waiting for parts. My B770 needs maintenance but for now it'll have to wait. I also have a travelling machine-- B435 which is still like new.
I think your gray paint fabric is wonderful. May I ask where you got it?
Kona black is in short supply in Canada too. They do make a premium black which is great if you can find it. A lot of people complain about Kona being a little rough--which it is) but the colour selection always wins me over.

Margaret said...

Have you considered using a bright variegated thread on your Paintbox Pizzazz? It would look awesome! And, by the way, I‘d love to send you some of our hot, hot temperatures. We’re kind of over these 90+ degree days here in mid Michigan.

Kate said...

I like your gray backing fabrics, it should show off the quilting detail beautifully. Hope you've made good progress on both the food and stitching project prep for your trip. I'll trade you some sunshine and heat for a bit of rain and the cool. It's been unusually humid here this summer, which has made the heat really unfun.

Carol- Beads and Birds said...

It seems like a lot of things are in short supply these days. I'm glad I have a healthy fabric stash. Our move to CA is completed though there are still boxes with guts that need to find a place to reside in my sewing room. We have been here two months and have only seen a small shower. Actually I didn't see it because it happened while a took a nap. This place is a different world. I am 1/2 way between Bakersfield and Tehachapi. I suspect we won't come down from our mountain much until Covid is under control.
xx, Carol

piecefulwendy said...

Oh, if only I could send some of our heat your way, along with the humidity. Your veggies might like that more than I do! That snowflake is a pretty one. Hope your camping prep goes smoothly!

Nancy said...

Well, Smitty is always right so it's best to follow his advice. I like the gray backing fabric very much. Colored thread will show nicely on it. There is never an end of tasks and lists and tasks is there? Nice that you'll have projects ready to travel.

Vicki in MN said...

I am curious, what do you use to trace your embroideries onto your fabric?

SJSM said...

Nice day. It appears you did a little bit of everything. My Bernina 730 came home. It appears what broke was an item he had in stock....the original stock delivered circa 2008? when the machine was introduced. He said that repair was the first of the kind for him. I feel lucky. I ordered another Bernina item not stocked and found known of those items are in the USA. A shipment from Switzerland is scheduled in the next week and due to customs etc the estimated delivery date is July 29. I’m glad it is an extra goodie and not holding up a repair.

I am very interested in hearing about your Tin Cup quilt process. Do keep us in the loop. Seeing how decisions are made to create is a very interesting subject to me. I love seeing how ideas are made into reality.

Hope the cherries wait for you.

Magpie's Mumblings said...

I think maybe I could share a bit of warmth with your plants right about now. 95F here today with the humidity making it feel like between 10 and 15 degrees hotter. No rain in sight either. Your next snowflake will be so pretty in those colours. And nice to know you have Smitty there to keep you on track with your projects.

kc said...

Good thing Smitty is so helpful like that! I am using a pale yellow on a dark green back, first time EVER I didn't exactly match the back. It's turning out so so pretty, and I'm really glad I chose the contrasting color.

Excited to see number 12 flake, brave, using metallic.

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