Boulder City, Nevada

This was my view yesterday morning as I wrote my blog post...as it is every morning, including this morning.

Yesterday's drive was just over 200 miles, and so we were in no hurry to leave. I had some time to stitch up the day's inchy. This one was easy...just a buttonhole stitch around the outside edge.

There isn't a lot to tell you about yesterday. It was a day of driving on a long straight road. We were backtracking the way we came from Las Vegas.

The Mojave Desert is pretty here. This is the area where Joshua Trees are growing.

Also, I got some better pictures as we passed by the Pahranagat National Wildlife Refuge.

This is the upper lake.

There are some marshy areas. Sometimes you can see deer, elk, or moose in areas like this.

We didn't see anything coming or going...not even many birds at this time of year.

This is the lower lake.

At both sections, we passed by a sign that read it was a "major deer crossing area."

I can believe whole herds cross the road here to drink at the lake.

Shortly after lunch, we reached Boulder City. I knew it was Boulder City because of the "BC" on the hillside to our north.

We've stayed at this park many times before. On a previous visit, we toured Hoover Dam. You can read all about our day at Hoover Dam right here. Mike noted last night that when we head south from here, we'll be crossing over this tall scary bridge. We should have a good view of the dam from there.

But getting back to the RV park, we have a nice open space here. That's us on the left.

Since we haven't been in close proximity to a grocery store since before we left Pahrump, we had no food for dinner, and we drove into the historic part of Boulder City. It was lit up pretty last night.

This was the object of our desire. We've eaten at Boulder Dam Brewing Co. before.

So, this post started with kitties and it will end with kitties. I wanted to show you what happens when we arrive at a new location. To explain, the kitties ride in the bedroom when we go down the road. It's the smoothest ride for them. The bedroom door needs to be closed as we go down the road, but it serves the purpose of allowing me to do some things when I enter the RV without having to worry about escapees. They have access to their food and water and their potty box. On either side of the bed there are cubbies, and they each take up refuge, either alone or together. When we reach a new location and activate the stabilizing jacks, they know they'll be released soon. Incidentally, we sometimes enter the RV just to use the bathroom. They don't come out for those short stops... they seem to be triggered by the sound of the jacks coming down.

So with the scene described, I need to wait for the RV to automatically level before I open the door and bring down the steps. When I come in the door, I first open the room slides. It's a tight squeeze in the RV before the slides are opened, and I remove the catio to the outdoors before I let them out. Meanwhile, they are meowing and scratching at the door in excitement. When the door opens...stand back! It's as if they are shot from guns! So I tried to capture it with video. This isn't the best video. I'll try again at our next stop. Nevertheless, I shot it, and so I'm showing it. If you can't see the video, then click right here. Be sure to turn up your volume.

We're expecting rain today, although you'd never know it to look at the bright sunshine outdoors. Today we'll be taking care of "life" things...grocery shopping, running a few errands, and laundry. We'll have a day to relax tomorrow before moving on to Sedona the next day.

8 comments from clever and witty friends:

Cathy Smith said...

I see Sadie's eyes are closed in that first photo. Poor little thing is probably still SO embarrassed over the snoring video she can't even look at us! Hahaha!!!

QuiltShopGal said...

It looks like you found a really good spot in this RV Park. I hope there is a grocery store nearby. I enjoyed the video of the kitties being let out. They look like they have a definite routine and approve everything is in its' place and their new view is good too! Too cute. Enjoy your stay in BC.

Linda said...

I loved the kitties' video - it was like the running of the bulls! They are so pretty. Also enjoyed the inside look at your roomy digs - very nice!

Shari said...

Enjoying your trip. My cats have that shot out of a cannon run on occasion. What was the structure in the bridge picture that had what looked like three big platforms? Just curious. Enjoy!

Quilting Babcia said...

I think those kitty hammocks were the best addition to your home away from home ever! Just ask two contented cats, lol! Loved the video. I always liked that Nevada painted initials on the hillsides outside of each town. Long ago I used to climb "C" hill above Carson City at least twice a day with the young German Shepherd we had at the time. Especially nice on a foggy quiet Sunday morning when we couldn't see anything below, but hear the sounds of the town waking up. That was when the population was about 15,000 or so, long long time ago.

Carol- Beads and Birds said...

the kitty routine s an awful lot like the pooch routine at MY house. Except we get lots of jumping and barking as soon as the garage door goes up. One of us goes in to open the back door so the other can peacefully enter the house. Hard to believe your winter roaming is almost done.
xx, Carol

piecefulwendy said...

I think I might need to get Wilbur a window hammock, since he likes heights. He races through the house in the early morning hours, then takes over our bed for a nap after we are up. Looks like a lovely spot there - enjoy!

QuiltGranma said...

Love the hanging cat beds against the window. Ah, I do remember the thunder of elephants, er, kitties, in the house.