A Day to Do Nothing

There wasn't much going on here at the Traveling Three Cats Ranch yesterday. The temperatures warmed up a little from the day before, but not as hot as the previous two days. My plans included sewing, but then Mike was working on a project, and he was spread all over the interior of the RV. Since my sewing also likes to take up every flat surface, our projects were at odds with one another. In a show of great magnanimity, I gave him the time and space to finish what he was working on...mainly, because I wanted him to do it.

He installed a little filtered water spigot at the kitchen sink. We'd been using a Brita pitcher, which needed a new filter. And those things are expensive, so why bother when he had this project on his docket. Here's the "Before" image:

After Mike worked his magic...voila!

Nice, huh? And that space-hogging Brita pitcher is so outa here.

There was enough space for me to make up the fourth snowflake, but I won't start on this until I've done some more hand-quilting.

It's another addictive hand-stitching project. I'm loving the bead work on these. This next one will have these beads where the circles appear.

I've been using three colors of blue floss from my stash on these, but it's clear I'm going to run out. And we had a couple of errands to run, so I picked up a couple of skeins at JoAnn. (No JoAnn employees were harmed during this outing.) Also, Mike always has to make at least two trips to the hardware store whenever he's in the middle of a project. And then, we learned something yesterday that will make our life on the road so much easier at times. So here's what happened.

Without going into the whole sad story of our mail forwarding problems, I think we finally got it all sorted out yesterday. As it turns out, the post office has been forwarding our mail, but we weren't receiving anything from MyRVmail.com because I neglected to fill out a form required by the post office. And this meant another trip to Staples to print something. And, of course, the computers were down again at Staples. (Drat!) So we whined and complained and threw ourselves on the floor for a three-year-old-style tantrum, when a nice young man said something along the lines of, "Oh...well, just email it to us at Staples@printme.com, and we'll print it for you!" And we said in unison, "Huh?" (We're so very old and intellectually intact these days.)

Well, so here's the deal: You simply send your print project to that email address above...a pdf, in our case. Within a minute or so, you'll get a verification code by return email, and then you can take that code to any Staples store, punch it into one of their printers, and print your document. Whoa! Who knew? I'm telling you, I wanted to go right home and send another email with the novel I'm writing (which doesn't actually exist), so I could print that off right away. Also, it was cheaper because I only paid for the pages I printed, and not for the minutes I spent on their computer. Okay, so now I feel as if I have a new lease on life. Maybe the next time someone explains something to me, I'll say something more intelligent than "Huh?"

Okay, well, I was completely rejuvenated then, so I took a walk when we got back to the RV. These are some things I saw:

Looks like Garfield has spent a little too much time in the sun. But he's climbing a flag pole, so I suppose there's still some life left in the cat.

This one blooming thing. There was a dearth of blooming things along yesterday's path.

This bicycle is right at our own site. Mike thinks it belongs to the lady next door. It's actually at our site though.

Behind it is this hanging bird bath, all full of leaves and other debris. Wouldn't you think if someone went to the trouble of hanging a bird bath, they'd put it where they could see it, and keep it cleaned out? So, I have an idea these items were left behind by another traveler.

It was near the end of the day by then, and we were treated to a beautiful sunset.

Day is done. I so wish I could have taken a picture of the night sky after the sun set. I tried, believe me, but my pictures were all blurry. There was a little sliver of a moon...my favorite kind of moon, where you can see just the tiniest sliver, but you can also see clearly the spherical shape of the moon. Then, just above the moon, Venus was shining brightly. It was a beautiful evening.

Today I think I will get out my sewing machine and do some sewing. I have a couple of projects I could choose from, but I haven't made up my mind. I could sew my Tiny Tuesday blocks together. Here's the last picture I took of them before they were finished:

I need some fabric to finish them off. We're planning a trip to Oceanside tomorrow with a stop off at a quilt shop along the way, and so that's a real contender. I can still sew the blocks together, even without the fabric.

On the other hand, I could sew the "Stitch" sampler into a finished flimsy. There are actually two samplers I was planning to finish off by sewing the two together into a small runner. I'm not sure if I need more fabric for this one.

Or, on the other other hand, I could sew the Farm Fresh Eggs into a finished flimsy. Just as I was getting ready to include this, I realized I don't have it listed on my "In Progress" page, and so I don't know when I first started it. But let me tell you...it's been a while. The embroidery is finished, but I pulled fabrics and brought them along for sewing on the road.

If you've been paying attention, you might even remember I picked a backing fabric while we were on our last trip. This came from Cortez Quilt Company in Cortez, Colorado.

I'm kind of leaning toward the last one since I know have everything I need to finish it off. And while I've been typing this, I looked back over previous blog posts and figured out I started this on September 15, 2019. Now it's included in my "In Progress" page. Phew! Close call!

Okay, so lots to do, and decisions to make. What's going on in your sewing room right now?

11 comments from clever and witty friends:

Julierose said...

Well, "dolce far niente" here, too; I tried a bit (or what I laughingly call a bit) of sewing and my arm yelled at me still--so today is definitely "outta da room"!! (Notice all the Italian I learned on our trip lol)
Am re-reading The Umprov Handbook by Sherri Lynn Wood and U & U trying to get some brilliant idea of HOW (in the heck) to use Feb's orange scraps...that color makes me feel like I'm in a deep cavern (excavating for an idea!!).
Hugs-- beautiful sunset skies-- Julierose

Carol Evans said...

Since I can’t have another cat because of a daughter’s asthma, I’m making cat quilts out of all my scraps....nothing planned, just fabric sewed together and quilted. Luke never cared what the color or pattern was, he just loved to nap on them. So scrappy it is and a fun way to sew without following a pattern or for that matter, whether the points match or not. LOL.

Cathy Smith said...

I had to chuckle when I read about Mike's two trips to the hardware store. You can tell him one of Smitty and Sadie's loyal followers suffers the same affliction. Any "Oh, this should take 20 minutes" project around the house turns into three hours and two trips to the hardware store! I am well known to the lads at my local Ace!


Lovely post --love that sunset photo--wow!!!!
I am working on hand quilting last years Crabapple hill project for February--should finish it later today--this morning I finished coloring this years blocks--not to do that stinky stuff on it--then it will be already for Saturday, the first--and I got two wall hangings basted for hand quilting this afternoon--one is for the monthly challenge and is last years hand piecing one--want to get it done before this year's start, too--the other one is the Chmas block with wool designs I did in December--oh and a pair of socks are now at the foot part--just knitting around and around the needles for the lenght of the foot--all the hard parts are done--so I am keeping busy--now if I could just stay out of trouble--there always seems time to get into a bit of trouble here and there!!!!!
luv, di

Crew at Cabin Central said...

Beautiful sunset! My sewing table has the start of the "Have a Heart" pillow design from Beverly McCullough of Flaming Toes. I had to search high and low for the BH&G Quilts and More magazine for the pattern. I just finished a wall hanging for my Hand Clinic therapist where I go once a week to get my left pinky finger working after I sliced it on Thanksgiving day. I made her a wall hanging with the angelic symbol of healing and an applique hand. I will give it to her this Thursday during therapy. Thanks for sharing your zany adventures! I always look forward to reading your posts. I'm trying to get my blog back up and running and then I'll link you in. Deb

Joan G said...

Looks like you have some nice projects going! Because of one of your previous posts, I am participating in Project Quilting this year and what a blast it has been so far! As a newbie quilter, I am challenging myself to try new things, not always successfully, but it is fun. I am also participating in the Temecula blocks which started recently. I wondered if you went to that shop while in Temecula? Or maybe it is just all online. And finally, I am looking forward to Pat Sloan’s Childhood Games which should start today! Happy travels!

Linda said...

I'm enjoying your trip almost as much as you are. Isn't it nice to have more room on your counter, and good water? I'm still taking notes on your Snowflakes and have yet to trace or print mine. I'm considering using some old linens of my Mom's for the fabric. I'm being distracted by squirrels in my sewing room this week and resent any intrusion (vacuuming, cooking, laundry) into my sewing life. :)

piecefulwendy said...

That sunset photo actually made me jealous I wasn't camping; what a beautiful way to wrap up a day! We have nothing but grey skies here lately (whine). Those snowflakes are so cute. I've never sewn with beads, so I'm enjoying seeing your work. I seriously regret not joining in the Tiny Tuesday project. Your blocks are so fun! Thanks for the tip on printing at Staples; that's good to know!

SJSM said...

Reading your blog is a learning experience. Who knew about copying at Staples? Love the walk-around and your project list.

Today the sewing room gets back in shape after 5 days at a sewing retreat. I ran out of wooly nylon on several projects. It will be just a few seams to wrap those up and have 3 new tops to wear. From there I am hoping to follow DIYstyleshop in organizing my sewing room for a new year plan to get my sewing room purged and have an easier time in finding my tools, notions, fabrics and projects.

Enjoy your sewing day!

quiltzyx said...

The Resident Engineer did an outstanding job on the filtered water spigot - he gets a gold star for that one for sure!
Interesting about the printing at Staples. Unfortunately the 2 closest Staples to me have closed!
It's fun when you show your in-progress quilts again. Brings back memories!
Lovely sunset. I have seen a few good ones on my way home from work this last couple of weeks, but usually there are too many power lines & cars in the way. Oh well - Barbara to the rescue!!

barbara woods said...

you'll got a lot done for it to be a do nothing day