You and Me and Rain on the Roof

We could have picked a week with better weather for this trip, but it is what it is. After such beautiful weather on Sunday, the day we arrived, it was kind of surprising to have an entire day of rain yesterday. If we were the die-hard tent campers of our younger years, we would have packed up and headed for home already. In the RV, it just means plenty of time for slow-stitching. During yesterday morning's deluge, I turned the first two corners on my quilt binding.

There's also plenty of time for lap-sitting...

and napping. Where's Smitty? Does anybody know where Smitty is?

When the rain stopped for a couple of hours, and we were able to get out on the lake for a bit yesterday afternoon.

As we pulled away from our slip, we could barely see our camper through the trees.

With such gray skies, there isn't a lot of color in these pictures.

We just kind of motored around, appreciating our boat that now floats with its brand new fiberglass hull. It also got a new propeller out of the deal, and it goes faster than ever. Mike had to test this, of course. In our wanderings, we came across this seagull convention. It's a little bit surprising to find them this far inland. Must be storms at sea.

When the drizzle started to turn into more of a sprinkle, we headed back to the RV. Along the way, I took pictures of every blooming thing.

They have the most incredibly beautiful purple clematis here. Back home, we managed to kill our wisteria this spring, and so now we're considering whether to replace it with another wisteria, or perhaps one of these.

We kind of like the wisteria at the front door, and so I expect that's what we'll do. On the other hand, we may also plant one of these on a different wall. Now that Mike has seen this one in the flesh, he's convinced too.

We were planning to barbecue yesterday, but with such crappy weather, we stayed in. Still, we were in the mood for the skillet cookie I brought along, even though that was reserved for the barbecue day. This was an experiment since I was baking it in the convection/microwave. It looks good on the surface, but it was cookie dough inside. Still, it was delicious with vanilla ice cream, and we exhausted ourselves with man-this-is-so-good moaning. Definitely an O-O (oral orgasm).

So we're expecting better weather today, and no rain. As I write this, it's still quite cloudy. I turned the third corner on the quilt binding this morning. The binding is a little more than halfway complete, but the corners are 75% finished.

Smitty was napping peacefully in his cubby when the refrigerator alarm went off.

We've been having trouble with things freezing in the refrigerator. As I've been writing this, Mike has been trying to figure out what's wrong with it. Just now, he muttered, "Well, it looks like this thing fell down." Apparently, the thermostat fell down to the bottom of the refrigerator. It's supposed to be at the top where the warmest air is. Now it's been put back where it belongs, and hopefully, that will fix our problem.

So today's plan is to get out for some more boating. It may be the only day for it since we're expecting more rain the next couple of days. Oh well...we don't mind. There's plenty to do in the form of slow-stitching, consuming tasty refreshing beverages, eating good food, petting cats, and enforced relaxation. Despite the rain, we're having a good time.

7 comments from clever and witty friends:

Lyndsey said...

Good food,refreshing beverages, enforced relaxation and petting kitties, that all sounds like a perfect time and you've also got lots of slow stitching. OK I am seriously jealous! I also love the idea of some boating. The clematis is a gorgeous colour. We bought a similar one earlier this year and it has been growing and flowering ever since we got it home.

Julierose said...

Wonderful adventures--nice that you got a lot of the binding done; here the hot, sticky weather continues and is predicted to get even hotter each day and more humid (if that is possible!!). I got stuck on my legos--I added the last (I thought) red block and it just sticks out (red being so vivid and pushy!! haha) so i don't know what to do next..moving over to snowballs for a break...
(when you can't figure it out--let it rest awhile, right?)
Enjoy your trip...hugs, Julierose P.S. that clematis is amazing...

Jenny said...

Campers can have fun in the rain, stiching, reading, petting cats, cooking etc. And then go for a boat trip once the rain stops. Have fun on your trip.

piecefulwendy said...

At least you're making the best of it, and enjoying yourselves. Fun to see the kitties in the cubbies. We have had rain here too, lots of it. The humidity is off the charts. I think I'll walk inside today.

Sandra W said...

I'm sewing binding as well. I take ridiculously tiny stitches and can't bring myself to go bigger. I only do
40 inches and hour. My current project is 280 inches so it takes a long time. I also do a knot every inch.

QuiltGranma said...

Ah, you are just having too much fun relaxing! Gulls are not just for the sea, there are inland ones too. Out for a walk one day in Walla Walla, along the creek that runs next to the community college, I spied a field filled with gulls. Another walker wondered what they were doing there, my response was that they were "on a treasure hunt", which of course they were.

Kate said...

Sorry it's been so rainy on our trip. We had that problem when we went to Colorado. We still had fun and sounds like the weather isn't ruining your trip.