A "Try Again" Day

We ended up running all over town yesterday, beginning with a trip to the vet for the kitties. We were sorry to disturb Sadie from her morning slumber, but we had appointments to keep.

She's always the hardest to catch, and so I scooped her up and put her into her carrier. While I was tracking Smitty down (who was onto us by now), Sadie figured out that I hadn't latched the carrier door and escaped. Try again. Eventually, we had them both corralled and off we went.

They both got their immunizations and a clean bill of health. Sadie still needs to return in a month to have her teeth cleaned. Poor Smitty, though. He has tender sensibilities about being caged and driven somewhere. On the way home, he heard the Call of Doody, and he had to answer. Fortunately, we put a puppy pad in the carrier for Mr. Sensitive Bowels. Nevertheless, it was seriously pew-miliating for him. He forgave us quickly when we gave him some treats in his bowl. Not Sadie, though. She didn't show herself for the remainder of the day. Finally, toward the end of our TV-watching and before we went to bed, she sat on my lap, and we got good snuggles and cuddles. This morning, all is well.

Okay, so while we were eating lunch, TAP Plastics called to say the catio window insert was ready. Fortunately, TAP Plastics is near where I needed to pick up Eliza from her spa treatment, and so we did that too. Sadly, the noise was still present in Eliza, and so she'll need to stay a little longer. Try again, we said. 

It was kind of worth the trip though because they had the most interesting quilts hanging on the wall. I took pictures to give you a kind of impromptu quilt show. But wait...who is that masked man?

And such a stylish mask, don't you think? Yeah...I made that one. Mike is pretty conservative. He won't let me make him anything with fun colors. Just your basic black and brown kind of guy. 

So anyway...the quilts. It was good to see them because I've been toying with an idea in my mind, about a quilt I'd like to try. Seeing these inspired me even more. So let's take a look, shall we? These are pieced quilts of buildings, villages, and streets. I have lots of pictures from our travels like the ones you see here, and I've thought many times about picking one and making a quilt from it.

I could do it in the style of the classes I've taken from Ann Shaw. She teaches the style of Ruth McDowell. She has always said the technique doesn't work well for landscape quilts, but I think it could work with images that have lots of straight lines, as these do.

It occurred to me after we left the store, there may be a class associated with these quilts. I'll have to ask when we go back to pick up Eliza again.

Sorry for the blur in these next images. I was taking pictures with my phone, and these are cropped from larger images.

I especially like the colors in this next one.

Okay, so here's my idea. I keep thinking about this next image of the Tin Cup Store I took when we road our ATV's to the ghost town last September. For one thing, I love the red color.

Ann Shaw always uses crazy fabrics in the quilts we make in her class. I don't see any reason why one couldn't use the same technique to make quilts with more realistic fabrics and colors. I love this image for the details you can see. The elevation of more than 10k feet, the name of the store cut from old license plates, and the Colorado license plate with the visible number on the right.

Also, the log bench out front with the store name carved into it. Look closely at the support on the right, and you can see the name of "Bill" there too. The details would be easy to add with thread.

We're getting ready for a camping trip next week. We're taking the small truck camper, and so I won't be taking my sewing machine. I told myself on previous trips, however, that this is a good opportunity to draw a pattern from a photograph, and so I've printed this image off in the largest format I have (13 x 19 inches). The items I need don't take up much space, and it'll give me something to work on while we're gone. Of course, I'll be taking along some embroidery too. 

And to finish off our running-all-over-town story from yesterday, we picked up the insert for the catio window at TAP Plastics, and then went to the hardware store to pick up the tiny screws to attach the door flap. After coming out of the hardware store, Mike checked the plastic insert again, and realized it wasn't cut properly. That meant driving the distance back to TAP Plastics. Try again, we said. They fixed it while we waited, but honestly. It was feeling like a day of disappointment, and sewing time was waning. Oh well.

On the embroidery front, I finished the 14th of 16 blocks for "I Believe in Snowmen" yesterday.

I just barely got started on the next block, but it shouldn't take long.

So there was almost no time for sewing yesterday. On a happier note, some fabric I ordered arrived. I didn't have an appropriate back for Paintbox Pizzazz. When I went online shopping for something, I found fabric in short supply. Most everything I liked was sold out, and so I grabbed up this gray "paint" fabric while I could.

It seems a little boring, but the quilt has lots of color on the front, and so I'll probably use it anyway. Smitty helpfully put his paws there for scale.

Also, I realized recently I was nearly out of solid black fabric. I use it a lot, and so I keep a good supply on hand. The Kona black was sold out, but I was able to get some Bella black. I've never been happy with the Kona fabrics. They fray badly, in my humble opinion. I'm hoping I'll like this Bella solid better. There are five yards, and so it should last a while.

There was only about half an hour left in the day for sewing, and so I was able to get the last three masks to adding-the-elastic stage. They should be quick to finish this morning.

Probably, I'll make a trip into town today to mail off all this stuff I've been sewing. So far during the month of July, I haven't sewn a single stitch of my own sewing. All my time up to now has been spent sewing for others. I'm happy to do it, and I'll be glad to get back to my own stuff. Sadly, quilting won't be on the list for at least another couple of weeks. They said they'd give Eliza top priority, but we'll be gone next week. Even if I get her back this week, there won't be time for any quilting.

Okay, so what will I do instead of quilting? That is the question. I'm not really ready to go back to Jenny's Flower Garden yet, so maybe I'll get a head start on finishing up August's assigned quilt top. I've been working on "And On That Farm," since September of 2016. This is the picture of the quilt from the pattern cover:

All of the blocks are finished, and so I'll need to make the ducks in the lower right-hand corner, and then do the applique to create the border. With that finished, I'll be ready to sew it all together. I've been putting this off for a while, but I'd like to get it sewn into a finished flimsy. Now seems like a good time.

Within the next couple of days, I'm going to have to get laser focused on our upcoming camping trip. I need to figure out food, mainly, and that usually means doing some cooking. More on that later.


Julierose said...

thanks so much for he quilt show--very inspiring. I love that style, too.
I find myself in a kind of funk where quilting is concerned
these days...finishing up seems to have finished me up, too...;(((

well, time for a little break probably...
Hope you have good weather for your journey...
~ ~ ~ waving from afar julierose

Cathy said...

I’ve had the same fraying experience with some of the Kona fabrics. Although I use their black, white and reds almost exclusively, I’ve had problems with some of the blues and the white sometimes. Figure that one out! Sorry they didn’t fix Eliza correctly the first time. Don’t these technicians test the machines when they “finish”? But enough complaining. The quilts were really interesting. I especially liked the African one, and it reminds me that I still have some of the fabric with the figures on it. Your cat-catching escapades sound like ours when it’s time for the dreaded annual checkup. But don’t worry; you only mess up the cage latch one time. After that, it’s indelibly noted in your memory.

Vroomans' Quilts said...

Oh poor meows!!! Luckily it is only one day in the year for such truama. Love the happened upon quilt show/display. Our guild had a class on Ruth McDowell's technique to do 'houses' and was well received by members. Amazed us how everyone's piece was so different.

piecefulwendy said...

How disappointing to have not only one, but two stops that needed do-overs. Especially Eliza. Will be fun to see you work your way through the Tin Cup Store project; I think you are on to something, and it will be fun to work on. John is the same with masks - just basic colors, thanks. Nothing fun. I'm going to try a new design for my next one and see how I like it. Might get that done today.

Magpie's Mumblings said...

Some try again days and just plain trying! Too bad your machine isn't fixed though - that has to be beyond frustrating. Of course you know I love that image of the Tin Cup Store - that would be so much fun to create in fabric. Can't wait to see what you do!! And thank you for the quilt show too - it was fun to see all the different houses/buildings.

QuiltGranma said...

Aw, kitties in carriers! Loves to them. Glad it isn't as hard to get us to go to the Dr. for checkups... well maybe!

Natureluvr57 said...

Today is going to have a heat index of 105 so I'll be sewing today. Making lots of pinwheels using the Star Singles I bought. I really like them since I can draw a straight line better than sew one on particular days. Still not fail proof with getting those points in the center-I use the stab the center with a pin method and it's never spot on. One always seems to be just a tad off but they're acceptable. I don't really care for Kona either. I like Bella better so it will be interesting to see what your opinion is. I even bought the book of Bella color swatches since I usually order it online. I can see the true color because I hate to order it and it's not the color they show online. I love the gray fabric because it looks like someone painted with watercolors. Not as boring as solid gray would be. Off to sew I go

Kate said...

Sorry Eliza still isn't in tip top shape yet. Hopefully your get in some good stitching time while you are prepping for your next trip.

CA Bobbie said...

I also find Kona fabric frays terribly. The LQS usually pushes the Kona and when I mention the fraying they always respond with an "oh really" ! It's a bit more but I usually resort to Michael Miller fabrics. I hope I've solved the "no-reply" problem. rjc2camatgmaildotcom

Sherrie said...

Love the snowman block...I've been collecting snowmen...I want to make a Christmas quilt someday...I like the gray "paint" fabric...gray is so
usable in quilting. Have a great day!

Karrin Hurd said...

Love your snowman. Thanks so much for the virtual quilt show, beautiful!