Looking at Luna

The day didn't go exactly as I thought it would yesterday. I've been on the hunt for some new slippers since discovering the sole coming loose on the right toe of mine. It's only a matter of time before I fall flat on my face and knock out my front teeth. We looked while we were grocery shopping on Tuesday, but found pretty slim pickings at our local megamart. Mike was on his way out yesterday morning when I decided to go with him.

You might remember the fancy pet door he created for the catio window of our fifth wheel.

If you haven't been reading for long, just know that the kitties travel with us when we go on RV trips. They have a little catio (basically a kennel that hangs on the side of the RV), so they can enjoy the outside. When the catio is open, the window is also wide open, and that can make for some chilly evenings....or some hot days, depending on whether you're running heat or A/C. So, clever Mike created this plexiglass cover for the window and installed a kitty door. The kitties can roam in and out, and it keeps us warmer (or cooler) inside.

So that's all well and good, but the kitty door doesn't fit the window in our truck camper. We have a trip planned in a week or so, and we need one for that window too. Yesterday's trip was to TAP Plastics, where they will cut plexiglass to shape and size. Mike designed this whole thing, but he'll need for them to create the plexiglass, and then he'll attach the kitty door. Clever, huh? And all of that to say I decided to ride along. 

I wanted to go to Target and look for some slippers there. We didn't find any slippers. Is there a shortage or slipper hoarding I don't know about? On the other hand, we did score some wipes! Yahoo! We've been looking for these since March! Funny how the pandemic is making us aware of how much we enjoy the little things in life, isn't it? Only one to a customer, please.

So, man, if nothing else good happened the whole day, it was going to be a good day. But then, I finished up Luna's pawtrait collage. I didn't expect to get her this far, but there she is.

There's still a lot to do on this. I need to add shading and details with thread, and I need to decide what the background will look like. In her photograph, she's sitting on a table or a counter or something. Or maybe it's just the floor. It doesn't matter.

Usually I make the backgrounds from whole cloth, but I think hers may end up being pieced to create the table. Also, all the pieces will be top-stitched with invisible thread, and then I'll use different colors of cotton thread to "fuzz" her up some. And, of course, there will be whiskers and eyebrows. So there's plenty more to do before she'll be finished.

Sadie huffed out of the sewing room in disgust. She doesn't see why I'd have any interest whatsoever in making pawtraits of other cats when I have such a beautiful kitty right here in my own home.

She forgets I already did her pawtrait some time ago.

Well, what about Smitty? Huh?

Well, yes, I've already done Smitty too.

Smitty might need an update of his pawtrait. He was only about a year old when I did his, and now he's a more mature cat. You should be careful visiting the Three Cats Ranch. Someone might create a fabric version of you and then...well, you know...identity theft.

So finally, finally, finally I'm getting my pedicure today. The last time I had a monthly pedicure was back in November, and so I've missed quite a few monthlies in the meantime. I've missed this little monthly self-indulgence. My appointment is smack in the middle of the afternoon, and so that's probably going to cut into my sewing time today. Also, we're having the kids up for the Fourth of July on Saturday, and so there will be cooking tomorrow and the next day. I'm hoping to fit in some sewing time in all of that, but I may not get back to Luna until Sunday. We'll see how it goes.

What about you? Any plans for this scaled down Fourth of July celebration?

12 comments from clever and witty friends:

Julierose said...

No celebrations here; just the two of us--well, that can be a celebration too, right:)))?
Anyway, I love the pawtraits--beautiful job on these--it is quite a process --the final stitches on your two kitties really adds so much...
I think your version of Luna really captures her expression beautifully...nice work...
Hugs from afar (which is more than I can say about walkers here--crowding right through you!!W/O masks of course...)
Julierose (dispirited by all these "special" people)

Quilting gram211 said...

Awww. Luna is so pretty already!

Debbiegsp said...

Do you do “pawtraits” for customers? Your skill is amazing! The eyes look so life-like. What a treasure for the cat’s person!

Dorothy said...

I to have not been able to find "hand wipes" until this week. Also at Target, also only 1 to a customer. I have "plenty for in the house, but needed one for the car that would sit in door pocket. Target to the rescue this week. I am in love with Luna's pawtrait. But then you do all of the pawtraits so well

SJSM said...

It’s good to have Mike around. He is clever and talented in creating a more livable environment. We must hire cleverness and maintenance work as our talent does not run that deep. We were invited to a friends house for gathering with tables socially distanced. We declined due to the number of people invited. If everyone RSVP to come there would be close to 20 people. Almost all outside of our social bubble so too many variables going on. We hope to gather within our bubble but no plans yer. We are still in a high contact area for the virus.

piecefulwendy said...

A pedicure - I'm so jealous. Happy 4th - enjoy your time with your family! Luna is coming along nicely!

Sue said...

I think slippers ar pretty slim pickin's this time of the year- it seems like they start getting stocked in the fall. Love your pawtraits.

Sandra W said...

You have to buy slippers near Christmas and stockpile them. I learned this years ago. I always buy at least 2 pairs. Have you checked Amazon? I can usually find them there. Sometimes you can find them in the lingerie section of large department stores. Tender Tootsies and the like.
In Canada we have our July 1 holiday and we usually have our Michigan friends visit our cottage. They are former Canadians and good friends. My husband went to kindergarten with the husband! But with the virus this is the first time in a decade they won't be coming. So that's how we marked the holiday.

pilch92 said...

Good score on the wipes. I love all your cat quilts, so beautiful.

Magpie's Mumblings said...

Lucky you to find wipes at the store - I've only found them once since this entire thing started. Good thing I already had a couple containers of them in my storeroom. Hopefully I find some soon though. Luna's portrait is looking wonderful already and brilliant handy hubby to think of a pet door for your camper.

Nancy said...

Lovely portrait quilt! Impressive. I love the "catio" for them- it really makes things homey and interesting for the felines. Have a fun trip.

QuiltGranma said...

Beautiful pawtraits! Perhaps you might need to learn how to make your own slippers. That is what I am considering as well, since nearly my whole sole is loose!