Redding, California

When I signed off yesterday, I didn't realize we were going to be well north of our location this morning. Here's what happened. Well...as you know, the weather was just terrible. It was even snowing. We were intrepid Oregonians though. We were going to see those last two gold rush towns if it killed us. And we were really brave, bold, and adventurous...until we got out on the road and realized the snow was coming down a little more threateningly than our stomachs could handle. Within one mile of the RV, we said in unison, "We should leave." And let me just tell you, when we decide to leave, we can be so outta there in no more than about 20 minutes. We could probably do it in less time if we were trying to get out of the path of a tornado. (Heaven forbid.) So anyway...we discussed it with the tour guide, and we were on our way.

Good morning. My name is Smitty, and I have appurroved this message.

So we headed north. We drove for many miles in blowing rain until, near lunch time, a spot of sunlight appeared on the mountains in the distance.

The weather continued to improve, but there was still far to go. We saw lots of barns along the way. I especially like this first one for the many birds on the wire above the barn.

They aren't the best pictures, but they're the best pictures I could take from a speeding automobile.

When there were no barns within our line of sight, it was because we were passing by groves of trees. Some had no leaves, and hadn't yet bloomed.

Some were fully leafed out.

Some were babies.

Also, we saw more of this. Something tells me I have a close-up image of this somewhere if I could find it. I believe we saw it one spring when stopped at a rest area near Mt. Shasta.

When we pulled into our RV park for the night, this was our view across the interstate.

Smitty hadn't been outside in days, and he couldn't wait to get his harness on and soak up the waning rays of sunlight. Also, the grass here is delicious! The CSA grass we're bringing him is fine, but there's nothing like a good nibble of grass in the wild. California is a legal state...just want to make that clear.

Sadie watched from the balcony.

Purrdonne-moi...I didn't mean to turn my back on you.

She's been taking French lessons from Pepe Le Pew. (Please tell me you're old enough to remember Pepe Le Pew.)

So I'll close with the message we saw on every signboard we passed on Interstate 5.

No fooling around any more, my friends. It's getting crazy ugly out there. It's going to be good to be safe at home. Today we're heading for an Oregon State Park, and I know we won't have internet access there. So, I'm signing off for a few days. When I write again, we'll be home.


Julierose said...

Stay safe on your journey homeward....I love the barn pix....
hugs and Godspeed...Julierose

Linda said...

You had such a pretty view from your park! Have you had much snow on your past trips? I'm glad you took your tour guide's advice and hope you have a safe, easy trip home.

Susan said...

Yes, I remember Pepe Le Pew. Thanks for the travelogues.

QuiltShopGal said...

I do remember Pepe Le Pew too! He was one of my favorites. Glad to know Smitty is enjoying only legal grass. I'd hate to see him get arrested and have to deal with a criminal record. I look forward to hearing from you are home and safe.

Dorian said...

Those beautiful purplish-red bushes are called Redbud. They are native to this area and bloom all over the upper northstate :)

piecefulwendy said...

Safe travels, you two! It is getting crazy ugly out there, so home will be a welcome place for all of you. And yes, I remember Pepe Le Pew! Ha! I thought of you the other day when we were in Florida and walked through a botanical garden. In your honor, I took pictures of every blooming thing. I might even do a post!

Nancy in IN said...

Thank you for your tour. I so enjoy seeing what you see.
Be safe. Prayers for your journey.

Snoodles said...

Boing, boing, boing, Pepe Le Pew is the best! Ahhhh, cherie.....haha!
Stay safe, dear!

Beth said...

Home is the place to be right now. We are hunkered down: humans, dogs, cats, horses, goats, and one chicken who refuses to give us eggs in our hour of need. (She would not have lasted long on my grandmother's farm, I keep telling her.)
You're not alone in remembering Pepe Le Pew--I bestowed that moniker on a well-deserving mutt last night. Stinker!

QuiltGranma said...

Aren't you glad Sadie isn't a black and white kitty to have to fight off the unwanted attentions of Pepe? Hope they let you in the Oregon border... many are closed now.