We had a much nicer day of weather yesterday. Although we don't mind the rain, coming to the lake with a newly refurbished boat really had us wanting to get out on the water some more. When we left the camper to go down to the lake, the kitties were sharing the catio.

It was a completely different day from the day before...sunny and warm.

We motored out to the middle of the lake and then just bobbed there for a couple of hours.

We watched a pair of ospreys diving for fish in the lake.

The water was warm enough for jumping in, but a little too cold for staying in. We just sat on the back of the boat and dangled our feet in the water. It was very refreshing.

Back at the camper, I finished off the second of the three I Believe in Snowmen blocks. I don't have an iron along, and so it's a little wrinkled.

Sadie was napping in the afternoon sun.

When it was time for dinner, it was nice sitting outside. This is the canopy overhead.

There are ripe red currants all around...a little too tart for eating straight from the bush.

Mike grilled some steaks, lobster tails, and corn on the cob. It was all delicious.

Our kitty friends joined us from the screen door.

We're expecting rain again today, but dry again tomorrow, and so it's been a mixed bag weather-wise. No worries, though. I'm just about to get going again on stitching the binding to the Solstice quilt. Maybe I'll turn that fourth corner today. A few of you have asked for pictures of the camper, and so I'm linking to a post I wrote after we bought it where I took you on a little tour. It's not as luxurious as the fifth wheel, but it's very comfortable. You can see for yourself right here.

Okay, so that's the news from Lake Wobegon. I'm off to do some slow-stitching. By the way, I still have a giveaway going on. Did you see that post? If you missed it, check it out right here.

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By the looks of those 'kitties' I am not sure who is enjoying this vacation more--them or you guys!!!!!!
luv, di

Vicki said...

Ha ha! Smitty's expression from the catio! Is that lobster I smell?

Fribble said...

You might want to try grilling the corn with the husk on. We've found that to be a foolproof way of getting perfectly cooked corn. You grill until the husk is charred, and then it's done. To prep, just cut off any flaps of husk and excess stalk, then rinse to add a little moisture.

Sally Trude said...

Dear Smitty,

I'm confused. According to the post, you are sitting behind a screen...which is confusing because screening usually has punctures, gapes and tears from kitten claws. Ask me how I know...


Molly Kitten

dq said...

I just love your redwork and all of your wonderful boating pictures. Dinner looks great too! Thanks for sharing.

Julierose said...

You have a beautiful camper (I checked that linky) --looks like it's really comfortable..
Glad you are having decent weather-..We are in a violent thunderstorm watch for tonight--temps in the 90's with humidity levels 80-85% dewpoints over 105-110..so staying in the AC for sure and walking on treadmill..
I finally decided to keep my red block as it is and added some red borders...
Have a wonderful getaway hugs, Julierose

clar said...

Hello kitties.Very cute!
What do animals eat?

Quilting Babcia said...

Your vacation site looks idyllic despite the rain you've had. Kitties look like they've settled in nicely too, that's a big plus. Enjoy!

piecefulwendy said...

Looks like a lovely day for all. The pics with the kitties are great. So fun seeing them together in a photo!

Terri said...

I was just going to ask for a picture, too! Thanks! I didn't even know pick up campers were still made! We had one when my sister and I were little. I can remember riding in the cab over! Good memories!

Enjoy your trip!

Kate said...

Looks like the kitties are enjoying the trip as much as you are. Has Smitty been out for any walks this trip?

quiltzyx said...

Gosh, what a beautiful day for boating!! I am still recovering from all the extra hours I was working at the Colleges. A couple of days I ate dinner & fell asleep in my chair right after, waking up around 8:30. And still managed to easily go back to sleep when I went to bed!

Love the picture of Smitty & Sadie at the screen door!
Oh, I was wondering if you could use a binder clip to keep the catio window screen up?

QuiltGranma said...

I think those are red huckleberries. If the stems are square that is likely what they are, too tart= not quite ripe yet.

riitta k said...

Wonderful photos at sea and your cats are adorable. I believe in Snowman turned out great. Wishing happy weekend.

Dixie said...

Wonderful kitties and I can see they love their catio.
Looks like a lovely boating day. Cute snowman.

Angie said...

I wouldn't mind bobbing along with you and the kitties, especially if steak and lobster is on the menu! Lovely photos. Joining you from Wandering Camera.