Sowing, Not Sewing

It was such a beautiful day yesterday, but hot in the sun. When we'd finished our afternoon comings and goings, we checked the temperature.

And it was even hotter in the valley. I haven't checked the local newspaper, but it might have been the hottest day so far this year.

We spent the morning and a good part of the day putting in our vegetable garden. We have a large garden plot, but we only planted half of it. We're growing corn, green beans, beets, and zucchini here. In the greenhouse, we'll have lettuce and tomatoes. We broadcast wildflower seeds on the back half of the garden, there where Farmer Mike is in the photo below. It'll give the soil back there something to do while the front half grows vegetables.

I posted that picture to social media, and then took no end of grief for saying we were "starting small" for our first garden in eight years. But you'd have to see our previous gardens to understand...really, this seems small. Here's an image of our garden back in 2007.

Yeah...who needs a farmer's market when you have one in your own backyard? A garden this size is a lot of work, and I gave up trying to tend it myself. Now that Mike is home full-time, we may get back to that some day. Of course, we're older now too. So...maybe not.

By day's end, the fence was complete. Mike is still working on getting the automatic sprinkler system set up. For the time being, we'll just set a rainbird and turn it on and off manually. (Oh, the humanity!)

It was nice to get dinner at a restaurant after working in the heat all day. Seated at our table, this was our view. There were other diners seated around us, but we were upwind of everyone else. It felt very safe. All wait staff were wearing masks.

We were at the historic Joel Palmer House in Dayton, Oregon, a small town, about half an hour away from where we live.

I've written about the Joel Palmer House in previous posts, but here'a  little blurb from the menu about the house, Joel Palmer, and the restaurant. Mushrooms are their specialty.

Dinner started with this little "amuse," a carrot tartare. It was like a pickled carrot relish...so tasty. And that's a little grated morel mushroom on top.

No visit to this restaurant is complete without a serving of their wild mushroom soup. It is delicious.

And then, to cleanse our palates, this was a little shot glass with two flavors of gazpacho. We were told we could sip it or take it as a shot. We sipped ours to make it last a little while.

For our main course, I had the Angel Hair Pasta with langostino and dungeness crab. The little red fibers on top are chiles. Delicious.

Mike had their beef stroganoff. We tasted one another's. They almost look like the same dish, but they tasted very different.

For dessert, I had a melon curd tart. That's a little piece of candied bacon on top. It might seem strange until you realize that the Italians like prosciutto with their melon. The two go together beautifully.

Mike had a chocolate and peanut butter mousse. I'll admit the mousse was tempting to me as well.

And then, as we were getting ready to leave, they brought us a couple of little mojito truffles. Yum.

Before coming upstairs to write my post, I held my breath checking on the peony. Nope. 

Now it's a race to see which of these will open first.

Bringing up the rear, the lavender is getting ready to pop open. It's already smelling so good. Lavender is one of my favorite fragrances.

We're expecting more warm weather today. I'll have a few outdoor things to do, wetting things down and filling the bird feeders. Also, I need to make a quick trip to the grocery store. We have food to get us through the weekend, but I need to pick up a couple of things. After that, I'll get back to my sewing.


Julierose said...

Happy your dinner went well and you could relax while enjoying
the meal...looks amazing...
Have a great weekend...

Cathy Smith said...

Ha! Great minds think alike! When I am outside chatting with the appropriately distanced neighbors I mentally calculate whether I am upwind, crosswind or downwind (arrgh!). If needed, I reposition myself without being too obvious about it. Who would EVER have thought we'd live like this? Grrrrrr!


it's going to be a nice little garden and I bet you get lots of veggies from it--so you go girl!!
Glad your dinner out went well--too--
and I 'battled' the grocery store yesterday myself--
and everybody was pretty good and most nearly everyone had on a mask--except the lady who checked me out--which did not make me a happy camper--all the other store people had them on--!! Same way in the Dollar Tree when I went in for some organizing containers--that clerk did not have one on either--what????? course everyone thinks this is over--not me--we aren't done yet--and here in Florida we have a ton of tourist--and Wed the space shuttle was suppose to go up--the crowds where massive and many many were from other states all standing side by side and hardly any masks on--crazy people!!
ok enough rambling on for now--(you know I am just putting off what I really need to be doing--cleaning!!)
luv, di

Vroomans' Quilts said...

A small garden can still produce a LOT of goods. I like the idea of sowing the rest with wildflowers - they are a gift as well. Dinner looks delish and how great to get out. Our Gov has delayed our next phase and that has a lot of communities up in arms. We are tired of being armlocked with the CITY.

SJSM said...

That is a perfect kind of day (except no sewing). Whenever I work that hard then have a meal where it is relaxing and a mouthful of exquisite tastes it seems so much better. No guilt for the calories and pure pleasure for the meal. And look how your trees have grown! Is that a neighbor's house in the far background? Your property pictures of today make it feel like you are spaced further apart.

Hopefully the protests last night did not do major damage to the city. We heard pops, helicopters, booms and sirens until quite late. The freeway was shut down for a few hours earlier when protesters walked on and smashed a couple of car windows. Eventually they were herded back to the streets.

piecefulwendy said...

Thanks for sharing the photos of your lovely dinner. Oh my, that food looks so good, and it's presented so beautifully! I do understand the smaller garden. My FIL has a substantial garden each year, which is partly why we don't have one. He has plenty to share, and love to share, so we benefit from him. He loves to work his garden! We have cooler temps here, low 60s, but still nice. I like mornings when there's a little chill in the air.

Lyndsey said...

You garden patch looks a good size and should give you a good return. It's good to fit the size to age and energy levels. My parents had a huge garden but as the got older they reduced the vegetable patch and increased the grass and shrubs. Your dinner looks delicious and so beautifully presented.

bcarlf said...

Has anyone sent you the YouTube link to the awesome video of the engineer devised squirrel obstacle course? If not, reply and give me your email address for me to send you the link. I had no idea those creature were that smart.

Dorothy said...

Candied bacon ?? My kind of dessert. Happy Anniversary

Carole @ From My Carolina Home said...

Looks like a fabulous meal, heaven to be able to eat out again!!